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How to Wear Skirts With Tights – 10 Ways

In the winter months many of us often wonder how to wear skirts with tights in a stylish way, when assessing our seasonal wardrobe. It can be tricky to get this combination right, if you are unsure what pairs well. Luckily, there are a few easy fashion guidelines to follow to make sure you look put-together and effortlessly chic, every time!

How to wear skirts with tights

The best way to wear skirts with tights is to match the colours of the garments together, by picking them from the same or a complimentary colour palette. Once you’ve paired your skirt with appropriate tights, match the colour of your tights to your boots to complete the outfit in a seamless way.

Sounds easy right? Not quite. In reality it can be a little tricky, especially when you take styles of skirts into consideration.

To help here is a skirt and tights outfit guide, covering different types of skirts with 10 pictures for reference…

How to wear skirts with tights

How to wear short skirts with tights

When pairing short skirts with tights choose tights from a complimentary colour palette for best results. For example, avoid pairing a white and yellow floral patterned short skirt with black tights. Instead choose short autumn/winter style skirts over short summer skirts, when pairing with tights.

White tweed black skater skirt

In the above pictured I styled a short black skater skirt with black tights to match. I kept the rest of the outfit in the monochrome palette, for a sopisticated yet girly look.

In the below pictured I paired my short red denim skirt with black tights, a red cropped jumper and a red bag. To tie the outfit together, I added a black belt and boots, to compliment all of the red.

Red top red skirt

As black and red compliment each other I kept the outfit simple by sticking to these two colours when choosing all of the pieces.

Both short skirts can be worn throughout the seasons, as they can be worn with bare legs without looking odd and they can also go well with tights. When buying short skirts a good rule of thumb is to picture how you would style them throughout the year, so you can get the most use out of your purchase – I love to make my wardrobe stretch!

Can you wear tights with a midi skirt?

You can wear tights with a midi skirt in the colder months whilst maintaining a sophisticated style. Tights look great with a midi skirt when the colour palette of the two garments compliment one another. This pairing is a great choice for the office.

tights with midi skirts

In the above picture I styled three midi skirts with tights to demonstrate how great this style of skirt can look when warmed up with tights.

Each of the skirts will pair well with black tights, as they all feature an element of black in their patterns. This is an easy rule to follow when shopping for midi skirts to pair with tights, as a pattern that incorporates black will always transition well between the seasons.

I paired the skirt in the centre with sheer nude coloured tights, to show how a skirt with both black and nude in the pattern works well with both colours of tights, for even more options.

Whilst a midi skirt and tights is a fantastic pairing for more formal settings, such as the office or an event, you can tone it down for the weekends really easily, as styled below…

tights and floral skirt

You can pair a midi skirt with tights in a more casual way by keeping the top half of the outfit relaxed. Adding a graphic tee or a cropped jumper works well for a more casual twist on this pairing, as pictured above.

How to wear a denim skirt with tights

The best way to wear a denim skirt with tights is to choose a skirt with a darker wash, such as an indigo wash. Pairing the darker wash of denim to black tights is much easier than with light or stone wash denim.

Denim skirts are super versatile and often feature as a staple piece in many of our wardrobes. In the winter months it’s easy to warm them up with tights and sweaters, for casual day time outfits. Sticking to a wash of denim that compliments black tights is a great rule of thumb when picking a denim skirt for your collection, as it will transition best between the seasons.

tights with denim skirts

In the above picture I styled three outfits incorporating denim skirts and tights, to show how trendy this pairing can be in the colder months. In the centre image I styled a red denim skirt, to show that you don’t have to stick to a traditional wash if you don’t want to in the winter, as long as the colour compliments black it will be easy to pair with your tights.

Your tights can feature as a great colour base for your outfit that you can build upon to create stylish looks. Pair your denim skirt with black accessories, such as a chunky belt, to tie in the shade of the tights as an easy way to look more put-together.

Keep your shoes the same colour as the tights for a streamlined finish. Ankle boots go particularly well with this pairing for a casual and cute look.

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How to wear tights with professional skirts?

When wearing tights with professional skirts keep the style of tights sleek and professional looking. Avoid woollen, fishnet or overly patterned tights and match the colour of your tights to the palette of your skirt.

Sheer black tights are a great option for black and grey professional skirts. If your skirt is brown, avoid black tights and instead opt for a complimentary sheer nude colour in the shade of your skin tone.

Red cropped jumper black pencil skirt

In the above picture I styled a black pencil skirt with black tights to illustrate how sophisticated tights can look with a professional style skirt. Finish the look with black heels and a smart top and you’re ready for the office!

How to wear a black skirt with tights?

A black skirt is really versatile and can be worn with all styles of tights. Casual black skirts go well with woollen, fishnet, patterned and sleek sheer tights. Professional black skirts look best with sheer black or nude tights, for a sophisticated look.

Black skirts look great with tights, as black features as an excellent shade base for an outfit.


What shoes go with skirts and tights?

Ankle boots go best with skirts and tights in a casual setting and heels go best with skirts and tights in a business setting. Avoid trainers with skirts and tights and always match the shoes to the colour of the tights for a seamless style.

How to wear black tights with skirts?

Black tights pair best with skirts of the same colour or from a complimentary colour palette. Matching patterned skirts to black tights is easy if the pattern incorporates black. This is a great rule to keep in mind when shopping for skirts that transition through the seasons.

A note

Thank you for reading this skirts and tights guide – I hope you now feel confident to pair together these items and rock your winter outfits!

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