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Best Crocs For Men, Two Guys Review (Color, Fit & Style)

When considering purchasing a pair of Crocs many guys wonder which are the best Crocs for men? It’s important to make sure you get the right color that will go well with your current wardrobe, and also to get the right style and fit for your personal tastes and comfort.

I recently purchased two pairs of Crocs for two men in my life; my dad and my fiancé. Although I’m a woman, I spent a lot of time considering which Crocs style to get for them, and which color they would like most. Here’s what I found:

The best Crocs for men are the ‘Slate Grey’ (or ‘Graphite’) Baya Crocs clogs, as they pair well with many outfits and have a cool ‘sportier’ style than the classic Crocs model. The ‘Slate Grey’ color looks great without standing out too much and the streamlined lines on the Baya model suit a more masculine aesthetic.

Here’s how they look on my fiancé:

Best Crocs For Men Review
Baya Crocs on a UK size 9, US size 10 man’s foot.
Men's Crocs review
Baya Crocs top down view.

Check them out for yourself on Amazon here, and see their current price. Or shop them on

Here is a video of us reviewing the best Crocs for men:

In this article I’ll be including two reviews of Crocs from two men (one aged 27 and one aged 64 so you have a good range of refence to suit two age groups) with photos, plus my own Crocs knowledge and expertise as a long-term fan of the brand.

There is also a Crocs color chart later into the article to help you pick the best Crocs for you or another man in your life.

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Best Crocs For Men

There are loads of Crocs model options out there for men, however there seems to be a buying trend with 3 popular design choices:

  • The Baya Crocs model I mentioned above is my top model of choice for men. I’ll be covering this model in-depth in this article, including two reviews from two guys below.
  • My second pick is the Classic Crocs and the which can be viewed on or on Amazon here. This is super popular (it’s the classic!) and is a good all rounder if you’re starting your Crocs collection.
  • If you are looking for warmth and want to wear Crocs indoors then you can go for the Crocs Lined Clog (shop on Amazon here). They are super comfy and warm for winter and make nice gifts. Keep in mind that odour does build up in the lining of this model so they will require cleaning every 3 weeks or so. I have a full Crocs cleaning guide here if you need some advice.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these models, because they look great on men of all ages.

There’s also a color chart in the second half of this post for you to check out and make sure you get the best color choice.

Let’s get into the in-depth Baya Crocs reviews

Best Crocs For Men Review No.1

I have a review below from my fiancé Conor who is twenty-seven years old, a UK men’s size 9 and US men’s size 10.

Best Color Crocs For Guys
Slate Grey Croc on US men’s size 10 foot (UK size 9).

Here’s what he thinks of them:

“These Crocs are great, I really like the design and think the lines and shape makes it stand out, and I really like the blueish/grey colour.

I’ve been using them as indoor shoes to keep warm during the winter, but also for quick trips outside like when takings out the dog as they’re really easy to wipe down and clean when I come back in!

They’re really comfortable as well, the fit isn’t very tight but the strap keeps them in place, so I can wear them all day without any discomfort and they don’t slip off!”
– Conor’s review of the Baya Crocs Clogs in Slate Grey.

Conor wears his Crocs with jeans, sweatpants and shorts, depending on the weather.

In winter they make nice indoor shoes and for summer they are ideal for heading outdoors for short walks or spending time in the garden with our dog.

Another point to add is they feature advanced ventilation which is a little better than the ventilation on the classic Crocs. Visit to compare the different models, and you’ll see what I mean.

Best Crocs For Men Review No.2

If you are an older man/shopping for one, here is my dad’s Crocs review, including what he thinks of the color, model and comfort factor:

A screenshot of a message showing a Crocs review from my dad.

For reference my dad is sixty-four years old and is a UK size 8, which is a US size 9.

Here is a quick photo summary of his review:

Best Color Crocs For Men Review
Best crocs for men: summarised review.

My parents house has tiled floors throughout that requires you to wear footwear with good grip, which is why I purchased my dad a pair of Crocs as a gift. Previously as you can see in his above review screenshot he was wearing flip flops, which isn’t ideal.

It’s important to note that Crocs don’t really weigh much more than a pair of flip flops, making them a great sturdy replacement, with better grip.

Tiled floors can be quite cold also, so he enjoys wearing his Crocs as they raise his feet up a little bit thanks to the thick Croslite (a closed cell resin material) sole. With thinner indoor footwear like slippers he finds the cold seeps through to the bottom of his feet.

Crocs are also good for men who live in houses with tiled floors as it makes mopping easy. Cleaning whilst wearing Crocs is great as they can be wiped down afterwards.

My dad is also an avid gardener, making his Crocs an ideal outdoor footwear choice for the warmer months.

Best Color Crocs For Guys

The best color Crocs for guys are: Slate Grey, Navy, Army Green and Black (source). These colors are versatile and match nicely with jeans, shorts and sweatpants. They also work well for a range of activities like vacations, gardening, wearing around the house and even wearing to work in the healthcare and hospitality industry.

Here is a Crocs color chart of the most versatile and popular Crocs colors for men, to help you get a visual:

Best Crocs Colors For Guys, Crocs Men's Color Chart
Crocs color chart for men.

The easiest way to pick is to consider your (or the guy you are buying for) wardrobe, AND for what purpose you intend to wear your Crocs.

  • ARMY GREEN: If you wear a lot of camo then the Army Green Crocs color is an excellent option for you. It’s also a safe bet for those who want to wear their Crocs for gardening.
  • The Army Green color option is also great for wearing on a vacation, as a darker color might not look as nice with the lighter colors of hot weather clothing.
  • NAVY: Those who work in healthcare may prefer the Navy color option, if they are intending to wear their Crocs to work. It will match healthcare uniforms nicely.
  • BLACK: In the hospitality industry you can’t go wrong with Black Crocs as your color choice, as the color will match most uniforms. Black is super easy to style, plus it doesn’t show any spills if you are working with food.
  • SLATE GREY: If you are looking for a good all rounder however that will match shorts, jeans and sweatpants, then the Slate Grey color option is ideal for you.

The Crocs Color Range

Of course there are many more color options available for your Crocs, if the top four aren’t to your taste.

Here is a list of all of the 28 current Crocs color options:

  • Army Green
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus
  • Ballerina Pink
  • Ice Blue
  • Black
  • Bright Cobalt
  • Navy
  • Lavender
  • White
  • Slate Grey
  • Neon Purple
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Stucco
  • Flame
  • Pure Water
  • Celery
  • Fuchsia Fun
  • Taffy Pink
  • Orange Zing
  • Powder Blue
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pistachio
  • Banana
  • Digital Aqua
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Electric Pink
  • Lime Zest

Take a look at them for yourself on

In my experience purchasing Crocs for men the most popular choice they chose is the Slate Grey (or ‘Graphite’) color. This color is super versatile and is guaranteed to fit into any man’s wardrobe. It’s also nice for both summer and winter, as it sits between white and black on the color chart.

If you or the man you are purchasing Crocs for would like to have one good all round pair they can enjoy all year then Slate Grey is a safe bet for a color choice.

Thank you for reading this post on the best Crocs for men and the best color Crocs for guys. I hope you found the two real reviews helpful and you now feel confident to purchase your own pair/ get a pair for a man in your life.

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