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Are Crocs Non Slip? A Review and Model Breakdown

When I was looking to buy my first pair of Crocs one of the biggest questions I had was ‘are Crocs non slip’? After wearing Crocs for many years myself I decided to put together this quick guide on the slip resistance of Crocs, including a breakdown of the different models Crocs offer and their varying degrees of safety when walking, to provide others with an answer to this question.

I’ve also included a review of which model of Crocs is the most slip resistant (click here for a quick look), after researching countless forum posts and using my own personal experience wearing different Crocs styles for over 10 years.

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Are Crocs Non Slip?

Crocs are non slip thanks to the trademarked Crocs Lock™ slip resistant tread that is featured on the models from their medical, kitchen and hospitality ranges. This slip resistant tread is an iconic feature of Crocs, making them and attractive footwear choice for those who want to feel extra safe when walking on slippery surfaces.

The Crocs Lock™ tread actually exceeds industry standards for similar products, making Crocs a superior choice for shift workers and for every day wearers (source).

Are Crocs non slip

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In my personal experience wearing a range of Crocs products I haven’t ever slipped when walking in their shoes. I love my classic Crocs and Bistro Crocs and they are my go-to shoes in the summer.

Crocs are ideal for walking on slippery surfaces, such as workshop floors, tiled kitchen floors hospital floors, by the pool side, rainy pavement and more.

Slip Resistance Testing

FootArt, a leading UK retailer that specialise in Crocs feature a series of independent test results on the slip resistance of Crocs, that I will present here in addition to my own experience wearing Crocs:

“Independent test results demonstrate that Crocs Lock™ tread is a leader in slip-resistance. Crocs Lock™ tread consistently tested above a 0.45 CoF on wet (.75), dry (.84), soapy (.50), oily (.55), oily/wet (.55) and greasy/wet (.55) surfaces.

When tested on quarry tile commonly found in restaurants, crocs lock™ tread was found to be slip-resistant under certain wet, dry, soapy, oily, and greasy conditions.

The numbers above, selected by Crocs, Inc. engineering, are a representation of average & median scores from a controlled sample of tests conducted at Intertek labs. No shoe is 100% slip-resistant and test results may vary under different conditions.

It is worth noting that no shoes can guarantee 100% slip resistance and the Crocs FAQ feature on their website says  “please use general caution as you would with any other shoe”.

That being said Crocs are as good as you can get when it comes to slip resistant clogs, when compared to other leading brands. I love wearing my Crocs when it’s slippery out, after a rain or by the pool, because the tread feels really secure to me.

Not all models offer the Crocs Lock™ tread, so it’s best to double check the individual model before purchasing to be sure.

The following Crocs models are currently advertised as featuring Crocs Lock™ tread: On The Clock Crocs Clog, Crocs Bistro Clog, Specialist Clog Work Shoes, Bistro Pro Literide Clog, Busy Day Ballet Flat, Neiria Pro Li Clog.

Check the current prices of the above Crocs models on

Reddit Reviews

In addition to my personal experience with the slip resistance of Crocs, I also want to highlight some customer reviews from around the web that I have researched with slip resistance as a focus.

One reddit users says:

Extremely slip-resistant. Very grippy in every condition.” – June 2018.

The Best Non-Slip Crocs:

Crocs have actually developed a slip resistant range featuring their trademarked ‘Crocs Lock’ slip resistant tread. There are three target audiences for this range – medial staff, hospitality workers and kitchen staff, but the shoes are suitable for all users, including casual every day wearers.

I’m going to breakdown three different models from the slip resistant range, with a quick review to highlight the best non slip Crocs…

Medical Range

For healthcare workers: the On The Clock Crocs Clog (click here to view current price).

The On the Clock Clog is excellent for healthcare workers due to the slip resistant tread, the comfortable design for long shifts on your feet and the closed toe and heel design for safety.

These are a good choice for medical staff as the closed toes mean the feet are kept safe from stray falling items. The enclosed heel ensures the shoe will stay put and feel secure on the feet all day long.

They are also super easy to clean and or scrape away medical debris off of. They also have a fast-drying thick, comfy tread.

Click here to browse the full Crocs medical range on Amazon.

Hospitality Range

For hospitality workers: the Crocs Bistro Clog (click here to view the current price on Amazon).

The Crocs Bistro Clog is an ideal footwear choice for hospitality workers as it’s super easy to clean, slip resistant and very comfortable for long shifts.

If you are a waiter or barista and you are looking for supportive footwear that features safe closed toes then you should consider trying out the Bistro clogs.

In my experience wearing Bistro Crocs they feel surprisingly lightweight on the feet and have a comfort next to none, thanks to the patented ‘Croslite’ material they are made with. Croslite is a super comfy closed cell resin that is slightly squishy underfoot but supportive and secure feeling at the same time. I love the feel of it!

Click here to browse the full Crocs hospitality range on Amazon.

Kitchen Range

For kitchen workers: the Crocs Specialist Li Clog (click here to view the current price on Amazon).

The Crocs Specialist Clog model features the ‘Crocs Lock’ slip-resistant tread, for optimum safety when working on slippery kitchen floors. It’s a great choice for chefs and other kitchen staff.

We all know safety is super important when working in a kitchen, so having a shoe that features a closed toe design in case of spills is ideal. The closed toe design of the Specialist Clog is also reinforced with a thicker construction of Croslite for ultimate toe protection from hot spills and falling kitchen items.

Click here to view the full Crocs kitchen range on Amazon.

How Do You Make Crocs Non Slip?

The best way to make Crocs non slip is to break in the outer soles by scuffing them on coarse sandpaper or gravelly surfaces. The scuffs will provide extra traction when walking. Alternatively use a ‘shoe goo’ for sticky traction or ice grips in winter for non slip grip.

If you want to make your Crocs even more slip resistant there are a few things you can do:

  • Go outside and scuff the bottom of your Crocs on hard or rocky surfaces. This will create extra tiny grooves and scuffs on the outer shoes of the shoes giving them the additional traction that often comes with a gradual break in.
  • Consider using ‘shoe goo’ on the outer soles of your Crocs to create a layer of sticky residue to provide additional grip when walking. A thin layer of the goo will be enough to create more traction on the bottom of your Crocs.
  • If you are wanting to wear your Crocs in the winter months on icy surfaces then you should attach ice grips to the bottom of the Crocs to create a safer grip. Ice grips are really easy to apply to shoes – simply slide them on and fasten over the shoes with the rubbery straps.
  • Use sandpaper on the bottom of your Crocs to break them in and create additional scuffs. Tiny grooves will give the shoes more grip when walking. It’s best to use coarse sandpaper for this with a high grit, like 50.

There are a number of grip enhancing products that can be applied to the bottom of shoes to help add more grip when walking. Take a look online or speak to a local shoe retailer if you require additional help.

Crocs Model FAQs

Are Classic Crocs Non Slip?

Classic Crocs are slip resistant but not 100% non slip. The tread on the outer soles of Classic Crocs offers great slip resistance, but Crocs cannot guarantee a 100% non slip promise. Crocs state: “please use general caution as you would with any other shoe”.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Non Slip?

Whilst Fuzzy Crocs have good traction Crocs cannot guarantee that they are 100% non slip. The innovative outer sole has excellent tread, but no shoe is ever completely slip safe.

Are Bistro Crocs Non Slip?

Bistro Crocs are non slip thanks to the Crocs Lock™ slip resistant tread featured as part of the work wear design. Bistro Crocs have a non slip outer sole that is second to none, making the clogs an excellent choice for hospitality or medical workers on their feet.

Are Work Crocs Non Slip?

Work Crocs are non slip as they feature Crocs Lock™ slip resistant tread on the outer soles of the designs in the range. Work Crocs are designed with non slip features in mind to make them a go-to footwear choice for medical and hospitality staff.

Are All Crocs Slip Resistant?

Not all Crocs are slip resistant. Only Crocs listed as featuring the Crocs Lock™ tread are slip resistant.


Thank you for reading this guide to ‘Are Crocs Non Slip?’, I hope you now feel confident to purchase a pair of Crocs or wear a pair you already own.

To summarise…

Are Crocs Slip Resistant?

Crocs featuring the Crocs Lock™ slip resistant tread are slip resistant. The models from the Crocs work range are listed as featuring this industry leading tread.

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Are Crocs Non Slip

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