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Do Doc Martens Run Big? – A Sizing Review With Photos

When purchasing a pair of trendy Docs it’s normal to wonder ‘do Doc Martens run big’? It’s the first thing I asked when I got my very first pair, as I really don’t like the hassle of returning things. Here is a Dr Martens sizing review guide, including a sizing chart and photo/video examples of me in my own boots, to help you find your own perfectly sized pair.

I’ve been wearing Dr Martens for over 10 years myself, and I’ve owned many different styles (namely the 1460s, the Jadons and the Mary Janes, which I’ll go into detail about).

An image showing 3 different Doc Martens
An image showing my own three different pairs of Doc Martens.

I’ve also created a handy Dr Martens sizing chart for you to double check your size against before purchasing your first pair (scroll down towards the end of the article for this).

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Do Doc Martens Run Big?

Most Doc Martens fit true to size for those who aren’t an in-between size, but the classic Doc Martens boots tend to run a little big. If you are an in-between size consider sizing down a size, or wear a pair of extra thick socks or an insole.

My best advice is to try them on in a store, however if you can’t then make sure to measure your shoe size at home before ordering online. You can take a look at the official Doc Martens Size charts here.

I’ve also included my own size charts in this post, if you’d like to use those. I have found some Docs styles tend to run a little big and some run true to size, so I’ve included a breakdown of the different styles too.

Doc Martens tend to have a little extra wiggle room, so you can wear a pair (or two) of chunky socks. Having space for thick socks is essential when breaking in Doc Martens if you want to save your poor heels and ankles blisters.

Here is an example of how my original Doc Martens boots fit, when worn with chunky socks over leggings. I am a UK size 6, (US Women’s 8, EUR 39) and I can wear these boots comfortably with one or more pairs of socks and fit two fingers in the boot shaft:

An image of me wearing my 1460 Doc Martens.

They look like they might be too loose, but they aren’t uncomfortably so. You can see how they do run slightly big.

The boots are my correct size (UK 6, US 8, EUR 39) and are comfortably broken in – I’ve had them for 15 years! There is space for my toes and I have a slightly wider then average step. They fit as they are supposed to, as Doc Martens original work boots.

When purchasing a pair of Doc Martens we want to make sure we’re getting the right size. This is essential as these boots can be a little uncomfortable to break in, and we don’t want to add to that pain with boots that are too tight.

Doc Martens offer their range of boots in whole sizes, which can be a bit troublesome for those who have in-between sizes. If you are an in-between sizes (like an 8 ½ or a 9 ½) go down by half a size (so to an 8 or a 9) instead of sizing up. As the boots run a little big, sizing down by a half size is fine. There will still be some wiggle room for socks, so don’t worry too much.

If you are a whole size then purchase the boots in your size, and don’t size down. If you find the boots feel a little too big that’s fine, simply add an insole.

Here is a video of me demonstrating the sizing of my own Doc Martens boots:

A video of me discussing the sizing of Doc Martens boots.

Trust me, there is nothing worse than breaking in a pair of Doc Martens that fit too tight. The classic Doc Marten boots running a little big is a good thing.

Visit to view the awesome range of Docs available (and any deals on!).

I suggest breaking in your Docs whilst wearing these over the course of a few weeks. If you want to speed up the break-in process, read my guide to breaking your Docs in overnight here.

Next let’s answer which style of Doc Martens fit true to size, and which run big…

Do Doc Martens Mary Janes Run Big?

In my experience my Mary Janes run true to size, and only require a few weeks of wear to break in.

They are roomy in the toe box and don’t constrict my feet. There’s plenty of wiggle room for my toes. If you are worried about your instep, you can adjust the width of the strap to your preference. For sizing reference, here’s how they look on me:

An image of me wearing my Doc Martens Mary Janes.

Take a look at Mary Janes here.

Do Doc Martens Sandals Run Big?

Doc Martens sandals do run slightly big, so it’s best to size down if you are an in-between size. I suggest purchasing a size down from your size in the classic Doc Martens boots for best results.

They do feel bigger than the sizing of the boots, so keep this in mind when purchasing. You can simply tighten your sandals if they feel a little big, and this tends to solve the problem.

Get the Doc Martens Blaire Sandals here.

It’s worth noting the Dr. Martens Blaire Sandals are easier to break in than the boots, but will still need a little time to soften. You can wear these with chunky socks around the house for a few days if you like, to speed up the process.

Do Doc Martens 1460 Run Big?

Doc Martens 1460 boots do run big as they are a little wider than the other Doc Martens styles. It’s recommended that you size down if you are an in-between size. If you are a whole size purchase your correct size and expect there to be a little extra room for thick socks.

An image of me wearing my 1460 Doc Martens.

Shop the 1460s here.

Please keep in mind the women’s version of the 1460 boots are narrower than the unisex version, so if you have wide feet order your true size. They are also a little easier to break in than the unisex version of the boot.

Do Doc Martens Chelsea Boots Run Big?

Generally Doc Martens Chelsea Boots fit true to size. However they can run a little big for those with in-between sizes who choose to size up. If you are an in-between size then size down when purchasing the Chelsea Boots.

Grab the Doc Martens Chelsea Boots here.

These fit great, and aren’t too narrow for those with wide feet. Sizing down is best if you are in doubt and even then you will be left with wiggle room for your toes.

There’s room for chunky socks and an insole if you would like to use these to help you break in the boots. The Chelsea Boots can be stiff at first so make sure you take your time breaking them in.

Do Vegan Doc Martens Run Big?

Vegan Doc Martens run true to the size of the original boots. If the original style of the boot runs big, the vegan version will also. Keep in mind the vegan version of the boot will break in faster than the leather version, and become roomier quicker. If in doubt size one size down.

It’s also worth noting the vegan Docs are more comfortable from the get-go than their leather counterparts.

Shop Doc Martens comfy vegan range here.

I love the original vegan style Docs and the vegan Chelsea boots!

Do Jadon Doc Martens Run Big?

Jadon Doc Martens tend to run slightly big in my experience, so if you’re an in-between size consider sizing down a size when purchasing these boots. If you have a whole size then purchase the boots in your size. There will be some extra room for thick socks without the boots becoming super tight on your feet.

Here’s how my Jadons look on me:

An image of me wearing my Jadon Doc Martens, to show the fit.

Grab a pair of Jadon Doc Martens here.

It’s best to get a pair of blister-proof socks or some thick fuzzy socks to wear when breaking these in. It’s also worth noting they are very slightly heavier than the classic Doc Martens boots, but not so much that they are uncomfortable. They are meant to be a big chunky boot, and look great as part of punk/trendy outfits.

Dr Martens Sizing Advice

After covering whether or not Doc Martens run big (including which styles do/don’t) let’s move on to some extra sizing advice. Many people are looking for some advice on sizing, which is why I have put together this Doc Martens sizing guide.

A well fitted pair of Doc Martens in your correct size should feel like the following:

  • There is plenty of space for your toes to wiggle. You toes shouldn’t feel squashed or uncomfortable.
  • The Docs shouldn’t squeeze your feet, or cause pain in your arches.
  • Rubbing against the back of your heel is normal. This will go away once you have broken in your boots.
  • You should feel little to no heel slip.

Keep in mind after your boots are broken in they will be a little roomier. This is due to the leather softening and moulding to your foot.

So how should you choose the correct size?

Let’s start with a Dr Martens sizing chart I created to help clear up any confusion as to which size you should pick.

Dr Martens Sizing Chart

Check out the below chart to find your size. If you are struggling I suggest measuring your feet against the inches guide, and seeing which boot size corresponds on the chart below. Measure your feet from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe (feel free to pin the below!).

Dr Martens sizing chart, do doc martens run big

It’s easiest to measure your feet by stepping barefoot onto a piece of paper and marking a line at the back of your heel and at the tip of your longest toe. Remove your foot and use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the distance in inches between the lines.

An image of me demonstrating how to measure your foot size.

Once you have your measurement check the Dr Martens sizing chart above to find your size.

Here are some frequent FAQs to help you further with Dr Martens sizing advice…

Doc Martens – Size Up or Down?

Doc martens size up or down? If in doubt it’s best to size one size down when purchasing Doc Martens if you have an in-between shoe size, even if you have wide feet. If you have a whole shoe size then purchase your correct size. There will be some extra room for insoles and chunky socks, which are really handy for breaking in these boots.

After reading lots of Doc Martens sizing reviews, I’ve found the biggest question is always ‘Dr Martens size bigger or smaller?’. It’s always best to size smaller if in doubt, especially when you have an in-between shoe size that Doc martens does not cater to with their products.

Are Doc Martens True to Size?

Doc Martens generally run true to size but keep in mind the classic boots are a little big. If you are an in-between size it’s recommended that you size down. If you are a whole size then purchase your correct size, and expect there to be a nice amount of wiggle room for your toes and a chunky pair of socks.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘Do Doc Martens Run Big?’ guide – I hope you feel confident to purchase a pair of Docs with the information in this article in mind.

I’ve covered the popular styles of Doc Martens, from the Mary Janes to the Jadons to help provide as much info as possible as to whether each style of Doc Martens runs big or not. If in doubt about your size measure your feet against the Dr Martens sizing chart above!

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