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How to Wear Mini Skirts in Your 30s – Classy Style Tips

Many women wonder ‘how to wear mini skirts in your 30s’ to look trendy and put-together without feeling exposed.

Our fashion requirements change slightly in our 30s when compared to our 20s – we are busy building strong careers or even venturing into the realms of parenting, and we just don’t have as much time or energy to give to our outfits as we once did. We want easy, fashionable outfits that we can put together quickly and feel GREAT in.

Often when we think about mini skirts we feel a tad uncomfortable. All that leg on show, along with a lifetime of being told our bodies aren’t ‘good enough’ is a tricky combination to navigate. But times have changed. Following the body positive movement of recent years many women are reclaiming their image and wearing what they want to, rather than what they feel they ‘should’. Mini skirts are an iconic part of fashion history, and we should be able to enjoy them into our 30s and beyond.

I decided to put together this guide to show how wearing mini skirts in your 30s is a great fashion choice, and when done right looks classy, stylish and effortless.

How to wear mini skirts in your 30s

Let’s start with an outfit that suits everyone…

How to wear a mini skirt in your 30s

The best way to wear a mini skirt in your 30s is with a pair of classy sheer tights, a pair of sleek heeled ankle boots and a form fitting turtleneck for a chic, on-trend style.

Here are 5 more ways to style a mini skirt in your 30s, including pictures for inspiration…

1. Wear a mini skirt in your 30s with black tights and a black top for a slimming effect

mini skirt with black clothing

A super easy way to rock a mini skirt in your 30s is by pairing it with all black clothing. Sleek black tights and black heeled booties elongate the legs and add a touch of sexy sophistication to the outfits. When paired with a black top or a black turtleneck the outfit is finished in a really cohesive way, that’s so flattering.

In the above image I paired a fun red denim mini skirt with a black top, tights and ankle boots, and I finished the outfit with a red handbag to tie the colours together.

This look was so easy to put together, and I felt great in it! Wearing black with a mini skirt is such a simple go-to if you’re feeling a little body conscious.

2. Wear neutral toned A-line mini skirts with a white blouse for a classy look

neutral toned mini skirts with white blouses
Source: Unsplash

A-line mini skirts are both timeless and beautiful. They look great on women in their 30s for a super classy, yet flirty style.

Neutral toned A-line mini skirts look particularly chic, as the colours are so expensive looking. When paired with a crisp white blouse, like in the above image on the left, the skirt is elevated even further and looks effortlessly tailored.

A tweed style A-line mini skirt also looks very expensive and elegant, as shown in the above image on the right. Pairing these skirts with white on top finishes them with easy class. Keep accessories to a minimum and pair with cute boots for a trendy look.

3. Wear mini skirts in your 30s with cute, bright sweaters for a trendy pop of colour

Mini skirts with sweaters

A fun way to style a mini skirt in your 30s is with a closely fitted sweater tucked in. Choose a mini skirt with a high waist for a flattering silhouette and pair with a brightly coloured sweater for a super cute look.

I love this style of outfit and I feel so comfortable in it. Sweaters are a classic go-to in autumn and they look so sweet when paired with denim high waisted mini skirts.

In the above image I paired a bright mustard sweater and a bright red cropped sweater with two mini skirts to show how fun these outfits can look. They are super simple, comfortable and appropriate for a range of weekend activities. Finish with a chunky belt and tights in autumn for a cosy outfit.

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4. Keep it chic in autumn by wearing a fall toned button down mini skirt

button down mini skirts in autumn
Sources: ©[a-wrangler] via Unsplash

Styling a mini skirt in your 30s in autumn couldn’t be easier.

First, here are my go-to rules when shopping for a fall mini skirt:

  • Go for a button down mini skirt style in autumn for an on-trend look
  • Choose fall toned colours
  • Pick an A-line cut over other styles

Pair a button down, fall toned A-line skirt with tights and boots in autumn for a gorgeous fall look. This style is so flattering on women in their 30s as it’s relaxed and casual, whilst look put-together and classy. This style of skirt is a winning choice for all body types as it smooths over lumps and bumps and accentuates curves by cinching the waist.

In the above image both skirts are A-line style, in dark tones and have a button down front, which looks super cute. The skirt on the right is a leather effect skirt, which is so trendy for the fall and winter months.

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5. Wear a classic blue wash denim mini skirt with a bell-sleeved top for a retro flare

blue denim mini skirt with floral top

A trendy way to style a mini skirt in your 30s is with flattering floral tops that finish with bell sleeves, for a cool retro style. This style is currently on-trend and looks great in both summer and autumn.

The classic blue wash denim skirt already has a retro feel to it, that reminds me so much of the ’70s fashion style. Carrying that feeling through into the top part of the outfit with a vintage style top makes for an effortlessly cool look.

In the above image I paired my denim mini skirt with a red floral top with subtle bell sleeves and a chunky belt. I love this outfit as it’s so easy to put together and looks so fashionable without me having to give it much thought. Have fun with mini skirts by styling them in retro inspired ways!

A note

Thank you for reading this guide on ‘How to Wear Mini Skirts in Your 30s’ – I hope you feel confident and inspired to style your mini skirts and have fun creating easy outfits!

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