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Double Lacing Shoes Tutorial (With Photos)

An easy way to step up your footwear style is to try out double lacing with different colored laces. Double lacing is an awesome lacing technique for your shoes that uses two different colored laces to create a striking effect. It works great on sneakers or shoes.

The way it works is two laces are knotted together and thread through the opposing eyelets, after twisting in the middle. It sounds tricky but I promise it’s super simple once you get started.

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Double Lacing Shoes

Here is a tutorial on how to double lace shoes, including photos, a video, and step by step instructions to be as helpful as possible for you.

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How To Double Lace Shoes

Before we get started please note this shoe lace pattern works on shoes that have 3 pairs of eyelets and above. I’ll be demonstrating it on my Converse high tops, that have 7 eyelet pairs.

Here is a video of me showing how to double lace shoes, if you would prefer to follow along with the step by steps:

Step 1.

  • Begin by placing a pair of balled up socks underneath your shoe tongue. This will add some resistance under there that mimics a foot and will ensure the lacing pattern doesn’t end up too tight!
  • Next tie your two colored laces together. I have chosen white and yellow for this tutorial and will be referring to them throughout the pattern (get my yellow laces here if you like the look). Ensure the knot is pulled quite tight so they don’t come loose, as pictured above, and the knot is sitting just underneath the lace ends.
  • Thread the yellow lace through the bottom eyelet on the right hand side. Make sure the knot sits flush with the eyelet and can be tucked out of sight under the side of the shoe. Double check the above image, to see how I do this.

Step 2.

  • Now take the yellow lace across the shoe tongue and thread it down into the bottom eyelet on the left hand side. Make sure it’s going down into the eyelet from above, not coming up into it from underneath.
  • Then cross over the yellow and white laces, with the white lace sitting on top, as I have done in the above image.

Step 3.

  • Twist the laces around each other once, so the colors are now facing opposite directions (as pictured).
  • Then thread each lace end into the second eyelets from the bottom on each side. We have now completed the first double lace loop!

Step 4.

  • Repeat the steps, by crossing over the two laces, with the white lace sitting on top again.
  • Then twist the laces together once, as pictured above.

Step 5.

double lacing shoes
  • Now thread the laces into the third eyelets up from the bottom on each side. At this point pause and double check your results against mine in the above image.
  • When you are happy, go ahead and continue the pattern all the way up the shoe tongue. This pattern works on shoes that have 3 pairs of eyelets and above, so continue until your eyelets are all filled.

Step 6.

double lacing converse
  • Next it’s time to move on to the bow. When you bow your laces you will realise the lace ends are super long, as we’ve used two laces (so the result is double the length of usual lace ends!).
  • Simply tuck the lace ends down inside the shoe and out of the way. If your laces are soft like mine, this shouldn’t bother your feet too much.

Alternatively, for a crisper look, try out the below:

double lacing shoes
  • Simply tuck the bow behind the shoe tongue, out of sight for a neat finish. OR you could try using lace anchors to secure the laces in place and eliminate the need for the bow at all. Check out my article here, that goes into more detail on this: How To Hide Shoelaces: 5 FAST Hacks.

Ideal Shoelace Length For Double Lacing

Different pairs of shoes will have different numbers of eyelets, which leads to a different shoelace length requirement for the double lacing shoelace style (how many times did I say different!).

Here is the ideal shoelace length, per number of eyelet pairs, so you can make sure you have enough slack:

Number of eyelet pairsIdeal shoelace length (inches)

Extra Tips and FAQs

  • Always stuff a pair of socks under your shoe tongue before trying out a shoe lace style (alternatively you can put your foot in the shoe as you do it but I find this to be harder, and you may spend a lot of time with a bent back).
  • Try out the double lacing style with different colors, until you have a funky combination that suits you! Colors that go particularly well for this style are: blue and yellow, red and green, orange and purple, pink and black.
  • Fresh clean shoelaces work best for this style. Learn to clean an old pair here to get some extra life out of them: How To Clean Shoelaces – 5 FREE and Easy Ways. Brand new shoelaces work even better as they are quite starchy, which creates crisp lines in shoelace patterns.

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Thank you for reading this post on double lacing shoes! I hope you give the style a go for yourself and see how easy it is once you get going. Giving your shoes a new look couldn’t be simpler.

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