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15 Cheap Crocs Knockoffs That Are Super Comfortable

Crocs are iconic in the world of footwear for their unusual design and super comfortable fit, inspiring many more reasonably priced Crocs knockoffs. If you’re looking to get your hands on Crocs style shoes with a more affordable price tag, then look no further.

As a long time fan of the Crocs brand, and with the help of customer review research, I’ve learnt what to look for in a great Crocs knockoff.

I’ve picked out fifteen Crocs alternatives that are cheaper, but don’t compromise comfort or style.

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I’ve broken down my top pros and cons for each shoe in detail further down the article, but here are my top three picks at a glance:

Amoji Unisex Clogs ShoesCHECK PRICE HERE

Hobibear Unisex ClogsCHECK PRICE HERE

TOLLN Unisex Comfortable ShoesCHECK PRICE HERE

Amoji Unisex Clogs Shoes– EVA Sole
– Light design
Great price!
Hobibear Unisex ClogsComfy design
– Non slip tread
– Airy design
TOLLN Unisex Shoes– Really affordable!
Super soft materials
– Fashion forward design

Read on for a more detailed analysis of the best Crocs alternatives, including alternative Crocs for kids too (for the kids picks scroll down past the adults section of the article)!

Top Crocs Knockoffs Picks

The best Crocs alternative are the unisex clogs shoes by Amoji on Amazon, as they are excellently priced and very comfortable. The quality of the shoes is impressive for the cheaper price, thanks to the ultra lightweight rubber foam technology the shoes are made with and the unique EVA sole non-slip design.

Here’s a breakdown of the Amoji clog shoes features and why they are the best knock off Crocs in my opinion:

1. Amoji Unisex Clogs Shoes



  • Super light design thanks to the rubber foam technology the shoes are made with. This is great for those working on their feet in these clogs, so they won’t feel heavy throughout the day.
  • Unique EVA sole design which is patented by Amoji. This sole design has a non-slip tread, making these clogs a great choice for slippery floors or outdoor activities like gardening or wearing by the pool.
  • A breathable design for comfort and moisture avoidance. Ideal for wearing around the house, outdoor or to work.
  • Great price – these clogs run around $20 to $25 dollars cheaper than Crocs!
  • Loads of color variations – choose from 11 different colors, including ice blue, pink, orange, yellow and purple!

It’s also worth noting many customer reviews on Amazon mention how comfortable these shoes feel when on.


  • Some reviews have mentioned that these clogs can run a little small for those with wide feet, so bear this in mind when purchasing.
  • The strap can be a too short for some, so if you have a long or wide heel keep this in mind.

The bottom line for me is these clogs are the best fake crocs amazon has to offer, coming in way cheaper than real Crocs. They are super comfy and made with great quality materials!

The style of these clogs is so similar to Crocs, so you’ll get the look and feel of the real thing. A fantastic all round alternative.

2. Hobibear Unisex Clogs



  • Cushioned comfort design, for all day wear.
  • EVA sole design for a non-slip tread. This is super important if you wear clogs to work on slippery floors, by the poolside, or outdoors in rainy weather. Avoid dangerous skidding for maximum safety.
  • Lightweight design to minimise discomfort. Great for those with weak ankles.
  • Ventilation holes for a breathable wear. Help moisture and water leave the shoes quickly, so there is no build up of debris in the shoes.
  • Available in 9 colors, prom practical black to fun pink!
  • Cheap price – around $30 (prices may fluctuate so it’s best to check the link)!

The shoes feature a strap similar to the Crocs design, that can be flipped forwards or backwards. Wear the clogs as a slide on slipper style shoe, or secure the strap around the back of the ankle for a more secure sandal effect.

The material the shoes are made with is also flexible. It can be bent with your hands! This is really important to look for when choosing a pair of Crocs alternatives, as cheaply made designs will often be stiff and uncomfortable.


  • Some customers have mentioned the strap can rub a little bit on the back of the heel.
  • The soles also don’t provide as much arch support as Crocs themselves. If you have a high arch, keep this in mind as they may not provide enough support for you.

It’s also worth noting a number of customer reviews have mentioned that these clogs are great for those with wide feet, as they offer a nice roomy fit.

Some even say they are a little more wide and comfy than Crocs themselves. A great choice for those who like the extra wiggle room!

3. TOLLN Unisex Comfortable Shoes



  • Super affordable making these shoes excellent cheap Crocs knockoffs.
  • EVA sole for a non-slip grip. Super important for those who wear these shoes outdoors or on slippery surfaces.
  • The midsole features the super soft and non-slip EVA design on the inside too, for safety purposes and comfort.
  • Chunky sole that is resistant to compression.
  • Awesome looking unique design – Crocs are definitely becoming more fashionable, so more stylised variations of alternatives like this one will start popping up. Get ahead of the trend!

These shoes are a really cool looking Crocs alternative for the fashion conscious consumers out there. Rock them with your summer outfits for a unique and unusual look.


  • There aren’t many reviews of these shoes so it’s hard to get customer feedback on their comfort.

The bottom line for me is their cheap price and unique design. They look so good for their price!

Check them out in other colors too! How cool does this black and orange variation look? –


There are a few color combos to choose from, making them attractive in that sense too.

4. SAGUARO Unisex Lightweight Clogs


These Saguaro clogs are a little bit different to the other Crocs alternatives I’ve listed so far, as the design is different to standard looking fake Crocs.

They don’t have a strap and instead they have a closed back, making them look more like a tennis shoe clog than a sandal style clog. I think they’re a great alternative if you want the Crocs comfort, but don’t like the Crocs look.


  • Breathable shoe design making them a great choice to wear in wet or damp conditions. Easy to clean and water inside the shoes will drain quickly, preventing moisture from building up inside the shoes.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole (EVA) – good quality material.
  • Super light design and material.
  • Good support on heel, so your feet won’t slip out of the shoe.
  • Available in 35 different color variations!

These shoes are a good choice for the beach, by the pool or for water parks thanks to their non-slip design and breathable holes. A perfect vacation shoe!

Saguaro are a well established brand that have been selling on Amazon for years. These shoes along have amassed nearly three thousand customer reviews!


  • The shoes tend to wear quite quickly with a lot of use. They’ll start to show signs of wear after a few months.

This isn’t an issue if you wear them on a holiday, or whilst gardening for time to time. But it should be noted that extended daily wear will affect the bottoms of the shoes.

5. Eagsouni Unisex Clogs


If you are looking for shoes similar to Crocs, but that have a mesh upper than look no further than these clogs from Eagsouni.

They are a great Crocs alternative with a slightly different look. The mesh upper is super soft, adding comfort and breathability to the design.


  • Super cheap price!
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort. Ideal for wearing in wet conditions. Great air permeability when walking!
  • Movable strap to switch from slides to sandals.
  • Soft material with a flexible non-stiff feel for comfort.
  • Durable sole for excellent traction of wet or slippery terrains.


  • Not waterproof. They are breathable and will dry quickly, but it should be noted that water will permeate the mesh.
  • Dirt and debris can build up between the ridges on the underside of the shoes. These ridges offer great grip when walking, but will need to be cleaned out.

My final thoughts on these Crocs knockoffs: excellent style and choice of colors (twenty choices!), great grip and comfortable mesh design. They are a good alternative if you want the feel of Crocs without the classic rubber look.

6. ChayChax Waterproof Unisex Fur Lined Clogs


If you are looking for some shoes like crocs but cheaper and with an even more unusual style, then check out these faux fur lined knock off Crocs.

They are super weird looking, and perfect for the colder months. Wear them as slides around the house, or outdoors on dry days as a fashion statement.

Here are the pros and cons for this pair.


  • Comfortable materials that have all passed the non-toxic safety test. Rest assured the quality of the materials used is good.
  • Cheap price! These shoes are really affordable and are an excellent fashion statement.
  • Available in six color variations for you to choose from (pink, red, black, green, grey and blue).
  • Anti-slip sole for safety when wearing.
  • Fur lining for warmth (faux) and comfort throughout the shoe. The rubber upper is waterproof but the fur is not, so don’t wear them outdoors when it’s raining.
  • Memory foam type material under the fleecy lining, that will adapt to your feet for maximum comfort.


  • The shoes do not have the iconic Crocs style strap, making them slides not sandals.
  • They get very warm which is great for winter, but may result in sweaty feet in summer.

My final thoughts on these shoes: they are a great option for indoor/outdoor slippers. Wear them around the house and outside in dry garden areas. Great for stepping out for dinner in the garden, or to keep an eye on your dog outdoors.

They’re also great for wearing when cooking in case of any spills, as the rubber is wipeable.

7. FZUU Unisex Breathable Clogs


These unisex breathable clogs from Fzuu are a really close Crocs dupe in terms of style and design. But here’s the best part – they are a fraction of the price of real Crocs (around $20 – $25 dollars)!

Here are the pros and cons for these shoes:


  • Super cheap (around $20 – $25 dollars), making them half the price of Crocs at least.
  • Available in fifteen color variations, both suitable for men and women.
  • They feature a moving strap, so the shoes can be worn as slides or sandals.
  • Lightweight, made from EVA material that molds to your feet for comfort.
  • Wipeable and easy to clean. Ideal for garden wear or for those working on slippery surfaces.

The shoes also feature non-slip outer sole. Great for wearing by the pool or on vacation.


  • The inside of the shoe doesn’t have grip, so if the strap is flipped forwards your feet might slip around inside the shoe. This issue will be rectified by securing the strap to the back of the ankle.
  • Wide sizing – great for those with wide feet, but if you have narrow feet keep this in mind.

My final thoughts on this pair of shoes: loads of color variations to choose from which is nice, great price and good quality materials. For the price these shoes are an ideal Crocs knockoffs pick for those looking for a similar design without the high price tag.

The shoes also feature the strap style, which is useful for different situations when wearing these out.

8. MURDESOT Mens/Womens Clogs 


These shoes by Murdesot are a great cheaper alternative to Crocs. As a Cros alternative brand Murdesot offer eight color variations of this shoe, for both men and women.

The design of the shoe is really similar to Crocs, but they are super cheap!

Here are the pros and cons for these shoes:


  • Comfy rubber sole – made with good quality materials.
  • Low price – around $20 dollars. Really affordable considering the quality of the design.
  • Air cushioning with shock absorption for maximum comfort when walking in these shoes. These shoes provide great support for the feet.
  • EVA midsole and outer sole for a slip resistant effect. Great for those working shifts on slippery surfaces, or for people who want non slip shoes to garden in.
  • Lightweight design, for comfort when wearing. Enjoy wearing these shoes all day without them weighting on your feet and ankles.
  • Breathable holes so water and debris can easily escape from the shoe.

Great overall pros, focusing on skid resistance and quality of materials. These are a really reasonable price too (around $20 dollars). Ideal for wearing around the pool, showers, at the gym, in the garden, etc.


  • The gel insert has been known to slip out according to the customer reviews.

My final thoughts are for the price, these shoes are a reasonable alternative to Crocs. You get the rubber design and the non-slip tread, the strap and breathable holes.

The material is good enough quality, but the gel insert might fall out. For the price they are a good option.

9. Sisttke Mens/Womens Garden Clogs


These men’s / women’s clogs are designed specifically for good arch support. If you are a looking for a Crocs alternative or a Crocs style shoe with a little extra arch support, than these shoes from Sisttke are a good option for you to consider.

Here are the pros and cons of these shoes:


  • Arch support designed clogs for maximum comfort and support. The help relieve foot pain from standing all day, so they are a great choice for those working.
  • Made from high quality elastic EVA materials that are really lightweight to wear.
  • Breathable hole design to keep the feet cool in summer. The rubber is waterproof making them a great choice for the beach. The holes will allow water to exit the shoes, helping them dry quicker in wet conditions.
  • Non slip and wear resistance soles. They are durable and resistant to compression. The design increases friction and greip to the ground making them safe to walk in.
  • Adjustable back strap so the shoes can be worn as sandals or slides.


  • Not as squishy as Crocs, they are firmer, but have better arch support.
  • They can feel tight if you have a wide foot. For regular feet they should be fine.

My final thoughts are these are a good choice for those looking for Crocs knockoffs who need that extra arch support. If you plan on wearing a Crocs style shoe for extended periods of time, it’s a great idea to opt for a shoe with more support built into the design.

10. EcoCozy Women’s Classic Clog


These Crocs alternatives by EcoCozy are super high quality and still much cheaper than Crocs. They come in as a really close alternative in terms of quality.

Here are the pros and cons for these shoes:


  • High quality materials and design.
  • Adjustable strap so the shoes can be worn multiple ways.
  • Fours color alternatives to choose from.
  • Anti slip resistance traction making them great shoes for walking on wet surfaces.
  • Comfy foot bed that’s molded for arch support. Next level comfort, and the positive customer reviews really attest to this.
  • Lightweight design so the shoes are easy on the feet for daily wear.

Here’s another super unique pro to these shoes: they are made with harvested algae that’s dried out and mixed into the EVA material. The algae helps clean polluted waters and air! How cool is that?


  • They are a relatively new product on Amazon and don’t have many reviews yet. Without a true customer perspective we have to take the word of the company, which isn’t as comforting. The brand however have great reviews on their other products, so that’s something to go off at least.

My final thoughts on these shoes as they are pretty unique with the algae blended into the design. They’re great for the eco conscious consumers out there, plus they have a great quality design and level of comfort.

11. BEVEMON Mens Garden Clogs 


These Bevemon men’s clogs are really cool looking, making them a good Crocs knockoff for those who want something that looks a little more edgy. Leave the uncool Crocs design in the dust, without compromising the iconic comfort that comes with the rubbery weird shoes.

Here are the pros and cons of these shoes:


  • Awesome looking design, that makes clogs look cool!
  • Made with lightweight EVA material – good quality and a comfortable shoe to wear for extended periods of time.
  • Available in three colors for you to choose from.
  • Drainage holes so water will leave the shoes quickly. This makes them ideal for vacations, when you shoes will be getting wet a lot.
  • Movable strap so the shoes can be worn two ways. Flip the strap down over the ankle for extra non-slip safety.
  • Skid resistant tread for safety.

The sleek design of these clogs make them a real winner for me. If you’re looking for a cooler Crocs alternative then check out these shoes.

The material is also super soft and bendable making them comfortable to walk in. Stiff shoes can be uncomfortable on the arches, so this is a real pro. The shoes also don’t smell, which is a great pro for rubber clogs.


  • They can run a little small so keep this in mind if you have wide feet.

My final thoughts is Bevemon shoes make for a great Crocs alternative for men. The quality and design is perfect for fishing, wearing by the pool, or wearing on slippery surfaces. Enjoy a slightly cooler design than the goofy looking Crocs, without compromising the comfort.

12. Bigant Womens Clogs with Reinforced Sole


If you are looking for a Crocs knockoff for women with a slight funkier design, then check out these clogs by Bigant. They are available in two unique designs, that add to the style of rubber slogs. Check out the fun multicolored mosaic design of the above shoes!

Here are the pros and cons for these shoes:


  • Great waterproof rubber design. Easy to wipeable and they’ll dry off in no time.
  • Breathable holes to keep the feet cool in summer.
  • Good slip resistance for safety when walking.
  • Thick cushioned sole that’s designed for support.
  • Breathable EVA material combined with rubber. Great quality stuff!
  • Cheap price! Around twenty dollars, but double check the link as the price may fluctuate.

The cool mosaic design along the sole of the shoes makes the shoe really stand out as a Crocs alternative. Add a little snazz to your step with the funky multicolored pattern.


  • They look bigger in person, so keep this in mind. They are definitely a fashion statement with comfort!

My final thoughts on these shoes: the cool pattern makes these a fun crocs alternative for those who like extra detail. They look a bit different and will stand out when compared to plain Crocs knockoffs.

Knockoff Crocs For Toddlers (And Kids Crocs Knockoffs)

Many parents look for fake Crocs for toddlers and kids to save a little cash, whilst making sure the shoes are slip resistant and comfy for their little ones.

It can seem silly to waste money on a brand name that kids will just grow out of anyway, especially when there are so many toddler Crocs alternatives on Amazon with a family friendly price tag.

Here are my top three picks, to save you busy parents having to do all of the research yourselves!

knockoff crocs for toddlers crocs knockoffs kids

1. Amoji Kid Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes


The best knock off crocs for toddlers on Amazon are the Amoji kids clogs, due to their excellent quality, non-slip design and more affordable price tag.

Here are the pros and cons for these kids Crocs alternatives:


  • The shoes are ultra lightweight on little feet and ankles, weighing in at 100g – 120g per shoe.
  • Available in 10 colors for your kids to pick from.
  • Non-slip soles for safe playing in these shoes on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • Adjustable straps so the shoes can be worn as slides or sandals. Fix the straps over the heels of your kids feet so the shoes don;t slip off for extra safe walking.
  • Really reasonable price (check the link as this may fluctuate).

It’s also worth noting these kids clogs are made with high quality material that doesn’t have a smell. A common issue with clogs is the plasticky rubbery smell which can be off putting for kids.

Rest assured these shoes have no smell, so you won’t have any trouble getting them on your kid’s feet.


  • Make sure you use the measuring chart when ordering as some customer have reported they run a little big. Excellent for kids with wide feet though!

My final thoughts on these kids Crocs dupes: they’re a great price for parents who have speedy growing kids who go through shoes quickly! The quality of these kids clogs is great, and the non skid element of the sole design is super important for their safety.

In terms of all of the kids clogs on Amazon, these have a lot of long, detailed reviews to back up their quality also. Shop them here.

2. VILOCY Kid’s Cute Garden Shoes


How adorable are these kids clogs by Vilocy? They’re a fraction of the price of real Crocs (click the ‘shop here’ link above to check the current price), but they are made with great quality material. Plus each design features a cute charm!

There are blue versions too with cars, sharks and starfish charms, or even a dinosaur printed one! There is loads of choice for your little ones and whichever charms they would like.

Here is a break down of the pros and cons of these kids clogs:


  • Made with a high quality EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) sole.
  • Built in arch support for comfort when walking. Ergonomic design allows the shoes to bend with the flexibility of the feet and the natural expansion of the feet.
  • Super easy to take on and off thanks to the adjustable heel strap. Kids and toddlers can wear these as slides of sandals.
  • The shoes also feature drainage holes so any water that gets trapped inside the shoes can drain easily. This also helps the shoes dry quickly.
  • Breathable design to keep your kids feet cool and comfortable.
  • 12 awesome designs to choose from to suit every kids taste!


  • Make sure you double check the sizing chart and take the time to measure your children’s feet before purchasing. A few customers mentioned in their reviews that they got the sizes wrong when ordering.
  • They have a very slight smell to them, but this goes away and isn’t too noticeable.

My final thoughts on these shoes are they have such a great, fun design that will really appeal to kids. There are 12 design to pick from, in a multitude of colours with fun charms.

The EVA materials used are great quality and the grip is great.

3. HOBIBEAR Boys/Girls Classic Graphic Garden Clogs


These bright Crocs knockoffs for kids are a great choice for those looking for practical clogs for their little ones. They are available in nine colors for your kids to pick from, making them ideal for all kids.

Here are the pros and cons of these kids Crocs alternatives:


  • EVA soles – a great quality design.
  • They are a little pricier than the above Crocs alternatives, but they are still much cheaper than Crocs.
  • Non slip design making them great for outdoors. They are a good choice for kids to wear on vacation.
  • Lightweight design that won’t weigh on your little one’s ankles and feet.
  • Breathable, fast drying and waterproof.

It’s also worth noting that these shoes are easy to clean. A few customer reviews mentioned that mud and muck is easy to wipe off. Ideal for kids who like to play outdoors!


  • The shoes run very slightly big, which is great as your kids feet can grow into them.

My final thought on these knock off Crocs for toddlers: these Crocs knockoffs are a really close dupe for Crocs for a cheaper price. They have the same comfortable fit and good quality material, including an adjustable strap.

What To Look For In Crocs Knockoffs

When researching Crocs knockoffs there were a number of things that I needed to take into consideration.

I wanted to pick the best quality and most affordable Crocs knockoffs, that fit a strict criteria I had set.

Here’s what to look for in Crocs knockoffs, based on my own research:

Design: Looking for a good quality design, with a sturdy strap, insole and outer sole is key when shopping for Crocs alternatives. Avoid super cheap designs that will fall apart and instead look for a medium between price and design.

Materials: When shopping for a Crocs knockoff choosing a shoe made from rubber or EVA is essential. Cheaper materials will not be as breathable or comfortable for the feet.

Cost: Instead of looking for an overly cheap price, choose a happy medium between price and design. Don’t just by the cheapest pair of Crocs knockoffs you can find, instead spend an extra $5 to $10 dollars and read the reviews on quality. It’s best to choose a good quality shoe, for the design, comfort and longevity of the sole.

Tread: When buying a Crocs knockoff always look for a good tread on the design on the outer sole. Clogs shoe should have good grip and skid resistance, so they can be safely worn on slippery or wet floors. Clogs are a popular outdoor and vacation shoe, so being able to walk safely in them and avoid slipping is essential.

What To Avoid In Crocs Knockoffs

When researching the best Crocs alternative here are the things I came across that you should avoid in a knockoff:

Cheap materials: Cheap materials will fall apart, or make your feet sweat. Avoiding cheap materials is key for a comfortable fit in your Crocs knockoffs. Having sweaty feet or a strap that falls off will make the shoes unusable.

Poor smell: Some cheap materials have a nasty smell that will make wearing the Crocs alternative uncomfortable. Nobody wants smelly shoes! Instead opt for a good quality material like rubber and spend time reading the reviews of the shoes to ensure they don’t have a bad smell.

Overly cheap price: As a rule of thumb if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. Avoid overly cheap shoes, as the material will be cheap and smelly, your feet won’t feel comfortable or to be able to breath and the shoes will likely fall apart. At worse the shoes won’t have skid resistant tread, making them a dangerous choice.

If you follow the above advice and shopping criteria when looking for Crocs knockoffs you should be able to find great quality shoes, at a reasonable price. There are so many Crocs alternatives out there that have the same level of quality as the real thing, but are available for at least half the price.

A note

Thank you for reading this buyer’s guide to Crocs knockoffs – I hope you feel confident to purchase a Crocs shoe alternative and save some money, without compromising on style and comfort.

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