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Do Crocs Run Big or Small? – A Review (photos)

When shopping for Crocs a query many of us have is ‘do Crocs run big or small?’. Crocs have so many styles to offer, for men, women and children, and the same concern rings true for all.

When shopping for Crocs myself I too have wondered how they will fit and whether they will be true to size. With this in mind I decided to fully research and review Crocs sizing for myself, including owning my own pairs to test and trawling through hundreds of forum posts to see how others found the fit too.

Here are my findings presented in this article, including my own personal review, photos and a video of my Crocs, so you don’t have to spend hours researching yourself! I’ve also included a sizing guide, so you can double check your size before purchasing, and save you the hassle of returns.

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Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Crocs do not run big or small, they run true to size. Crocs have several different styles where sizing may vary, but as a general rule all Crocs run true to size.

Before we get into my own experience, let’s look at what the official Crocs size guide has to say:

Crocs offer the following fits:

Standard: No extra room; fits comfortably snug.
Relaxed: A little room; feels more secure on your foot.
Roomy: Our most generous, roomy fit.”
– Crocs Official Size Guide (source)

The standard Crocs fit runs true to size, whereas the roomy Crocs fit does run slightly big (making it an ideal choice for those with wide feet). The relaxed fit is a nice in-between, which is ideal for wearing around the house.

In terms of my own experience with Crocs sizing I always go for the standard fit, and find all the pairs of Crocs I have owned for the past 10 years fit perfectly. For reference I am a women’s UK size 6 which is a US size 8.

Here is a video of me discussing the Crocs sizing and fit with my own pair of Crocs, on the Wearably Weird YouTube channel:

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My Personal Review Of Crocs Sizing

Do Crocs Run Big

I find Crocs fit true to size with 1cm of space on the heel to allow for movement. Don’t be fooled by the wiggle room here, your feet won’t slide around inside the Crocs.

Crocs are made from a material exclusive to the brand called Croslite, which is a gummy-feeling closed cell resin that sticks nicely to your feet to help Crocs clogs grip and fit even better.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small

The toe box also fits great as you can see in the above image. It doesn’t pinch or compress my toes. I find the toe box of the different Crocs models always runs true to size for me.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small

The strap fits perfectly; not too loose and not too tight. It moves around slightly as you walk but doesn’t slip down, or rub the heel.

Are Crocs true to size

I’ve also included a size comparison in the above image to show how Crocs sizing compares to a common sneaker brand – Converse. As you can see the Crocs are the same size in length, with slight more space on the width.

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Are Crocs Good For Wide Feet?

Crocs are good for wide feet as the foot beds and toe boxes of Crocs models have plenty of wiggle room. Crocs also offer several models from their range in a ‘roomy’ fit, which is ideal for those with wide feet.

Are Crocs Good For Wide Feet - Do Crocs Run Big

Crocs Models Sizing

I’m going to break down the most popular styles of Crocs and whether each style runs big, small or true to size. This way, you’ll have a quick guide for the style of Crocs you are considering purchasing.

Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs Classic Clogs run true to size and have the best fit out of all of the Crocs styles. The clogs are roomy with wiggle room for your toes, but not too large that your feet will move around inside the shoe.

In my personal experience wearing classic Crocs I have found the fit to be very comfortable. My feet don’t slide inside my classic Crocs, but my arches, toes and the top of my feet don’t feel squashed either.

I find the strap to be comfortable and not too tight or too loose on my heels. There is space for my toes to move without feeling restricted which makes wearing the shoes for long periods of time manageable.

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In addition to wearing the classic Crocs myself to form my opinion, I also researched hundreds of forums posts to come to the same conclusion.

Some reviews also mention that the Crocs made in Mexico can run smaller than the Crocs made in Italy, which run true to size. It’s best to keep this in mind when purchasing.

My final thoughts are classic Crocs have a true fit that doesn’t run big or small.

Crocs Kadee Work Ballet Flats

The Crocs Women’s Kadee Work Ballet Flats tend to run on the smaller side. They are more suitable for normal to narrow feet.

My sister in law is a nurse who wears the Kadee Work Flats on her feet all day at work, and she finds them to fit comfortably. She has quite petite feet and does not have a wide step.

Here’s a picture of her Kadee Work Flats, so you can see the shape and fit:

Ballet flat Crocs

She doesn’t have a problem with the fit, however a number of forum posts have mentioned they do run small.

Crocs Bistro Clog

Crocs Bistro Clogs tend to run slightly wide, which is ideal for those with wide feet. They are comfortable for a wider step and ideal for those working on their feet all day.

I personally find the Bistro Clogs to be slightly too roomy for my liking, which is why I always stick to wearing classic Crocs. I have tried on Bistro Clogs a number of times in shoe stores, and always find there is slight too much room around my toes.

I have normal feet, so they aren’t the best fit for me personally. I’ve also researched what others have to say about the fit of Bistro Clogs and many have come to the same conclusion as me.

The Bistro clogs are made for those working in hospitality, who need slip-resistant tread for kitchen floors as well as maximum comfort for long shifts on their feet.

Crocs ‘On the Clock’ Shoe

Crocs ‘On the Clock’ Shoe fits true to size, not running big or small. They are ideal for those with normal sized feet, but may be a little too roomy for those with narrow feet.

This style of Crocs are designed for those working on their feet all day. They are supremely comfortable and fit a regular sized foot. The fit is very secure as they are designed for safety.

The toes are closed so any hot liquids or dropped tools won’t slip through the classically designed air holes. This makes them a great choice for nurses and restaurant workers. They also feature a lock traction, anti-slip design on the outer soles for safety when walking on slippery surfaces.

Crocs Crocband Clog

Crocs Crocband Clogs fit true to size. They are ideal for those with normal sized feet, but may be a little tight for those with wide feet.

In my personal experience trying on the Crocband clogs in shoe stores I’ve found they aren’t as wide and roomy as the classic Crocs. For this reason I tend to stick to classic Crocs.

The Crocband style has a more sporty aesthetic for those who want a more fashionable look, making them a good choice for those who don’t like the goofy style of classic Crocs. Inspired by retro trainers, the Crocband Crocs have a cool looking band around the outer sole and are available in a range of fun colors.

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

Crocs Crocband Flip Flops run slightly small so it’s best to order a size up to the next largest whole size. This is due to the relaxed fit of the shoe.

Many customer reviews and forums online report these shoes offer a very comfortable fit, with raised bumps on the inside of the flip flop for traction when walking.

My partner owns the Crocband Flip Flops and he wears them all summer long. He finds the fit to be loose and comfortable, with enough slip resistance to make them safe to walk on slippery surfaces. The wide straps don’t rub against the feet and instead fit nicely.

Crocs Slipper

The Crocs slippers (Lined Clog/Fuzzy Slippers) fit true to size like the Classic Clogs. The only difference in fit is the warm fuzzy lining.

These Crocs slipper offer a comfortable roomy fit. If you want to wear them with thick socks in the winter then I recommend sizing up in order to accommodate the socks.

The lining is thick and cosy but it doesn’t change the fit of the shoe too much when compared to the classic Croc. I would suggest purchasing the same size that you wear for the classic Crocs.

Crocs Classic Slide Sandals

The Crocs Classic Slide Sandals run slightly big, so it is recommended to size down unless you have wide feet.

The Crocs Slide Sandals have a wide foot bed, offering a roomy fit which is great for those with wide feet. I personally find them to be a little big (I have ‘normal’ feet that aren’t narrow or wide), and Crocs themselves recommend sizing down.

I don’t find the sides to be as cushioning as classic Crocs, but they are really comfortable for slide sandals in general.

Crocs Sizes Explained

When shopping for Crocs many of us end up feeling a little confused by the sizing. Here are some common sizing FAQs and answers, along with a handy sizing chart I created to help you choose the perfect size for you.

Do Crocs Run Big Crocs Size Guide

How To Choose Crocs Size

The easiest way to find your Crocs size is to use the following chart to convert your regular shoe size into Crocs sizing (for example if you are a US Men’s size 8 you will be an M8 in Crocs sizing):

The above chart is also super helpful for converting European and UK shoe sizing into Crocs sizes.

If you are a UK size 8 or a EUR size 41 you will be an M9 in Crocs sizing. Classic Crocs fit true to size, so using this chart will help you get the most accurate fit.

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If you find this chart helpful and would like to save it for later feel free to share it to Pinterest!

How Crocs Should Fit

Crocs should fit comfortably without rubbing your feet. There should be some wiggle room for your toes, with the surrounding shoe fitting snuggly to the feet. It’s also worth noting the shoe shouldn’t slide as you walk and your heel should rest comfortably.

Crocs come in three types of fit, which can be a little confusing to some. Here’s an explanation of each type of fit and how they should feel when worn:


The roomy fit is the most spacious and is best for wide feet. It’s an ideal fit for wearing around the house when you want to quickly slip on your pair of Crocs for casual wear. This fit is also great for breathability, with plenty of space for the toes to move around (source).


The relaxed fit is comfortable and won’t squeeze your feet, however it isn’t as spacious as the roomy fit. This fit is ideal for casual wear inside or outside of the house. (source)


The standard fit is designed to hug the feet, with a secure fit in mind. The standard fit is best for professionals working on their feet all day as it is the most secure and won’t slip when worn. Slip resistance is very important in professional settings, so the standard fit is designed with this in mind (source).

Best Crocs for Wide Feet?

The best Crocs for wide feet are the classic Crocs in the roomy fit, or the Bistro Clogs Crocs. The Bistro Clogs Crocs run slightly wider, so they are ideal for those with a wide step.

The classic Crocs in a roomy fit are extra spacious for those with wide feet and are great for breathability. If you prefer a closed shoe without air holes, then the Bistro Clogs are an excellent choice for a comfortable wide fit.

Why do Crocs have two sizes?

Crocs have two sizes listed because of male and female sizing. The ‘M’ sizing refers to Men’s sizing and the ‘F’ sizing refers to Women’s sizing.

Crocs offer many styles that are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing, and they use a sizing code to differentiate between the two. This can seem a little confusing at first, but once you convert your size using a Crocs sizing chart it’s actually very simple to work out.

Check out the above sizing chart featured in this article if you need some help figuring out your Crocs size.


Do Crocs Stretch?

Crocs do stretch with time, as they are made with rubber, a naturally stretchy material. It takes about 4-6 weeks of daily wear for Crocs to begin to stretch and mold to your feet.

Breaking in Crocs is relatively easy thanks to the stretchy rubber material. Wearing your Crocs daily for four to six weeks is enough time for your Crocs to properly break in. Once they have stretched a little and molded to your feet they will be even more comfortable.

In my personal experience after this initial stretching period my classic Crocs have become more breathable and comfy to wear for extended periods of time. It should also be said that the break in period itself is painless as Crocs are cushioned and comfortable straight out of the box. You really can’t beat these stretchy shoes.

How To Stretch Crocs?

If you want to speed up the break in period the best way to stretch Crocs is to use a shoe stretcher overnight. Leave the shoe stretcher in your Crocs for around 12 hours (no longer than 24 hours) and they should stretch to a comfortable degree.

Another easy way to stretch Crocs to to gently warm them with a hairdryer on a low setting. Make sure you wear the Crocs whilst you do this so they will stretch to fit your foot shape.

here’s how to stretch out Crocs with a hairdryer:

  • Start by gently heating one section of the crocs at a time for no more than 20 seconds. Use your discretion with this, and take your time.
  • Allow the crocs to cool whilst they are still on your feet and you should feel some difference when wearing them afterwards.

Do Crocs Run Big For Toddlers?

Crocs do run slightly big for toddlers, allowing wiggle room for growing toes. If you are in doubt and want a secure fit for your child’s feet consider sizing down.

Crocs are an ideal shoe for kids and toddlers thanks to the comfort, breathability and excellent traction they provide. Making sure you choose the correct size for your little ones is really important so it’s best to measure their feet and use a sizing guide to help inform your purchase.

Are Crocs True To Size?

The Classic Crocs Clogs run true to size, with a comfortable fit that hugs the foot without squeezing the toes. The heel strap runs true to size also, fitting snuggly around the back of the heel without rubbing.

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Do Crocs Run Big

A Note

Thank you for reading this guide to ‘Do Crocs Run Big or Small?’ – I hope you now feel confident to purchase a pair of comfy Crocs knowing what to expect from each style sizing wise.

Don’t forget to use the handy Crocs sizing guide above to see how your size translates into Crocs sizing. It’s always best to double check your sizing to prevent the hassle of returns.

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