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How to Wear a Crop Top in Your 30s – Classy Guide

Women often ask ‘how to wear a crop top in your 30s’ when shopping for on-trend outfits. All that skin on show can make us feel a little uncomfortable, but we love the look of the stylish crop top silhouettes and want to enjoy that style. It’s tricky right?

There is nothing worse than feeling like an overgrown version of our teenage self and worrying whether we really do look ‘cool’ or if the outfit has missed the mark completely. So, to help banish those worries, here is a guide to wearing crop tops in your 30s in a super stylish way that doesn’t leave us feeling self-conscious and overly exposed.

how to wear a crop top in your 30s

1. Wear a crop top in your 30s with high waisted denim

crop top with high waisted denim How to Wear a Crop Top in Your 30s

High waisted denim is your best friend when looking for something to pair with a crop top in your 30s.

It’s super on-trend, it’s very flattering on all body types and it keeps your tummy covered, allowing you to wear a crop top without loads of your skin peaking through.

When choosing a crop top to pair with high waisted denim go for something that meets the waistline of the denim, to create a seamless and stylish silhouette.

In the above image I paired a red floral crop top with a high waisted denim skirt and a pair of high waisted mom jeans, to show how the high waisted rule applies to both skirts and jeans. Finish your outfits with a chunky belt for an effortlessly fashionable look.

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2. Choose a cropped sweater over a revealing crop top for a trendy silhouette

mom jeans with cropped sweaters How to Wear a Crop Top in Your 30s
Source: My own image/Unsplash

If a traditional revealing crop top doesn’t feel right for you why not try a cropped sweater?

Sweaters have much more fabric and are more conservative, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. Cropped sweaters are super trendy right now, and look amazing with high waisted skirts or jeans.

Wearing a cropped sweater in your 30s is a great way to look stylish, but to feel comfortable and put-together without your whole midriff on display. Choose a bright, fun sweater for a pop of colour.

In the above image on the left I paired a red cropped sweater with my mom jeans for an in-style outfit that’s comfy and casual (and only the tiniest bit of belly poking through!).

3. Style neutral toned crop tops over flashy prints for a sophisticated look

How to Wear a Crop Top in Your 30s
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[Renato Abati] via

Neutral colours always look more elegant and make fabrics appear more expensive. The same rule applies to crop tops – bright flashy prints or colours will end up looking a little cheap, whereas camel, stone, cream or grey will look instantly more sophisticated.

Pair a neutral toned crop top with other clothing items from a similar colour palette to elevate your outfit and look more polished.

In the above image there are two different styles of crop tops in different brown tones, styled with other garments of similar colours. In the image on the right the model is wearing a gorgeous beige ribbed ribbed crop top with a sleek tan leather jacket. She looks sophisticated, but still very much on trend.

This is a great rule for women in their 30s to follow to look fashionable but classy at the same time – which can be quite a difficult balance to achieve when it comes to crop tops!

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4. Wear a crop top co-ord set for a more polished summer look

Sources: ©[Ethan Jones, Voyagerix] via

A crop top co-ord set is an easy way to look stylish and elegant when rocking this trend in your 30s, without having to put in any real effort.

Co-ords look great in summer and are perfect for a range of activities:

In the above image the model on the right is wearing a gorgeous all white crop top co-ord that covers most of her midriff but leaves just a small amount poking through. A more tailored co-ord like this looks expensive and would be stunning with a pair of heels. A darker version of this outfit would be perfect for evening wear, for a nice date or drinks with the girls.

On the left the model is wearing a more boho style co-ord, which is great for the beach, vacations and festival outfits. It’s see-through in places but is of a neutral tone, which would be a great option for more conservative beach wear for women in their 30s who might want to cover up a bit more.

5. Pair a crop top with baggy jeans for an on-trend outfit

crop top and baggy jeans

Following the recent controversy surrounding skinny jeans, the younger generation have decided that this cut of jean is definite ‘out’ (read my take on this here).

This is a shame for us millennials who enjoy this style of jean, but when something is deemed ‘uncool’ in the fashion world don’t expect to see it on the shelves again any time soon.

So if skinny jeans are out, what’s in? The answer is baggy jeans!

This super trendy cut of jean is everywhere and looks great with crop tops for an ultra fashionable look.

In the above image I paired my blue wash baggy jeans with a black long sleeved crop top, that leaves just the smallest amount of my midriff exposed. I finished the outfit with sleek ankle boots and a tweed style monochrome handbag, for a very ‘current’ outfit style. Try styling your crop tops with a pair of baggy jeans – they’re super comfy!

6. Wear a crop top in your 30s with a long skirt for a stylish boho look

crop tops and long skirts
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[Scopio] via

A classic pairing for crop tops in summer is a long maxi style skirt. This style of skirt looks fantastic on women in their 30s, as it’s so timeless and feminine.

A high waisted long skirt accentuates curves and elongates the lower body, for a beautiful silhouette. When paired with a crop top the outfit is elevated into the ‘trendy’ off-duty style often worn by celebrities.

A crop top and a maxi skirt are a match made in heaven for those long, hot summer days. Keep yourself cool by choosing a skirt of a light breezy fabric, that sits high on the waist. Pair with a light coloured crop top for a fashionable finish that beats the heat and looks effortlessly put-together.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘How to Wear a Crop Top in Your 30s’ guide – I hope you feel inspired to style your crop tops with confidence!

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