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How To Lace Vans Old Skools (Standard Way)

Knowing how to lace your Vans Old Skools in a standard way is essential when you get your first pair in your hands (or on your feet!). A standard lacing style is a great style to know as it’s practical, and good to come back to should you test out more complicated styles down the road and want to revert to an easy, crisp look.

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to lace your Vans Old Skools in a standard way, with photos, a video and step-by-step instructions for you.

How To Lace Vans Old Skools Tutorial

Fresh out of the box Vans Old Skools should be unlaced. Here’s how to fix that…

How To Lace Vans Old Skools

If you would like to watch this tutorial, here is a video of me showing how to lace Vans Old Skools in the standard way:

Let’s get into the written step-by-step tutorial…

Step 1.

  • Start by making sure your lace is laced down into the two bottom eyelets of your Old Skools from above (not coming up into the eyelets from underneath). See how mine looks in the above image.
  • Next take the left hand lace and bring it across the tongue of your Old Skools. Thread it down into the second eyelet from the bottom on the right hand side (as pictured above).

Step 2.

How To Lace Vans Old Skools Standard Way
  • Now take the lace end on the right hand side and bring it over the tongue. Feed it into the second eyelet from the bottom on the left. You want to make sure it’s sitting nicely over the other lace, as pictured, for a neat finish. If there are any twists in the lace take your time to remove them.
  • Continue this pattern up the Old Skools tongue. If you want to follow along, go ahead and watch the video linked earlier in this article to help!

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Step 3.

  • When you reach the top eyelets you can bow your laces as normal and finish off the look. For a cleaner finish you can hide the lace bow out of sight by pulling it over and under the top bit of the Vans Old Skools tongue. For more help hiding shoelace bows, check out: How To Hide Shoelaces: 5 FAST Hacks.

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Old Skool Vans are an iconic shoe that look great with a range of different lacing styles.

I hope you found this article on how to lace Vans Old Skools helpful, and you now feel confident to lace yours up in a standard fashion. The standard lacing style always looks good and you can go back to it time and time again. Sometimes when I take my laces out for cleaning I forget how to do the pattern by memory, so keeping a tutorial like this one in mind is handy!

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