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How Long Do Crocs Last? (Are They Worth It?)

When looking to get your first pair of Crocs a common query many have is ‘how long do Crocs last’ and are they worth the money? It’s important to have all the information before purchasing your first pair, to ensure they will perform the way you expect.

I am a long term customer and fan of the Crocs brand and have owned several of my own pairs. In this guide I’ll be providing answers to the above for you, including my own personal review of Crocs (plus photos of my current pair!).

How Long Do Crocs Last

Crocs typically last between 3 and 5 years with everyday wear. With proper care and less frequent wear Crocs can last for up to 10 years. If used exclusively for indoor wear they can last even longer than this.

If you are using your Crocs for everyday activities, like short walks with the dog or running errands, you will get many years out of them.

Heavy footfalls or longer periods of daily wear will depreciate the Croslite soles (the closed cell resin material Crocs are made with) much quicker, so there are varying results depending on the individual person’s habits.

Even with daily wear, the inside soles of Crocs won’t wear down easily. Usually the ‘nub’ design on the inner soles of Crocs are still going strong, even when the outsoles are worn with many years use.

How Long Do Crocs Last
The anti-slip, circulation boosting nubs on the inside of my Crocs.

The outsoles are tough and can withstand many years walking on concrete sidewalks. Of course if you only wear your Crocs for gardening then the outsoles will last longer when only walking on grass or dirt.

The tread patterns on the outsoles of my Crocs.

Wearing your Crocs when walking on rugged rocky terrain (like rocky dirt paths) will cause them to depreciate faster, however.

I wouldn’t suggest walking in your Crocs on rugged or uneven terrain at all. This will scuff the soles of your Crocs quickly, causing scratches, or possibly tears to the Croslite material. It’s also unsafe, as Crocs aren’t proper walking footwear (despite being non-slip, they just aren’t made for rough terrain).

If you have a heavy footfall or you drag your feet when you walk it’s worth noting the soles of your Crocs will depreciate faster than the average person. Results do depend on the individual, but as a rule, if you avoid rugged terrain and take proper care of your Crocs they will last you years.

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How Long Do Lined Crocs Last?

Lined Crocs can last up to 5 years with daily wear. If worn exclusively indoors they can last even longer. With proper care of the Crocs lining (including brushing, cleaning and deodorising) they will last longer still.

Making sure you properly clean and care for your Crocs is really important when it comes to extending their lifespan.

I have a full Crocs cleaning and care guide here for you to check out if you need some help with this: How to Clean Crocs – Ultimate Guide and FAQs.

As a general rule, the following things can be used on Crocs lining safely:

  • A sprinkle of baking soda on the lining will help deodorise the Crocs. Sprinkle a thin layer over the lining and massage it gently into the material. Leave for 2 hours and then tap out the baking soda. Finish by vacuuming the inside of the Crocs on a gentle setting to remove any excess debris.
  • You can clean the lining of your Crocs with a mild liquid soap and water solution. Use a pea sized amount of liquid soap to one cup of lukewarm water and gently massage the solution into the lining of the Crocs. Rinse well with cold water and allow to dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

My Personal Experience

In my personal experience Crocs tend to last me 5 years or more. I’ve owned pairs that have been used indoors exclusively, and pairs for any outdoor activities, like summer strolls, or grocery shopping.

I’ve never experienced any serious damages to my Crocs, and the straps and soles have lasted years.

The strap on my pair of Crocs.

I wear my indoor Crocs daily and they have been going strong for 4 years now.

In the above picture I am showing my outdoor pair of Crocs that I have owned for under a year. They are not showing any signs of wear yet, which I’m happy with. I typically wear my outdoor Crocs two to three times a week, for periods of 3 hours or less.

In the past I have worn Crocs to work (I used to work 9 hours shifts on my feet all day) and found a pair would last me 5 years or so. I have a normal footfall and I distribute my weight evenly when I walk. If you distribute your weight unevenly (walking on the balls or heels of your feet) your Crocs will wear out faster.

As a rule I clean my Crocs about once a month. I find that cleaning any dirt and debris from outdoors regularly helps them last longer, as any harmful chemicals from the sidewalk will be removed also.

I avoid wearing my Crocs in winter, or when there is salt on the road for de-icing purposes.

Are Crocs Worth It?

Crocs are ‘worth it’ and will last a long time if properly cared for. Removing any dirt or debris regularly and avoiding use on rough terrain will extend the lifespan of your Crocs, so you can get your money’s worth out of them. Crocs are ‘worth it’ for those who enjoy comfortable, trendy footwear.

Design – Crocs are made with excellent quality materials and are a durable footwear choice that will last for many years. They are made with Croslite, a highly durable closed cell resin material that is resistant to many substances. The strap design is secure and hard wearing. I’ve never experienced a tear or a broken strap on any of the pairs I have owned over the last ten years.

Fashion – Crocs are certainly a fashion statement and are a divisive footwear choice. That being said they are very trendy at the moment, seen on the feet of supermodels and rappers. It’s likely that they will remain in the trend cycle for a few years to come.

For work – If you are wondering if Crocs are worth it for those who want to wear them to work, I myself have worn them on shift and so has my sister-in-law who is a nurse. They are worth it for those seeking comfort on the job and have great non-slip properties. When worn indoors on shift they can last for 5 years or more, making them well worth the money in my opinion.

For gardening – For those wondering if Crocs are ‘worth it’ as gardening wear, they are a favourite of my father, who wears his pair outdoors when gardening all summer long. He enjoys their comfort and flexible material, with the cooling holes adding a nice feel in hot weather. They are easy to clean, drain quickly, and dry quickly, making them 100% worth the purchase for gardening use.

How To Make Crocs Last Longer

There are many way to make your Crocs last longer, including:

  • Avoid stepping on any chemical cleaners when wearing your Crocs if this can be helped.
  • Don’t wear them outdoors when there is salt on the sidewalk for de-icing purposes, as they salt may damage the Croslite material they are made with.
  • Regularly clean your Crocs (once a month or more often if needed) to remove any dirt, debris or stray chemicals that may have built up on the outsoles.
  • Avoid walking on rough or rocky terrain. They aren’t hiking/walking shoes, and the outsoles will scuff or even tear on jagged surfaces, which will deteriorate them faster.
  • Don’t run in them. Not only is this unsafe as they don’t have proper support and have a looser fit, but the soles will scuff faster and not last as long.

Extending the lifespan of your Crocs is simple. Follow the above tips and use common sense when wearing them. If you keep them clean and avoid chemicals or anything that may damage the outsoles you can’t go wrong.

How Often Should Crocs Be Replaced?

Crocs should be replaced every 5 years for safety purposes if the tread on the outsoles begins to wear down. If used exclusively indoors, then Crocs will not need to be replaced for much longer.

As long as they strap is secure and still in tact, the tread is in good condition and there are no tears in the Croslite then it’s up to you when you replace your Crocs.

If your Crocs are very dirty or smell bad then this could be a reason for you to replace them, if they are beyond cleaning.

If they are scuffed for marked and their appearance is unsightly and you wear your Crocs primarily for fashion purposes, then you may want to try cleaning them, or replacing them according to your preference.

Personally I replace my Crocs every 5 years or so.

Do Crocs Wear Out?

Crocs do eventually wear out after several years of hard wear. If you wear your Crocs outdoors, have a heavy footfall, or walk on rough terrain in them they will wear out in 5 years. If you properly clean and care for your Crocs they will take much longer to wear out, in some cases after 10 years.

For any reason if you find your Crocs are defective, wear out or don’t last long, then it’s worth noting they are covered under a 90 day warranty (source).

I’ve found that it takes a very long time for me to wear out my Crocs. Even with pairs that I’ve had for 10 years, the soles aren’t worn through, just scuffed. They are still useable, but I prefer a new fresh pair without much wear on the soles.

I’ve never experienced a hole wearing though the sole of my Crocs. With cheaper imitations holes in the soles are a common problem. For this reason, getting a proper high quality pair of Crocs is worth the money, as the lifespan is excellent.

If you have an uneven footfall your Crocs will wear out faster. For example, if you either walk on the balls or the heels of your feet that area of the foot-bed will depreciate first. This is something to keep in mind, as things will be different on an individual basis. For the majority of people though this shouldn’t be an issue.

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Thank you for reading this post on how long Crocs last, and whether they are worth the money. I hope you feel confident and excited to purchase your own new pair of Crocs with this information and my personal review in mind.

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How Long Do Crocs Last