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When Did Skinny Jeans Go Out of Style? – Style Report

Following the recent rumblings in the denim fashion world, many of us millennials are asking ‘when did skinny jeans go out of style’? Is this cut of jean officially ‘uncool’, and should we broaden our denim horizons and try new styles of jeans?

The answer is yes. The skinny jean is over.

Skinny jeans went out of style in early 2021, following a TikTok trend where Gen Z content creators criticised millennial fashion, urging the older generation to leave behind their side hair partings and beloved skinny jeans.

A fashion media frenzy followed citing the TikTok trend and announcing the end of skinny jeans as a stylish cut. Many millennials retaliated on the social media sharing platform, posting short videos in defence of skinny jeans, which only fuelled the comedy content created by Gen Z.

Whether you love skinny jeans or hate them, once the fashion world decides a style is ‘out’ don’t expect to see it on shelves again anytime soon. But never fear, fashion is a cyclical beast, and styles always come back, so expect a resurgence of the skinny jeans trend in ten or twenty years from now.

Silhouettes are changing. We are moving away from the super sleek, skinny fit of clothing, to favouring more relaxed, baggy styles that flatter curves and shape. The death of the skinny jean is just the latest testament to the changing landscape of fashion, and the idolisation of one particular female body type.

What to wear instead of skinny jeans?

By now many of us millennials are wondering, what cut of jeans we should try out next? Enter the ‘mom jean’ a flattering yet super cool cut of jean that has been popular since the ’80s.

Check out my guide on how to style (and where to buy) mom jeans below:

How to style mom jeans

Mom jeans are an incredibly versatile style of jean that has remained popular for decades. Not only are mom jean cooler than skinny jeans, they’re also a safe bet when shopping for denim. Invest in a few good pairs in staple colours, like black, light wash and indigo wash and mix them into your wardrobe.

The high waist makes them comfortable and flattering, and they go with everything. They sit slightly looser around the bum and thighs making them more roomy than skinny jeans. I always feel more movement in mine, and can curl up on the sofa or cross my legs on my desk chair without feeling constricted.

Can you wear skinny jeans in 2021?

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your skinny jeans in 2021, then you can absolutely still wear them. Fashion ‘rules’ are subjective, and despite the recent media frenzy declaring skinny jeans as ‘out’ that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your favourite pair.

Skinny jeans can be very flattering, especially sleek high-waisted pairs. I will definitely still be wearing mine (along with other cuts of denim), knowing full well that the trend will come back around again soon. If that makes me unfashionable… who cares?

If skinny jeans are out what is in?

It’s time to try something new and have fun styling a new cut of jean into our wardrobes. Instead of skinny jeans, styles such as high waisted mom jeans, straight leg jeans and baggy cut jeans are in.

Leave the suffocating denim behind (if you want to that is) and opt for a more comfortable and flattering fit, such as mom jeans.

Style your new denim with oversized sweaters, chunky boots, crop tops and colourful eye makeup for a trendy look. Alternatively for a more classy and feminine look pair high waisted denim with a cream jumper or turtleneck and a chunky belt. Add dainty gold jewellery for a fashionable finish.

Check out my style guide for millennials here.

Are skinny jeans still in style for guys?

Following Gen Z’s declaration in early 2021 that skinny jeans are ‘out’ this means the rule applies for guys too. Men’s millennial fashion was just as heavily criticised as women’s by the younger generation on the popular social media sharing platform TikTok.

It’s time to switch out your skinny jeans for a flattering pair of straight leg, or if you’re feeling particularly fashionable, a baggy cut. Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you prefer something more comfortable?

If you really want to keep wearing your skinny jeans and enjoy the style then by all means keep rocking it. Fashion rules are arbitrary, who says what you can and can’t do? Enjoy what ever fashion styles make you happy, and never fear the trend is bound to come back around again soon.

A note

I hope you enjoyed this ‘When Did Skinny Jeans Go Out of Style?’ style guide and you now feel clued up on the latest changes in denim fashion!

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