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How to Style Mom Jeans in 2024 – 15 EASY Outfits

Mom jeans are a staple piece in most of our wardrobes after a resurgence in their popularity in recent years, but many are wondering how to style mom jeans in 2023 to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

This style of jean is an instantly recognisable classic from the ’80s and ’90s and is still going strong today. I have styled and photographed a whole selection of modern mom jeans outfits below, but here are some initial mom jeans outfit ideas to get you started.

how to style mom jeans in 2021

How to style mom jeans in 2024

  1. To elongate your silhouette wear a closely fitted top and add a pair of heeled boots to lengthen your legs and balance out the loosely fitted denim.
  2. To transition from day to night wear a fitted bodysuit under a cropped knitted jumper with your mom jeans, and remove the jumper in the evening.
  3. For the transitional seasons wear your mom jeans with a cropped jacket, that accentuates the high-waistline of your jeans.
  4. Pair your mom jeans with a simple white tee and sneakers for a casual day look.
  5. Style your mom jeans with a tucked in graphic tee and a chunky belt for an easy and quick outfit.

Here are 15 ways I have styled my various pairs of mom jeans to give you as much inspiration as possible when styling your own.

I’m a strong believer in working with what you already have in your wardrobe, so I have kept my outfits simple and in line with classic and new trends, so there is hopefully something for everyone’s different style tastes!

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1. How to style mom jeans with boots in 2024

how to style mom jeans with boots

To style mom jeans with boots it’s best to opt for a heeled boot that rises above the ankle, that the mom jeans won’t tuck into.

For a seamless look a boot that rises a little higher and fits snug under the jeans will work best, plus the heel adds height to the look, balancing out the loosely fitted denim.

I have opted for a black boot with a gold heel to demonstrate this, as I love how the heel adds a pop of metallic detail to the outfit. You can see the mom jeans don’t tuck into the boots, they just rest comfortably over them, maintaining their silhouette.

Low ankle boots might look a little odd with mom jeans, as the hem of the jeans may sit uncomfortably above the boot, leaving a strip of skin exposed. Likewise thigh high boots may be difficult to style with mom jeans, as they fit best over tight denim – that being said there are no rules in fashion, so if you like that look then go for it!

I also paired the mom jeans and boots with a sheer black floral wrap around top, over a black strappy top that I tucked into the jeans, as the sheer black fabric goes really nicely with the dark boots and the lighter washed mom jeans. To complete the outfit I picked out a black velvet and leather bag, with beaded floral embroidery detailing and a gold chain, to match the gold heeled boots.

This outfit combination would also work with acid wash mom jeans, indigo wash mom jeans and even distressed mom jeans.

You could also switch up the black boots for a pair of tan heeled boots, a tan bag and a lighter coloured top.

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2. Wear mom jeans with a graphic tee

mom jeans and a graphic tee

A graphic tee is a great option to pair with your mom jeans, for an effortless, casual look.

Wearing your mom jeans with a graphic tee is easy; I find it best to tuck the graphic tee into the mom jeans to accentuate the silhouette of the jeans and draw attention to your waist. Adding a belt adds a focal point to the look, drawing the eye into the waist and the design on the graphic tee above it.

The same principle goes for wearing your mom jeans with a plain white tee – it’s a super quick look that you can add simple accessories to. Just tuck your white tee into your jeans, add a belt to pull it all together and finish with sneakers or boots.

This pair of mom jeans are straight leg, high-waisted and loosely fitted around the crotch and bum area – although I have put on a tiny bit of weight recently (yummy, yummy pasta) so the jeans don’t fit as loosely as they should in this photo! The denim should bunch very slightly around the top of the legs, for reference when styling your own.

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3. Style mom jeans with a cropped jumper

how to style mom jeans in 2021

Styling your mom jeans with a cropped jumper is an easy way to achieve a trendy silhouette.

Leave your low-rise jeans behind and instead opt for a pair of super high-waisted mom jeans and a long sleeved cropped jumper for that 90s inspired look. 90s trends are everywhere in fashion right now, with cropped jumpers and cropped tops featuring as a staple piece in most people’s wardrobes.

The cropped jumper looks great with the loosely fitted mom jeans, as both pieces of clothing draw attention to the waist, creating a visual ‘hourglass’ effect.

I prefer cropped jumpers with a slightly longer fit, so they sit just above my waist and meet the waistband of my mom jeans. If too much skin pokes out I find myself tugging at the jumper throughout the day, to cover up any chilly spots! But if you live in a warmer climate, this could be a great way to transition your mom jeans from summer to fall, whilst still rocking the cool cropped trend.

I chose to pair my light wash mom jeans with a red cropped jumper with frilled hem details. I finished the look with a matching red bag with gold clips and a chunky belt with a gold buckle.

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How to style mom jeans

4. Pair mom jeans with a leather jacket

mom jeans, leather jacket
light wash mom jeans and a leather jacket

Pair your mom jeans with a leather jacket, for a super cool, laid-back look. Add boots that match the colour of your leather jacket to tie the outfit together.

A leather jacket is a classic option for styling your mom jeans, as it’s a timeless item of clothing that adds of pop of toughness and edge to any outfit. A cropped leather jacket would also work well with the high-waistline of mom jeans.

I opted for a black leather jacket and black boots, with a black belt to draw in the eye. With all of that black going on I wanted my top to be a lighter colour, but still neutral so not to detract from both the mom jeans and leather jacket. I went with a simple light-grey jumper with a high neck, but a cream or camel jumper would look great too.

This look would be a great option for winter and the colder months, as a way to style your mom jeans. You could even add an extra layer underneath the jumper, and tuck it into your mom jeans for warmth.

Excuse my karate moves in the first pic, I was trying to add some flare!

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5. Style mom jeans in 2024 with a cropped cardigan

how to style mom jeans in 2021

Style mom jeans with a cropped cardigan for a trendy look recently made popular by TikTok stars and Instagram influencers.

The current trend is to leave the top few and bottom few buttons unbuttoned on your closely-fitted cropped cardigan, to create a cut-in shape.

I decided to pair a pink cropped cardigan with pink mom jeans for a bright and youthful look, with quirky accessories to add fun to the outfit.

I added some pink converse in a different shade to my mom jeans and cropped cardigan, to add three different pinks to the outfit. To finish off the look I chose a leopard print pouch bag to add some printed flare, and a teddy bear purse for a cute pop of detail.

Colourful mom jeans are easy to style; pair them with more colours for an exciting look or with neutral tones for a more sophisticated look.

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6. How to style mom jeans with a cropped jacket

pink mom jeans, cropped jacket

Style mom jeans with a cropped jacket that sits at the waistline of your jeans, for a flattering silhouette.

Both the cropped jacket and the high-waistline of the jeans will draw the eye into the smallest part of your body, creating an ‘hourglass’ effect. A cropped jacket is a great pairing with mom jeans during the fall months, for a cute and cosy look.

I paired my pair of pink mom jeans with a bright yellow cropped leather jacket as a colourful spin on this classic mom jeans pairing. This outfit looks great in colours, neutral tones or in darker tones, depending on the wash of your mom jeans and colour of your jacket.

Switch up the yellow jacket for a black one, the mom jeans for a darker wash, and pair them with a white tee as I have above for an easy look – or another simple staple piece that doesn’t detract from the main focus of the outfit.

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7. How to style black mom jeans in 2024

black mom jeans and a bodysuit

Pair your black mom jeans with a bodysuit, for a sleek look perfect for a night out. Depending on your night out plans add some heels to dress the outfit up even further, or some black heeled boots for more casual drinks.

Mom jeans are so versatile they can be worn casually or dressed up with ease. I find that black high-waisted mom jeans with a closer fit work best for a day to night transition.

In the above picture I paired black mom jeans with a deep red bodysuit, with a subtle glittery sheen. Open toed heels would look great with this outfit for a nice bar or a restaurant, or heeled boots would work well for a more casual bar or pub.

In the below picture I paired black mom jeans with a mustard knitted sweater for a casual day-time look. I kept the black boots for a streamlined leg, and added a black and gold belt and chained bag.

If you wanted to transition from day to night with this outfit you could simply wear the bodysuit underneath the jumper, and switch out the boots for heels in the evening.

how to style black mom jeans

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8. Pair mom jeans with a tweed jacket

how to style mom jeans in 2021

Pair your mom jeans with a tweed jacket for a classy and elegant look. A tweed jacket adds an element of expensive sophistication, as it’s a style made popular by Chanel and other luxury brands.

You can dress up your light wash mom jeans with a boucle jacket and a simple white tee or turtleneck for a lovely day-time look, or you can pair this jacket with black mom jeans for a night-time outfit.

If you don’t fancy the steep price tag of luxury brands you can get super affordable boucle jackets or tweed style jackets online – mine was from Amazon!

Here’s a beautiful one from Amazon that looks very similar:

A chic piece, without the price tag!

9. How to style coloured mom jeans

how to style coloured mom jeans

Style coloured mom jeans with other brightly coloured garments, to create a fun and eccentric look. Alternatively pair colourful mom jeans with neutral items to keep the jeans as the focal point of the outfit.

I paired my pink coloured mom jeans with a rainbow jumper from lazy oaf, as I liked how the bright primary colours complimented the pastel, dusty-pink of the jeans. I added a teddy bear purse in the back pocket for a quirky detail.

I think this creates a really fun spin on styling mom jeans, as they are available in all colours – you don’t have to stick to a traditional denim wash.

Another way I would style these pink mom jeans is to tone them down with a grey coloured cropped jumper and simple gold jewellery, as I love the combination of grey and pink. Subtle gold jewellery would add dainty detail to this outfit, and create a touch of sophistication.

10. ’90s inspired mom jeans outfit

how to style 90s mom jeans

Creating a 90s inspired mom jeans outfit is simple: tuck a washed out graphic tee into a pair of baggy, balloon legged high-waisted mom jeans, and finish the look off with converse. Additionally you could add 90s inspired accessories, such as a choker or a scrunchie.

This look is casual and comfortable, and gives off a low-key 90s vibe.

This is also a great look for school…

How to style mom jeans for school

Wear a baggy pair of mom jeans with a casual graphic tee and sneakers, for a comfortable yet cool school outfit. This should be an appropriate style for school, however always check your dress code.

In the winter months add a cropped jacket or switch out the graphic tee for a long sleeved jumper. Add appropriate jewellery according to your school’s dress code.

how to style mom jeans for school

Pictured above is a great way to style mom jeans for school, and is age appropriate for both middle school and high school.

This is also a great look for university, according to the dress code of your campus.

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11. How to style baggy mom jeans in 2024

how to style baggy mom jeans in 2021

Style baggy mom jeans with a closely fitted top, to balance out the wide lower silhouette created by the jeans. Add heeled boots to elongate the legs and create an effortlessly chic look.

I styled my light wash baggy mom jeans with a tight long sleeved black crop top, black heeled boots and a monochrome plaid handbag. This particular pair of mom jeans were a great find from a small vintage store in my city, and have been a staple piece of my wardrobe for years.

Styling baggy mom jeans is easy when you understand the basics of balancing your silhouette. The dark, closely fitted top is cropped at the waist, which creates an ‘hourglass’ outline along with the cut of the ultra high-waisted mom jeans.

Adding height to the outfit with heeled boots balances out the baggy mom jeans, which can sometimes create the illusion of a shorter lower body when paired with flat shoes.

Keeping the outfit simple, I decided to add a monochrome plaid bag to match the dark elements of the garments. Overall the other pieces aren’t attention catching, which allows the baggy light coloured jeans to be the focal point of the outfit.

12. How to style mom jeans in winter

how to style mom jeans in winter

Style mom jeans in winter with a long coat, heeled boots and a closely fitted, tucked-in long sleeved top or jumper. Add a printed bag for a pop of detail.

Styling mom jeans in winter is easy, when you apply the principles of balancing out your silhouette. A long, lapel collared coat with a simple straight cut is very flattering when paired with mom jeans and healed boots, as pictured above. A trench coat, belted at the waist also works well for a flattering outline, whilst keeping you warm.

Alternatively, a warm cropped jacket would pair really well with high-waisted mom jeans, if you wanted to create an ‘hourglass’ silhouette. A fleece-lined cropped jacket, or a cropped puffer jacket would look great too.

Underneath your coat it’s best to wear a warm long sleeved top or knitted sweater that you can tuck into your mom jeans, to accentuate the high-waisted cut of the jeans. Add a belt to draw the eye to your waist.

Layering without adding bulk is essential when trying to maintain the flattering silhouette of the jeans, so keep this in mind when selecting the fabrics for your top half. A chunky knitted sweater is fine, if it’s slightly cropped to rest at the waistline of your jeans.

Then again there are no rules – wear what you like, you don’t need to create the traditionally ‘flattering’ silhouette if you don’t want to. An oversized sweater would look just cute over your mom jeans, if that’s what you have available in your wardrobe!

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13. How to style mom jeans in 2024 with a cropped top

mom jeans and a red crop top

Style mom jeans in 2024 with a cropped top that meets the high waistband of the jeans. Add a belt to draw further attention eye to the waist, to create a flattering outline.

I chose to pair my mom jeans with a floral cropped top, with slightly cropped bell sleeves and a frilled wide neck line, with tassel ties. I love this crop top as it cinches at the waist with a frilly elasticated band, which creates a flowy, yet flattering cut.

I wanted to pair my light wash mom jeans with a more detailed crop top, to create a ’70s vibe, and to show how mom jeans can be styled as a complimenting piece, instead of as the focus point of an outfit.

Alternatively, style mom jeans with a simple crop top to create a laid-back, casual summer look.

14. Wear mom jeans with a turtleneck

how to style mom jeans in 2021

An easy way to style mom jeans is with a close-fitting turtleneck that tucks into the high waistband of the jeans. This is a great look for fall and winter, as the turtleneck will keep you warm without compromising the silhouette of the jeans.

I paired a ribbed white turtleneck with my mom jeans, and completed the outfit with a black and white boucle jacket with pearled detailing, and a crocodile printed red bag. It sounds like a lot going on, but actually the look turned out to be quite casual.

You could style a pair of plain washed mom jeans with just about any coloured turtleneck you can think of, with either simple white sneakers or a pair of heeled boots. I always find turtlenecks to look effortlessly classy and they feature as staple pieces in my wardrobe – Steve Jobs style!

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15. How to wear mom jeans in 2024 with sneakers or Converse

how to style baggy mom jeans

Style mom jeans in 2024 with sneakers or converse, for a casual and comfortable look that is effortlessly trendy. Add a cropped cardigan or a cropped top to balance out the loose fitting denim and draw attention to your waist.

I paired my baggy vintage mom jeans with a cropped pastel rainbow cardigan and sunflower yellow, high top Converse, for a colourful, yet wearable look. I love this outfit as it has a ’90s fashion skater style, yet is super brightly coloured.

Mom jeans with Converse and a cardigan is another great way to style mom jeans for school, although you may want to check your school’s dress code when it comes to cropped cardigans. A slightly longer cardigan tucked into mom jeans may be a better option!

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What shoes to wear with mom jeans?

Mom jeans look best with heeled boots for a seamless look or with sneakers for a casual and comfortable look. Mom jeans are versatile and pair well with a range of shoes.

Have a look in your wardrobe or shoe cupboard (wherever you keep your shoes!) and play around pairing what you already own with your mom jeans.

How do you style mom jeans for a night out?

Style mom jeans for a night out with a closely fitted bodysuit, for a seamless and sexy silhouette. Add a pair of heels to elongate the leg and accessorise with jewellery, a clutch bag and a red lip.

What boots should I wear with mom jeans?

The best boots to wear with mom jeans are a simple pair of black or tan heeled boots, that fit closely to the leg and rise above the ankle. Heeled boots will elongate the leg and balance out the loosely fitted denim.

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