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10 SUMMER Work From Home Outfits – Style Guide

It can be tricky to put together summer work from home outfits that remain professional enough for the season’s zoom meetings whilst being comfy to wear at our desks. To help with this common query, I have put together a summer work outfits guide, to provide easy style inspiration and my top clothing picks!

Feeling stylish and put-together correlates with productivity and signals to our brain that we are ready for a mental shift into ‘work mode’. Leave your pyjamas under your pillow and instead create an easy working from home wardrobe full of comfy yet polished outfits, just in case you need to jump on an unexpected zoom call…

Top tip: When on zoom calls you want to be perceived as you are when in the office, so make sure your wardrobe is consistent with your in-office style. Remain professional and consistent with your top half, and keep the comfy clothing to your lower body, that won’t be seen via camera.

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summer work from home outfits

1. Pair a simple cotton t-shirt and a lightweight blazer

blazer and cotton t-shirt SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Designecologist, Anna Schvets] via

Wearing a lightweight blazer over a simple cotton t-shirt is a great way to look put together whilst staying comfortable and cool when working from home in summer. If you like, keep the blazer over the back of your chair or hanging on your office door so you can relax in just the t-shirt when not on camera.

Quickly slip on your blazer before any zoom meetings and you are good to go! Choosing a lightweight tailored blazer in light colours is an easy way to rock a summery professional look – leave the black and dark blazers for the winter and have fun with colour.

This blazer from Amazon is a perfect example of a versatile summer blazer, and is available in a range of colours to fit into any wardrobe:

The pink, teal and cream versions are also stunning, and at a good price too.

2. A flowy jersey dress for cool comfort

jersey dresses SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Godisable Jacob, Jannet Corgi] via

Jersey dresses are a summer staple in my opinion, as the soft t-shirt material is so comfortable. A flowy jersey dress is an easy way to stay cool, but also feel like you have put in an effort for the working day.

Choose a jersey dress with a conservative neckline, and pair with simple jewellery when attending video call meetings.

3. Wear a smart loungewear Co-Ord

loungewear coords summer work from home outfits
Sources: ©[Thirdman] via

If you aren’t going to be on camera loungewear is an awesome choice for your home office outfits. Stay comfortable but also feel put-together with a smart loungewear co-ord set.

More dressed up than an old t-shirt and joggers, but less formal than your jeans, a loungewear set fills the gap nicely between the two. Treat yourself to some super comfy loungewear that you won’t feel embarrassed opening the door to your post man in!

Top tip: keep a tailored jacket or a lightweight blazer to hand in your home office to slip over your loungewear top in case of a last minute zoom meeting!

This set from PRETTYGARDEN is perfect for feeling put-together but super comfy whilst at home:

There are loads of colour options to pick from too!

4. Match soft cropped jeans with a chic cream blouse for zoom meetings

cream blouse and jeans summer work from home outfits
Sources: ©[Mentatdgt, Zhu Peng] via

A classic choice for a working from home outfit is a jeans and white blouse combo. Choose super soft denim over still jeans and pair with a cotton or linen blouse with a tailored finish, as pictured above.

You’ll feel presentable for zoom meetings, but also casual and comfortable on your lower half. Choosing a cotton or linen shirt will help keep you cool in the summer, and they look great too!

5. High-waisted linen shorts and a sleeveless blouse

High-waisted linen shorts are a wonderful option if it’s just too hot for jeans in the summer. They look expensive and well tailored, whilst keeping you cool and comfortable at your desk. Pair with a sleeveless blouse to create a chic outfit perfect for video calls.

This pair from Amazon is a super comfortable option, at a great price (the cream and black options look beautiful too):

Amazon Essentials Women’s 5″ Drawstring Linen Short

Khaki shorts go with everything… pair them with t-shirts, camis and blouses for an easy summer look minus the decision fatigue!

6. Breezy culottes and a tailored white tee

culottes summer work from home outfits
Source: Unsplash

More conservative than shorts but less restrictive than jeans culottes are summer favourite trouser for a reason! Light, breezy and beautiful culottes cut an elegant silhouette without compromising comfort.

Choose a pair that will match with everything in your wardrobe and fun fun pairing them with smart blouses or casual tailored t-shirts for quick business casual outfits.

I love wearing culottes at my desk as I like to stretch my legs and sometimes sit on my feet when spinning on my desk chair! Culottes give me the mobility to relax, as they are so roomy. A nice high-waisted pair never fail to look effortlessly chic too.

Black culottes are an easy purchase as they match everything, look professional and transition nicely through the seasons:

This classy yet comfy pair is also available in a lovely green, cream, navy and red.

7. Floral tea-dress in a soft material

floral tea dresses SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Min An, Maksim Goncharenok] via

Floral tea-dresses are a wonderful option for summer work from home outfits as they are classically beautiful and never go out of style.

Look presentable for your video call meetings and feel put-together as your roam around your home office in a chic floral dress. Choose a light and soft fabric to stay cool and comfy at your desk in summer.

Go for a midi hemline and a conservative neckline to look great on camera without fail.

This beautiful floral dress from Amazon is an excellent option, made from super soft material it’s a customer favourite:

8. Pair a floaty linen blend midi skirt or dress

linen blend dresses SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Sources: Unsplash

Stay cool and fresh in a timeless linen dress this summer, as you work from your home office. Linen dresses are a favourite every summer season, as they look so beautiful on. Well-tailored and flattering on all body types and skin tones, linen dresses are often a staple piece in our summer wardrobes.

For work calls wear a linen dress with a conservative neckline and pair with dainty jewellery.

9. A cotton knee-length dress with a smart neckline

cotton dresses SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Source: Unsplash/ ©[Godisable Jacob] via

Similar to the linen dress, cotton dresses are a summer favourite for many. Cotton is fantastic breathable material that is kind to your skin and very comfy to wear at a desk.

Beat the heat in a floaty cotton dress and look put-together for your zoom calls.

10. High waisted comfy mom jeans with a pretty top

mom jeans pretty top SUMMER Work From Home Outfits
Source: Unsplash

Mom jeans are an excellent choice for your home office outfits in summer, as they go with everything. Stay comfy with a pair of high waisted soft mom jeans and pair with a smart, pretty top for a presentable top half when on webcam.

Add a belt to accessorise and feel put-together when working from home.

This pair from ruisin are a great choice as they are comfortable, trendy and will go well with many tops:

Easy mom jeans summer work from home outfits:

  • Wear with a plain white tee and a lightweight blazer for a smart casual look.
  • Tuck a crisp white blouse into your mom jeans and add a belt for a chic business casual style.


How should I dress to work from home?

When working from home it’s best to dress in a comfortable yet professional way in case you are required to attend a video call meeting. Keep it professional on your top half with a tailored blouse but feel free to choose something more comfortable for your lower half, such as loungewear trousers or soft jeans.

Should you dress up when working from home?

Whether or not you should dress up when working from home depends on your work schedule. Feel free to choose more comfortable clothing if you do not have video call meetings scheduled, but keep a blazer or tailored jacket on hand just in case you need to slip it on for an unexpected call.

A note

I hope you enjoyed with summer work from home outfits style guide and you now feel confident to put together your at-home work wardrobe!

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