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Are Crocs Comfortable? – Ultimate Q&A Review Guide

When shopping for Crocs we all want to know ‘are Crocs comfortable’ before spending our money. There are so many different scenarios we might want to wear our Crocs in, from working on our feet all day to walking distances.

In this guide I will be covering the comfort of Crocs, including their arch support, overall fit and whether they’re good for walking and work too (using my own photo examples and a video). As well as owning Crocs myself I have also thoroughly trawled hundreds of forum posts from real Crocs wearers like me to build this guide and make it as helpful as possible for you.

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Are Crocs Comfortable?

Crocs are very comfortable thanks to their lightweight, supportive design and the closed-cell resin technology (Croslite™) they are made with. The ‘Iconic Crocs Comfort™’ is a trademarked promise the shoes come with, making Crocs a favourite footwear choice for comfort.

I’m going to break down what makes Crocs so comfortable, from the design of them to their sizing, and what you can expect from a ‘break in period’.


Crocs are made with a supremely comfortable closed cell resin foam called ‘Croslite’. This material is an innovation in the world of footwear, as it is easy to clean, really comfortable and offers great support.

Are Crocs Comfortable

Here’s what makes Croslite so great:

  • Croslite is mark-proof, so you don’t have to worry about scuffs or stains on your new Crocs.
  • It’s a super soft material that feels really smooth against the feet. In my personal experience I really enjoy the feeling of my Crocs – they are so silky soft to the touch it’s actually really nice to touch them!
  • Croslite is flexible on the feet, making walking in Crocs a dream. Say goodbye to stiff uncomfortable shoes!

Here is a video of me in my own pair of Crocs, showing how they fare in terms of comfort, from the Wearably Weird YouTube channel:

View the current price of Crocs and the Crocs workwear range mentioned in the video on

Next let’s look at the design of Crocs…


Crocs are designed with comfort and support in mind, making them comfortable for everyone to wear. They also come in three types of fit (standard, roomy and relaxed), to suit those with different types of feet.

Here are the top design features of Crocs:

  • The design doesn’t feel restrictive on the feet, yet it does feel snug and secure in my experience. There is room to wiggle your toes comfortably, and the rest of the shoe fits snuggly to the foot and heel. If you choose a standard fit your feet shouldn’t slide around in the shoes.
  • Crocs feature air holes for excellent breathability and drainage. The air holes will keep your feet cool on hole days, preventing sweat and overheating. They also allow for water to pass through the shoes and drain out, to avoid dirt and debris build up. This makes them fast drying, for comfort.
  • Crocs have great arch support making them comfortable for walking and standing all day. I find my Crocs to feel really supportive around my feet, making them my go-to shoe.
Are Crocs Comfortable
  • The strap feature adds to the comfort of Crocs my securing your feet in place and preventing sliding. The strap doesn’t rub against the heel, instead fitting snugly for a feeling of safety.
  • Crocs are really easy to clean thanks to their simple design and wipeable material. Keep your Crocs nice and clean for comfortable wear.
  • The tread on Crocs is excellent. The outer soles feature a ribbed grip which makes walking on slippery surfaces much safer. The grip adds to the comfort when walking, preventing any slips and falls. The traction feels great underfoot.
Are Crocs Comfortable

Now let’s talk about the weight of Crocs and how they feel when on…


Crocs are known for their lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort. In my personal experience wearing classic Crocs they are extremely lightweight, despite looking like they would feel a little bulky/heavy to wear.

A pair of classic Crocs weighs between 300 and 450 grams, depending on the sizing. They are super lightweight despite their bulky design, making them a great choice for comfort.

Different styles of Crocs may weigh more or less, but the classic Crocs weigh under 500g, which feels about the same as a pair of light sneakers like Converse. To provide additional context a single Doc Martens boot weighs around 600g, meaning a pair of Crocs weigh 100g less than a single boot.

Overall they feel super light when on!


Crocs sizing/ fit options can offer more comfort for those with wide feet.

Crocs offer three fits: standard, roomy and relaxed. Here’s a quick breakdown of each fit, and the comfort levels:


  • The standard fit offers the most secure and snug feeling. This is an ideal fit for those with normal feet, who want secure and safe shoes for shift work. They are great for healthcare professionals or hospitality workers.
  • There is still wiggle room for the toes and some space for a little movement inside the shoe. They feel secure over the top of the heel and hold the heels in place to prevent sliding.


  • The roomy fit is the widest fit Crocs offer. This fit is suitable for those with wide feet who need the extra room for comfort. It’s also a great option for those who might want to wear their Crocs with chunky socks around the house in the winter months.
  • There is a lot of room inside the shoe for movement, and the fit feels really breathable.


  • The relaxed fit falls somewhere in-between the standard fit and the roomy fit, for a nice middle ground between spaciousness and security.
  • This is an ideal choice for those with slightly wider feet than average, who still want a secure feeling fit.

For more on sizing, check out the following article (including a handy sizing chart):

Break In Period

The break in period for Crocs is minimal, and they feel great straight out of the box. In my opinion this is one of their top selling points, as I can’t stand shoes that rub or take a while to mold to your feet.

Crocs will stretch over time and break in to the shape of your feet making them even more comfortable as the weeks pass. Wearing them every day for four to six weeks will allow for an optimum break in time, after which they will feel even better.

Taking Them On and Off

A great pro for the comfort of Crocs is how easy they are to take on and off. Sometimes shoes can rub at your heels or squish your feet when taking them on and off, but with Crocs those issues simply don’t exist.

Slide your feet into your Crocs and adjust the strap, then you are done! No laces to tie up and no fuss.

This feature makes them a great choice for kids, who don’t like to tie their laces. It makes parent’s lives easier, as they can get their kid’s shoes on quickly and get out of the door in no time.

The ease when taking Crocs on and off is great for kids as there is no discomfort involved.

Most Comfortable Crocs

The most comfortable Crocs are the Classic Crocs Clogs due to the cushioning and supportive design of the shoes, the high quality Croslite™ material the clogs are made with, the non-slip tread and the comfortable, secure heel straps. The Classic Crocs Clogs also come with the Iconic Crocs Comfort trademark promise.

Click here to view the current price of the Classic Crocs Clogs.

Not only are the classic Crocs the favourite of many Crocs fans, they are also my personal favourite Crocs style when it comes to comfort. I find walking in my Crocs to be a dream and my feet always feel well supported.

You really can’t beat the classic Crocs when it come to comfort!

Are Crocs Comfortable For Walking?

Crocs are very comfortable for walking thanks to their excellent non-slip tread and cushioned arch support. They are ideal for long strolls of no more than 3-4 hours but are not suitable for complicated hikes.

Classic style Crocs are a great choice of footwear for walking your dog, gentle weekend walks, beach walks and trips to the pool on even terrain. It is worth noting that podiatrists do not recommend walking extremely long distances in classic Crocs or wearing them for more than 8 to 10 hours at a time (source).

If you are wanting to wear Crocs for longer or more difficult walks, consider shopping the Crocs walking range, or checking out their lightweight Pacer shoe, designed for an on the go lifestyle.

Click here to check the current price of walking Crocs on Amazon.

Are Crocs Comfortable For Work?

Crocs are very comfortable for work, especially for those standing on their feet all day. Crocs actually have a range designed for work wear, where comfort features as the highest factor in the design. The Croslite™ technology (the closed-cell resin material the shoes are made with) developed by Crocs makes Crocs one of the most comfortable work shoes ever.

Check the current price of the Crocs work range here. They offer styles for kitchen staff, medical staff and hospitality staff.

Crocs are great for baristas, waiters and other service staff working long hours on their feet all day. If you are standing all day at work you should definitely consider purchasing a pair of Crocs to wear on the job, to help cushion and support your feet.

Are Crocs Comfortable For Nurses?

Crocs are very comfortable for nurses thanks to the high quality Croslite™ material they are made with and the anti-slip tread on the outer sole. Crocs are a popular work shoe for Nurses due to their comfort, support and excellent traction when walking on slippery flooring.

My sister in law is a nurse and she loves to wear Crocs on shift. She has been through several pairs over the years. but she is currently enjoying the Kadee Work Flat by Crocs (check current price here). This shoe is super comfortable and has a ballet flat style.

Here’s a picture of her work shoes:

As you can see in the above image Crocs feature grip on the inside of their shoes as well, to prevent the feet from slipping around. This makes them even more comfortable to wear, as they feel secure when on, allowing nurses to walk confidently when on shift.

Are Crocs Comfortable For Toddlers?

Crocs are very comfortable for toddlers, as they are made with a closed-cell resin called ‘Croslite’ that is gentle yet supportive on the feet. The comfort of the Crocs toddler range makes the clog brand a popular choice for parents.

There’s the added benefit of no laces too! A friend of mine has two young children who call the clogs their ‘no lace shoes’, and love wearing them. Crocs are a good choice for busy parents who need to get their kids out of the door, and not to worry about spending extra time putting on shoes.

They slip on and the heel strap can be adjusted for the child’s comfort and safety when walking. Crocs are also somewhat stretchy, allowing wiggle room for growing feet.

Click here to view the current price of Children’s Crocs on Amazon.

How To Make Crocs More Comfortable

The easiest way to make Crocs even more comfortable is to apply a gel insert to the inside of your Crocs. The additional cushioning of the gel insert will make these already comfortable shoes feel even better.

Another way to make Crocs even more comfortable is to properly break them in. Whilst these shoes are famously comfy straight out the box (and they certainly have been in my experience wearing them), there is a short break in period involved to make them feel even better.

Wearing your Crocs for 4-6 weeks will allow the material to stretch slightly and mold to your feet.

Alternatively if your Crocs feel way too tight, and you don’t want to return them, you could always consider using a shoe stretcher on your Crocs overnight to help loosen the fit.

Are Crocs Really That Comfortable?

Crocs really are that comfortable and definitely live up to their ‘Iconic Crocs Comfort’ trademark. They have great support and the material they are made with feels soft and cushioning on the feet.

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Are Crocs Comfortable

A Note

Thank you for reading this FAQ guide to ‘are Crocs comfortable?’. I hope you feel able to purchase a pair of Crocs with the knowledge of how comfy they can be after reading this review.

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