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How to Wear Mom Jeans in Your 30s – 8 Ways

Many women wonder ‘how to wear mom jeans in your 30s’ when shopping for this trendy cut of jean. We want to feel stylish and on-trend, without having to worry what to wear each morning when facing our wardrobes.

Many of us have slightly different requirements for fashion in our 30s than in our 20s. We’re busy going from strength to strength in our careers, or maybe taking on the challenges of parenting. We simply don’t have the time to spend stressing over our outfits. What we do want is quick outfits that make us feel comfortable, are practical and we feel great in.

Enter the mom jean! Throw out those painfully tight skinny jeans and go for something more on-trend, that’s honestly a much better fit for women’s bodies.

Mom jeans look amazing on all body types and have been in fashion for years. Paired with a cute top and some heeled booties this cut of jean is the perfect blend of fashionable, casual and stylish – perfect right?

Here are 8 easy ways to style mom jeans in your 30s, to look classy yet effortlessly put-together…

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How to wear mom jeans in your 30s

1. Style your mom jeans with a classy leather jacket

Mom jeans with a brown and black leather jacket
Source: My own image/ Unsplash

You can’t go wrong with the classically stylish pairing of mom jeans and a nice leather jacket. These two fashion pieces are both timeless and together they are a match made in heaven.

Whether you would like to pair your mom jeans with a black leather jacket or a brown leather jacket both styles look great. Leather jackets pair exceptionally well with classic blue wash denim mom jeans, but they also look awesome with darker washes, such as indigo or plain black.

In the above image on the left I styled my blue mom jeans with a black leather jacket, black heeled boots and a black chunky belt to match. I finished the outfit with a neutral toned jumper for a super easy look. If you would like a warmer version of this outfit go for brown ankle boots and a brown leather jacket and finish with a belt to match.

This super quick style is one of my go-to looks in autumn. I love rocking my mom jeans every chance I get, so styling them effortlessly through the seasons is super important to me!

2. Pair with a turtleneck and tweed jacket for an ultra sophisticated look

mom jeans with turtlenecks and tweed jackets

I find tweed jackets to be one of the most classy looking fashion pieces on any woman. Known for their timeless, elegant style, tweed jackets give off that special Chanel chic vibe, making them a wonderful choice for sophisticated women in their 30s.

Pairing a tweed style jacket with mom jeans creates such a lovely juxtaposition between casual denim and tailored style.

In the above image I styled my mom jeans with two different tweed jackets to show how great this outfit pairing looks. Wearing a turtleneck underneath is the perfect way to tie the outfit together for a classy/casual vibe. This outfit would also look great with a plain white tee if you don’t own a turtleneck.

Gorgeous! If you would like to shop tweed style jackets I bought mine on Amazon a few years ago for a really affordable price (I love a good deal!). Here’s a similar one, that’s just as pretty:

Verdusa Women’s Open Front Pearls Beaded Plaid Tweed Jacket

3. Wear with a cropped sweater for a trendy, yet conservative silhouette

mom jeans with cropped sweaters
Source: My own image/ Unsplash

Wearing mom jeans with a crop top is super on-trend right now. Here’s the thing though… I don’t know about you but I don’t feel very comfortable in crop tops.

All that skin on show makes me feel too exposed, and I end up wondering whether I look trendy or if I’ve totally missed the mark.

But what if you love this trendy silhouette and want to give it a go? Try a cropped sweater! Sweaters have much more material than cropped tops or t-shirts and are super cute in autumn. Bright sweaters look great with mom jeans for a pop of colour, that really flatters the style of the jean.

Go for a sweater that is long enough to meet the waistband of your mom jeans, as pictured in the above image, so there isn’t loads of skin on show. I find this to be way more comfortable, especially when I sit down – I hate having a chilly strip of exposed back!

4. Pair your mom jeans in your 30s with heeled ankle boots to elongate the legs

mom jeans and ankle boots

Mom jeans and tall black ankle boots are made for each other. It’s that simple.

Elongating the silhouette of the jeans with a sleek pair of boots makes for a really cool finish, that’s feminine yet laid-back enough for running weekend errands. Keep the rest of the outfit black, for an off-duty celebrity style look.

In the above image I paired two styles of mom jeans (regular high waisted and balloon legged) with black ankle boots to show how this pairing works great with slightly different fits. This outfit is perfect for women in their 30s as it’s so stylish yet understated, and subtly sexy without flashing loads of skin – which is what we all want right?

Grab some similar (super affordable) booties here:

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky High Heel Ankle Booties

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5. Wear with sneakers and a casual plain white tee

white sneakers and jeans
Sources: ©[Alones, Ales_Utovko] via

Another classic casual mom jeans pairing is with a good quality plain white tee and simple white sneakers.

This outfit is a no-brainer, you can throw it on without any thought and it looks great every single time. Busy rushing to get the kids ready in the morning? Just grab a white tee and tuck it into your mom jeans for a comfy yet trendy look.

It works well for weekends after a long week of hustling too! Sometimes I wake up on a Saturday and just want to flop into the sofa, not giving a second glance to my wardrobe. I find myself gravitating towards this outfit pairing all the time on those days, especially in the summer.

Simple white sneakers go with everything, and look so cute with mom jeans. Just slip them on before you head out to grab your morning coffee!

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6. Layer a long lapel collar coat over your mom jeans outfit for chic finish

mom jeans with lapel collared coats
Sources: my own image/ ©[Javi_M_Bravo] via

In winter layer a chic long lapel collared coat over your mom jeans for a put-together finish.

A long coat looks so elegant, and pairs well with mom jeans and boots for a casual yet chic style. This is a great way to dress up your mom jeans a bit in the winter, when stepping out on the weekends.

In the above image on the left I paired my dusty pink coat with simple blue wash mom jeans and a printed bag, for a pop of detail. The outfit looks great and is such a pretty style for women in their 30s. It checks all of the boxes for me – easy, super cute and warm!

7. Wear mom jeans in your 30s with heels and a floral wrap top for a date night look

jeans with floral wrap top

‘How to wear mom jeans in your 30s’ for a date night couldn’t be easier. I find pairing my mom jeans with a cute feminine style top and heeled boots is a great match for an easy date night look, that makes me feel beautiful without having to flash too much skin.

In the above image I paired my mom jeans with a slightly sheer floral wrap top and a black cami underneath. Wrap tops are super flattering on all body types, as they create a subtle peplum effect which cinches the waist and smooths out any bumps.

Choose a top that is slightly cropped, that will sit closer to the waist of the jeans instead of falling to the hips for a more flattering silhouette!

For a dressier version of this outfit switch out the boots for a pair of heels.

If you like my boots shop a similar pair here:

DUNION Women’s Armony Fashion Daily Boot

8. Pair mom jeans in your 30s with a satin camisole top, a camel trench coat and a chunky belt

jeans with satin cami and chunky belt
Source: Unsplash

For a gorgeous day time look pair your mom jeans with a satin camisole and a chunky belt. This outfit is perfect for a lunch date or a shopping day with the girls, and is so classy and flattering. Top with a camel coloured trench coat for an on-trend look.

Choosing to pair your mom jeans with items of a natural colour palette is an easy way to look more expensive. Satiny fabrics make an outfit instantly more glamourous, and are stunning on all skin colours in soft earthy tones.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘How to Wear Mom Jeans in Your 30s’ guide – I hope you feel inspired to put together some outfits with your mom jeans and feel stylish!

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