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Why Are Crocs So Expensive? (Top 15 Reasons)

Crocs were founded by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker, who bought the design originally developed as a boating shoe. The first Croc model, “the Beach,” was unveiled in 2001 in Florida and sold 200 produced pairs. In more than 20 years, Crocs have sold millions of shoes. But if Crocs are made from soft rubber-like resin material, why are they so expensive?

Why Are Crocs So Expensive

Crocs are expensive because of their unique construction and features. Croc, Inc. is a company that produces high-quality shoes made from Croslite material exclusively owned by the company. Croslite is expensive, and its durability, longevity, and unique composition set Crocs above competitors.

Since Crocs arrived in the market, it has sold more than 300 million pairs. There is just something that makes Crocs special. It is hard to explain consumers’ excitement for this amazing shoe if you have not worn a pair. The price tag scares most buyers, but you should know there is more to a pair of Crocs, and it is very reasonably priced when you know its benefits.

15 Reasons Why Crocs Are So Expensive

Various Crocs are available today, and some sell for a lot. Crocs look like it shouldn’t cost too much to manufacture, but there is the technology behind its manufacturing that will shed new light on its high prices. If you thought Crocs are made from ordinary rubber, you are wrong. This shoe is made from material that gives it elevated status and puts it far above competitors.

Normally shoes go out of season quickly, but Crocs have outlasted many challengers and, after more than 20 years, are still going strong. The success behind Crocs is its comfort, durability, and versatility. No other shoe on the market can compete with Crocs, and here are Fifteen reasons why they are so expensive but still worth it.

1. Crocs Have A Renowned Brand

Every time there is a successful product, it does not take long for a knock-off to seize the opportunity to make a similar product to cash in on its success. The problem with knock-offs is that they are not made from the same material Crocs is made of, and consumers soon find that the knock-off does not deliver the same quality.

I have a full article about detecting Crocs knock-offs here, with picture examples if you’re curious: How To Spot Fake Crocs – 10 Differences (Photos).

The advantage of brand power is that Crocs are unique and that after a bad experience with a knock-off, you will pay the asking price to get the real deal. With exclusive rights to Croslite material, Crocs know that no other product can deliver the same quality, comfort, and durability, and consumers will pay for the genuine product.

The Crocs brand competes with the best brands in the world and has established itself over the past 20 years. If you want to avoid disappointment and enjoy the benefits of a genuine Croc, it will cost you, which is why Crocs are expensive.

2. Wearing Crocs Have Health Benefits

Everyone wants to be healthy; some go to extreme lengths and exercise, go to the gym, or eat certain healthy foods to protect their bodies. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a healthy lifestyle and must consider small remedies like wearing Crocs to stay healthier.

Feet are a common area that people focus on to improve their health, especially if you are on your feet a lot. Nurses are one example who choose Crocs as their preferred footwear because it is comfortable, and its cushioning property leaves their feet less tired after a long shift. Crocs actually have a healthcare/nursing range, which you can view on

Here’s what Crocs themselves have to say about the use of their footwear for healthcare staff:

“Crocs are slip resistant, easy to clean and light weight with a Croslite™ material foot bed, all of which make them the perfect medical shoe for hardworking nurses, doctors and medical staff.”

Crocs take the shape of your feet and add to their comfort. Combatting sore feet is a global goal for shoe manufacturers, and Crocs claim that their shoes are good for your feet. There is an ongoing debate about the health advantages of Crocs, non the less the manufacturer says that wearing Crocs is healthy for your feet. The price tag rises when a shoe is a health benefit, which is why Crocs are so expensive.

Wearing closed shoes for long periods leads to fungi. Sweaty feet are the leading cause of feet fungus and cause an unpleasant odor. Crocs are open, and the feet get good air circulation to keep them dry and prevent sweatiness. They feature 13 air holes on the top of the toe box, for this purpose.

Crocs have 13 holes
The 13 holes on my own pair of Crocs.

The fungus prefers moist places, and because Crocks prevent sweaty feet, you will find that Crocs are healthy footwear. In addition to preventing bacteria, some medical professionals consider Crocs a benefit if you suffer bunions, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or arch difficulties.

Crocks do not claim to be a health-developed shoe, but it has health properties that benefit consumers who want to take better care of their feet. The added health benefit for feet means that suppliers charge more, which is another reason Crocs are so expensive. Consumers are willing to pay more for healthy shoes, contributing to Crocs’ price rise.

3. Crocs Are Durable And Waterproof

Crocs are designed as comfortable and durable footwear that can withstand every element. Crocs are tough, and because it is waterproof, consumers will push their boundaries in every way possible. Most shoes stretch if worn wet, but Crocs are made from water-resistant Croslite material; it handles rain, pools, and any other outing that includes water like a pro.

Crocs are known for their waterproof ability, and the manufacturer ensures that every Croc that leaves the factory will meet its high standards. A great deal of labor-intensive production goes into supplying this standard, and quality is not cheap; this adds to the high cost of Crocs.

In addition to being waterproof, Crocs withstand very high temperatures as well. With some countries reaching very high temperatures and the sun beating down on sidewalks, roads and sand can push any shoe to its limit. Not only does Crocs’ heat-resistant ability handle hot weather, but it also keeps your feet cool.

Crocs material must be durable and cool to make it heat resistant. Croslite material ensures that every Crock delivers that high standard, and it is all because of the high-quality products that are used in the manufacturing proses. 

Crocks do not tear, rip, or wear out easily, and that is all because of the high manufacturing standards and used products. To produce a durable product like Crocs does not come cheap and is sure to be a reason why Crocs are so expensive.

4. Crocs Can Last 5 Years Or More

Crocs can last 5 years and longer unless you intentionally try to damage them, and no other pair of rubber slippers or sandals could endure that long. Crocs have fewer parts than other shoes because of their design and manufacturing process. Most Crocs only have two or three components which decrease the risk of breakage and improve their longevity.

Crocs are manufactured to withstand water, heat, sand, rocks, and many other harsh conditions that leave most shoes wanting. Creating such a high-quality shoe comes at a high production price, and it adds to the price consumers pay to recover manufacturing costs.

Because Crocs is so rigid and well designed, it also lasts longer than many other shoes. A shoe that goes on and on without showing signs of damage and with a quick wash looks good, as new consumers do not replace them as often. Because Crocs are not replaced very often, a lot less are sold, and manufacturers consider this and increase the price to keep production going.

5. Crocs Are Made From Croslite Material

Crocs are made from a closed-cell resin material called Croslite. Croslite is the perfect material for Crocs because it is not rubber or plastic and gives extraordinary cushioning. Croslite materials are non-toxic, do not irritate the skin, and resist odor, and these properties make them ideal for Crocs. Because of the Croslite material, Crocs are light and easy to clean.

Crocs are flexible, lightweight, and soft; if used frequently, they will conform to your feet.

A photo of me showing the flexibility of Croslite.

This unique and distinctive material is made from crude oil polymers and is of excellent grade. Customers expect high quality from their Crocs, and employing lesser materials will weaken them. Crocs, Inc. will not sacrifice quality to provide a less expensive Croc.

Crocs have secured exclusive rights to Croslite material for their brand, and for you to enjoy the benefit of having it on your feet comes at a price. Crocs manufacturers produce the Croslite material and must produce high quality to maintain the standard synonymous with Crocs. To produce Crocs from Croslite material is pricy and to recover manufacturing costs is why Crocs are so expensive.

6. Crocs Are Comfortable And Support Your Feet

With style, glamor, fashion sense, and popularity, the focus of most shoe manufacturers sometimes forgets that the number one attribute a shoe needs is comfort. Consumers will not pay the asking price if a shoe causes blisters or sore and sweaty feet. 

Crocs take comfort seriously and ensure that it gives your feet all the support and comfort it needs.

To read more about the comfort of Crocs, check out my personal review: Are Crocs Comfortable? – Ultimate Q&A Review Guide

If your shoe conforms to your foot and does not cause discomfort, you will pay more. Crocs, made from Croslite material, cushions your feet, prevents sweat and blisters, and provides everything you need in a comfortable shoe.

Crocs’ comfort extends to more than just how relaxing they are on your feet. Crocs can alternate between relaxed and sports mode with the heel straps, which can easily move forward or backward. Relaxed mode is perfect for casual wear because you can quickly slip it onto your feet when in a hurry or want to slip them off to give your feet a breather.

A photo showing the versatile Crocs heel strap.

Crocs sports mode is wearing it with the heel strap to prevent your feet from sliding back and forth while climbing or hiking. The Croc design is so unique that whether you have wide or narrow feet, there will be a Croc that fits your specific size.

Their shoes come in three respective fits, standard, relaxed, and spacious for any size foot, and are so easy to put on that wearing a pair is almost as comfortable as walking barefoot.

A well-known fact is that you cannot put a price on comfort, and Crocs are so comfortable and versatile that no price is too high if you want the best for your feet. Crocs are renowned for their comfort, which is why they are so expensive.

7. Crocs Are Collectable Footwear

I would not say that Crocs are in the same league as a pair of Jordan sneakers, but it has a big fan base and a lot of collectors. It may seem that no one will collect Crocs, but those who want every color available will pay the asking price to complete their collection.

Crocs have those who do not like it at all, but the opposite is also true. Since Crocs started, a fan base called Croc nation developed with fan sites everywhere. Crocs enthusiasts share their new or unique purchases online and post anything surrounding Crocs’ new fashion coming trends.

Crocs manufacturer closely follows its fanbase and uses the platform to boost sales with new and existing Crocs to purchase. Croc collectors respond to all the new designs and spark enthusiasm in the market, allowing suppliers to exploit prices.

Except for the thousands of Crocs sold, collectors add to the high prices when they continuously buy more and will pay any price to have another Croc to brag with.

8. Crocs Limited Editions Go For High Prices

Crocs manufacturer loves collaborating with famous designers and celebrities to hype their brand with Limited Edition Crocs. Limited Edition Crocs is a sales technique to keep the brand in the spotlight and boost sales. 

Collaborations between 7-Eleven, innovative designer Salehe Bembury, and Double-Platinum rapper Saweetie are just a few big names that partnered with Crocs to create Limited Edition Crocs.

Balenciaga’s Hardcrocs is by far the most expensive, with a $950 price tag when showcased during the Paris Fashion Week at Balenciaga’s 2022 runway presentation. The shoes have an industrial feel with metal plating, screws, and bolts that seem hardcore.

Although your average Croc is expensive, a Limited-Edition Croc can hold you back. Limited Editions Crocs create enthusiasm and great advertisements for other Crocs and are another reason they are so expensive.

9. Crocs Have A Unique Design

There is nothing like Crocs, which is in a category of its own. When it arrived in shops, many frowned at its shape and design, but today, it is a different story. Because Crocs are so different, it has captured the market with its wide spectrum of colors and casual appearance. Not only does Crocs appeal to teens, but the older generation finds its design to suit any conditions and lifestyle.

The founders of Crocs considered comfort, durability, practicality, and reliability when they designed the Croc, which led to a unique shoe that is so enjoyable that you can wear it all day, every day. Crocs practicality provides one shoe to fit any environment without changing shoes from beach to town. You only pack your Crocs and nothing else because they are reliable and won’t let you down.

All the benefits and features that went into the Crocks’ design have led to a shoe that can easily be identified if put in a lineup. Uniqueness also means that it is more expensive because consumers want something different, and Crocs are surely different. Consumers will pay more for something unique, and manufacturers will charge more, and this combination is why Crocs are expensive. 

10. Crocs Have Low Maintenance

Imagine what you would pay for a pair of shoes that need almost no maintenance and cleans so easily that it takes a simple rinse with water or a bit of soap and a light scrub to bring back its shine. A shoe like that will revolutionize the market.

Croslite, the material Crocs are made from, is so unique that it cleans with almost no effort and, with a bit of soap, can look as good as the day you bought them. After a wash, it dries within minutes, ready to be worn another day.

For help cleaning Crocs, I have a full guide here: How to Clean Crocs – Ultimate Guide and FAQs

Crocs revolutionized everything about how shoes are cleaned and maintained and because it is so easily kept is why Crocs are so expensive.

11. Crocs Prices Fluctuate Seasonally 

Crocs sales rise in the summer because it is better suited for warmer weather. They have become the preferred footwear when the beaches fill with holiday visitors, and the summer invites a casual vibe. Winter does not mean that crocs are cheap, the summer gives new rise to its use, and the price adapts to supply and demand.

Stores quickly run out of stock in the summer, and competitors seize the opportunity to up the price knowing that consumers will pay. The warmer climate also invites more outdoor events, and Croc sales skyrocket when everyone seeks a new pair for the holiday season.

Another factor is that the manufacturer knows that demand increases in the summer and charges the stores more for Crocs, and in turn, the stores increase the price. If you buy Crocs in the summer when it is in demand, expect to pay more, which is why Crocs are so expensive.

12. Crocs Are On High Demand

Supply and demand are the biggest influence on any product’s price, and Crocs are no exception. Big companies, factories, and government sometimes purchase large quantities of Crocs for employees and get a reduced price. Buying bulk helps the manufacturer to supply Crocs at a discounted price because it guarantees a quick turnover and sometimes rids themselves of too much stock.

The average store does not buy those quantities and must pay more for Crocs and, in return, must charge more. If you buy Crocs from a small store that does not buy in bulk, it would be why the Crocs are so expensive. 

13. Crocs Can Be Customized

The holes unique to Crocs have inspired a bedazzle trend. Croc enthusiasts and entrepreneurs started to bedazzle Crocs and gave new life to basic Crocks with bling. Adding some gems for a special occasion has allowed some to customize Crocs and sell them at a profit.

Crocs are bedazzled for prom and wedding shoes, and because it inspires so many new ideas, it is often customized, and a beautifully blinged Croc can fetch a high price. Some designers take Crocs and add their personal touch to give it that uniqueness. Some websites showcase some of these custom Crocks and have drawn much attention.

14. Crocs, Inc. Plans For Positive Future Growth 

Like every company, Crocs, Inc. desires growth to secure its future and enlarge its empire. Crocs, Inc. bought a footwear company called “Hey Dude” to expand its product and widen its product range. Crocs, Inc. expects to surpass the five-billion-dollar mark by 2026. 

To achieve growth and expansion, Crocs, Inc. must consider inflation, market change manufacturing costs, and many other aspects but ultimately sell Crocs at a healthy profit to reach that goal. A better understanding of Crocs’ plans for the future explains why Crocs are so expensive.

15. Crocs’ Impact On The Environment Costs

Like many other shoes manufactured from rubber or plastic, Croslite, the material from which Crocs are made, cannot be recycled. If a company wants to have a future, it must consider the impact its manufacturing has on the environment. 

Crocs, Inc. declared its innovative Eco-Librium Technology with a biobased Croslite substance that allows them to make comfortable Crocs out of eco-friendly materials. In addition to changing Crocs’ material, the company is researching better and planet-friendlier ways to package their product.

Changing such large companies manufacturing, distribution, and packaging layout is no small thing and will take a large amount of money. Crocs, Inc. plans for this expense and adds it to its profits. To give our planet a better chance and our children the opportunity to wear Crocs is why Crocs are so expensive.


Since Crocs’ first appearance in 2001, its price has skyrocketed. Crocs are made from Croslite, a very expensive material to produce but are the foundation of its success. Crocs’ durability, comfort, unique design, and brand power are some of the reasons they are so expensive. Other reasons include the company’s growth, collectability, and special edition Crocs that fetch ridiculous prices.

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