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Best Crocs For Women – Two Women Review (Photos)

Many women enjoy wearing Crocs for casual wear, to work or as a fashion statement, however if you are a first time Crocs customer you may be wondering which style is best for your needs.

With the rise in popularity of Crocs footwear my sister-in-law and I decided to weigh in on which Crocs styles are the best for women, as long term fans of the Crocs brand. Between us we have tried and tested many Crocs styles over the years, in a variety of different situations, from work (my sister in law is a nurse and she wears Crocs on shift) to fashion wear purposes.

In this post we will be giving advice on style, practicality, comfort and sizing, including photos of us in our own Crocs to give you a good visual reference also. I hope our thoughts and opinions can help you decide on a pair of your own!

But first here is a quick look at our top picks:

  • Best ‘fashion’ Crocs for women – super on trend chunky Bae Crocs (view here on Amazon).
  • Best ‘all round comfort’ Crocs for women – practical and comfortable Baya Crocs (view here on Amazon).
  • Our favourite ‘work’ Crocs for women – excellent closed toe Work Crocs for safety (view here on Amazon).
  • Our top pick for a ‘cute feminine’ look that is a ballet flat style – Kaydee flats (view here on Amazon).

Read on for an in-depth review of each, including our own photos…

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Best ‘All Round Comfort’ Crocs For Women

Our top pick for the best all rounder Crocs for women is the Baya Crocs, as you can see in the below picture.

My pair of Baya Crocs in ‘grass green’.

My pair of Baya Crocs have been super comfortable from day one, fresh out of the box. The reason we chose the Baya model as the best all rounder is for the following reasons:

  • The Baya Crocs model has better breathability and drainage when compared to the classic Crocs model. This makes the Baya a great choice for both indoor and outdoor comfort, as any water build up will drain from them quickly enabling a fast dry period. Great for wearing on vacation or by the pool, they are an ideal summer footwear choice.
  • In terms of style, I love how my pair of Baya Crocs feature the Crocs logo written along the side, as you can see in the above and below pictures. The addition of this logo adds breathability, making them feel a little cooler and fresher to wear when compared to classic crocs.
Best Crocs For Women
A photo showing the fit of women’s Baya Crocs.
  • The fit of the Baya Crocs is really nice. As you can see in the above photo the Baya Crocs don’t pinch in the toe box and have lots of wiggle room. In terms of sliding, the heel strap fits securely and you can fit one to two fingers at the heel of the clog.
  • The Baya Crocs model comes in a range of lovely colors, with some super cute feminine options to choose from, so make sure you take a look!

I particularly like the pretty lavender color, as you can see below (I think I’ll make the lavender my next purchase!):

See the Baya Crocs model for yourself on or view them on Amazon here.

It’s also worth noting Baya’s have awesome grip as I show in the below photo:

Baya Crocs grip.

The ‘leaf tread’ pattern is featured across all Crocs models, and is great for slip resistance.

Best ‘Fashion’ Crocs For Women

Next let’s look at the current most trendy style of Crocs, the Bae Crocs model.

Best Crocs For Women
My sister-in-law’s pair of Bae Crocs in ‘white’.

My sister-in-law owns a pair of the Bae Crocs in white, as you can see in the above photo. She bought these recently and is really enjoying them.

Here are some comments she had about this model of Crocs:

  • Goes well with fashionable outfits. She likes to pair them with flared jeans and crop tops.
  • Cute platform sole that measures 2.4 inches. It looks high, but it actually is very wearable.
  • She found them to be slightly tight, as she is a half size (4.5 UK women’s), however she had to size down to a 4 as Crocs don’t offer half sizes. We would suggest sizing up if you are a half size to account for this.
  • Super lightweight despite their chunky looking design.
  • She plans to wear them on vacation in a few months times, as they are lovely and breathable for hot weather.
Best Crocs For Women
A photo showing the height of the Bae Crocs platform.

My sister-in-law likes her pair of Bae Crocs so much she plans to purchase two more pairs in the colors ‘orchid’ and ‘neo mint’.

How cute do the ‘neo mint’ Bae Crocs look?

Check out the Bae Crocs for yourself on or on Amazon here.

If you are also looking for Crocs for a man in your life, check out: Best Crocs For Men, Two Guys Review (Color, Fit & Style)

Best ‘Work’ Crocs For Women

In terms of work Crocs we wanted to make sure we chose a super safe, closed toe pair to discuss in this post. My sister-in-law is a nurse and has been wearing Crocs on shift for years, due to their comfortable fit.

If you are looking to wear Crocs to work and want a pair that can withstand the discomfort of being on your feet all day then check out the closed toe work Crocs, as pictured below:

Check them out on or on Amazon here.

These are ideal for the medical and service based industries, as the closed toe design will keep your feet safe should any tools or liquids spill on them.

Best ‘Ballet Flat’ Crocs For Women

If you are a women who enjoys cute, feminine footwear styles that pair well with shorts, jeans and dresses we recommend the Kaydee Flats Crocs.

Ballet flat Crocs
My sister-in-law’s pair of Kaydee Flat Crocs in ‘black’.

As you can see in the above photo my sister-in-law owns a pair and she enjoys them for running errands, wearing in summer and for general comfort in her back yard.

The Kaydee Flats are a lovely ballet flat style, which is set to be very fashionable in 2022 and beyond.

They are a great choice for those who want to enjoy Crocs comfort, without having to wear a chunkier design. The Kaydees look lovely with a range of outfits and come in many colors to choose from (including a cool leopard print which I love).

They have a slight heel of just less than one inch, which gives nice cushioning despite them being flats. It’s worth noting that unlike the other Crocs designs the strap on the Kaydee Flats isn’t movable, and is part of the solid design, so consider this factor before you look to purchase them.

Check out the Kaydee Flats Crocs on or on Amazon here.

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Thank you for reading this review on the best Crocs for women. I hope you feel inspired to purchase your own pair of Crocs and experience the comfort for yourself!

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