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Me and my favorite Crocs!

About The Owner

Hey, I’m Lorna! Through Wearably Weird I provide footwear sizing guides, brand authenticating guides, shoe lacing tutorials plus first hand reviews on all sorts of footwear related topics.

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My aim is to save others the time it takes to research and answer shoe related queries by providing detailed guides on footwear I actually own! I’m a little bit crazy when it comes to learning everything there is to know about a shoe brand, so I created this website in 2020 as a place to share my obsessive research and help others with their questions.

I love to create helpful guides filled with original photos and videos. Here are some examples of the work I do for Wearably Weird:

Check out the Wearably Weird YouTube channel for fun shoe lacing techniques, shoe authenticating videos, size guides and more:

Or take a listen to the latest episode of the Wearably Weird podcast for mini episodes of footwear knowledge:

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About The Website

There are 3 policies that makes Wearably Weird a go-to resource for footwear information:

  • All information created for this website is the result of hands-on research and personal experience, so you can rest assured your questions are answered thoroughly.
  • Original pictures and videos are created for this website to best illustrate the information, making the content as helpful as possible.
  • All content is written in clear English and structured in a way that is easy to understand.

The bottom line is Wearably Weird is a website that provides genuine advice – honesty is the best policy!

I hope you find this website helpful and you share my interest for footwear and fashion.