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Blundstones Vs Doc Martens: Which To Get? (8 factors)

Although there are various aspects of Blundstones vs Doc Martens you can compare, you’ll soon find yourself running in circles unless you have a specific purpose in mind. Regarding popular and well-adjusted names like Blundstone and Doc Martens, you know you’re not getting a bad boot, but are you getting the best option for your preference?

Blundstones vs Doc Martens

Blundstones and Doc Martens are highly respected brands but for different reasons. Generally speaking, Blundstone is a more traditional boot that provides more safety and durability than Doc Martens. However, Doc Martens are more significant and stylish in pop culture, making it an iconic fashion boot.

In this guide I’ll be breaking down 8 different areas to compare the boot brands in great detail, from cost of materials to history. To say this is a clash of titans is an understatement!

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a table breaking down which brand wins for the 8 factors:

FactorBlundstonesDoc Martens
Brand Financial SuccessLosesWins
Most Reliable HistoryWinsLoses
Most Iconic (Pop Culture)LosesWins
Best Price LosesWins
Best MaterialsWinsLoses
Sizing OptionsWinsLoses
Safest To WearWinsLoses
A table comparing Blundstones vs Doc Martens.

As you can see from the above scoring system each brand scored 4/8, making it an even tie. It all depends on which factors are more important to you personally.

You can take a look at the current price of Blundstones here and Doc Martens here, for yourself, and see which you prefer.

Although you might find some specific boots from the respective brands are more convenient or effective personally, comparing the brand as a whole requires us to look at some more traditional aspects than the general ‘feel.’

So, which brand is ‘better,’ and what elements make it stand out against its competition?

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Which Brand Is Better – Blundstone Or Doc Martens?

Due to both brands being highly respected and sought after, the companies’ financial status and historical significance are the best places to start. To get a general overview of which companies are better, there are no more significant clear-cut indications than sales figures and the impression they made in history. 

Which Brand Is More Financially Successful?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Doc Martens is more financially successful and on a much higher rank globally. Doc Martens rank at 7,305 with an annual revenue of roughly 1 billion dollars compared to Blundstone, which ranks at 370,868 with a yearly revenue between 25-50 million.

An image of my Doc Martens.

Even within the field and category of fashion and lifestyle, Doc Martens ranks 144, whereas Blundstone is only at 350. 

It’s worth noting that Blundstone has shown some significant growth rising 19 954 places globally and 51 places in its category compared to Doc Martens, which fell with 1 020 places and rose with 2 in its category. 

However, there is still a significant gap between the two, and the level at which Doc Martens operates is expected to have ongoing competition and continuous fluctuations. 

Which Brand Has The Most Reliable History?

Blundstone has been in production since 1855, a full 46 years before Doc Martens, who only started in 1901; however, both these brands have proven their reliability concerning durability for more than a century. However, when it comes to major corporations like them, they often change hands resulting in different management, different factories, and a different end result.

Most customers have been satisfied with Blundstone’s manufacturing even after it changed its production line to Thailand and India. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Doc Martens. The Guardian’s research indicated that the shoe quality declined since it moved its production line to Asia.

Blundstones vs Doc Martens
An image of my Blundstones.

Although Doc Martens have claimed that neither the materials nor the process have changed (as their statistics indicate that only 0.5% of their products are defective), it has become a popular point of discussion with a concerningly large portion of customers being convinced that the shoes don’t seem to last as long as it used to. 

Which Brand Is The Most Significant In Pop Culture?

Regarding style and presence, Doc Martens has made a considerable impression worldwide. Growing in popularity during the 1990s in the Punk scene and continuing to do so even years after.

For example, even after a brief drop in sales, it received a prize for an impressive turnaround in 2005; in 2006, Doc Martens Airboot was considered a British design icon; in 2012, it was the 8-highest grossing British company, and in 2019 it had an annual revenue six times higher than 2013. 

Even though Blundstone is a well-known Australian boot, its marketing mainly focuses on professionals in demanding environments like construction and mining. As a result, it’s less significant culturally and is more of a preference among professional workers than a stylish fashion interest. 

Therefore, in pop culture, Doc Martens are much more significant and accessible to a wider market, making it the more popular shoe than Blundstone. Doc Martens is a stylish boot and much more popular than Blundstone due to its presence in social media and pop references like music videos and films. 

Doc Martens also has a larger variety that satisfies most customers, increasing the likeness to affect new trends and interests. 

How Do Blundstone and Doc Martens Boots Series Compare?

In order to compare the individual characteristics of the brands, we’ll be looking at the most important purposes buyers might have in mind when purchasing a new pair of boots and how each of these brands has proved themselves in those specific fields. 

Which Brand Is The Most Cost Effective?

Most Blundstones are slightly above the $200 mark, whereas the Doc Martens are usually below it. Of course, you’ll find roughly the same price models, especially those made in England, but essentially, most Doc Martens are available at a less taxing price range. 

For example, concerning one of the most popular series – the Chelsea boot, Doc Martens is approximately $40 cheaper on average. 

The premium ‘Made in England collection,’ although well over $200, is still cheaper than the higher-end collection of Blundstone. For example, the Lace Up boots & Lug Boots are, on average, $50 more expensive, not even to mention the ‘work’ series, which is even more costly due to the advanced materials providing safety and durability. 

The first question that comes to mind is whether Blundstones are more expensive because the materials and production line is better. Truth be told, the answer is more complex. 

Which Brand Has The Best Materials?

Doc Martens has been known for using Crazy Horse leather since the early 70s, and Blundstones uses premium water-resistant leather. Still, these materials are highly robust and effective, making both boots series equally effective.

Blundstones vs Doc Martens
An close up image of the leather on my Blundstone boots.

However, there is a subtle difference in the overall materials used for the shoe. Blundstone boots come with a TPU outsole, a cushioned midsole, an SPS Max Comfort system, and an additional steel shank. 

These added features are, of course, reflected in the price tag, but it does result in an overall more robust boot. So, although the Blundstone materials aren’t necessarily better, the boots come with added materials and features, making them sturdier, especially for harsher working conditions. 

Which Brand Has The Most Comfortable Design?

Do the added materials and features make Blundstones a more comfortable boot than Doc Martens? Frankly speaking, the added comfort and robustness Blundstones provide are mostly unnecessary for the average person.

Both brands are incredibly comfortable, but Blundstone offers a robustness most customers will find useful when working on construction sites or rough natural terrains. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish boot that will provide ample comfort for daily use, you can’t go wrong with the Doc Martens.

In other words, if you intend to buy a traditional boot because you’ll spend a lot of time in rough areas, you’ll find the Blundtsones to be a lot more useful than Doc Martens, but it will be a slight overkill for general use. That being said, both brands are popular and famous for their comfort and effectiveness. 

Which Brand Is The Most True-To-Size?

Both brands are true-to-size, but it’s important to note that boots tend to be wider in general as they are bulkier shoes. However, this is not a problem with either brand as breaking them in is a simple process, and they are designed to be snug and light.

An image of my Doc Martens boots.

Truthfully, true-to-size is not the only aspect you should consider if you are concerned about size. Blundstone comes in many more options concerning the mid-sizes, making it more likely that you’ll find a better fit if the standard sizes are too small or too big.

In addition, Blundstone also offers a removable footbed, making it possible to switch them out for more comfortable ones that grip your feet better.

So, although both brands are true to size, you’ll have more options with Blundstones to get the sizing closest to what you desire or require.

Which Brand Is The Safest?

As mentioned earlier, Blundstone is the more robust shoe if you are especially concerned with safety. But, that does not, therefore, imply that Doc Martens are unsafe for general use, only that Blundstone is the more appropriate shoe for harsh working conditions.

Generally speaking, the grip on boots is more slip resistant than your average luxury shoe or sneaker, making it an ideal choice for ‘safer’ walking.

A quick look at the characteristics of Blundstone will give you an idea of just how robust the boots are. The classic boots have water-resistant leather, XRD technology at the heel area for stability, and a TPU outsole that protects against hazardous surfaces like slippery floors.

An image of the TPU outsole on my Blundstone boot.

The standard designs even include SPS Max – XRD technology which helps to increase the protection on impact, meaning you probably won’t even feel any shock or pressure as it’s immediately absorbed.

The above-mentioned standard requirement is not even the advanced special characteristics Blundstone offers in its worker series. All of the ‘Worker series boots’ are ASTM certified, meaning they are guaranteed safe in even the most torturous conditions.

Although Doc Martens do not focus so intensively on this specific field of production, their boots are also safe to use. They are still light and comfortable, making them an ideal fashion statement for casual environments.


Both boots are exceptionally well crafted and designed and are highly sought after in the fashion industry. However, Blundstone is a more professional and safer boot than Doc Martens, which is more stylish and significant. So, if you are looking for a traditional work boot or a fashion statement, Blundstone for the former and Doc Martens for the latter.

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