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Are Doc Martens Non Slip? A Personal Review + Tips

When wearing these iconic work boots it’s important to know if Doc Martens are non slip/slip resistant. Whether you work on slippery floors or you want to wear your Docs in icy weather, it’s imperative to know how these boots will hold up for safety purposes.

In this guide I’ll be including my own personal review as a long time fan of the Dr. Martens brand (I’ve been wearing Doc for over 10 years!), as well as what the most popular reddit forums and customer reviews have to say, so you can get the full picture. This review guide is particularly helpful for waiters, bartenders, delivery workers, baristas, janitors and other workers who spend their shifts on their feet and want to wear Doc Martens to work.

I’ll also be including a quick guide on how to make Doc Martens even safer when it comes to slip resistance.

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Are Doc Martens Non Slip

Are Doc Martens Non Slip?

Doc Martens are non slip thanks to their patented GripTrax soles. These chunky soles offer fantastic slip resistant grip making the boots an excellent choice for walking on slippery surfaces.

Docs are popular work boots for those on their feet all day, and are designed with comfort in mind. The anti-slipping sole ensures safety when wearing the boots, and the air cushioned element of the design adds comfort.

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Let’s break down how these parts of the boots work:

  • The GripTrax sole design is one of the most attractive qualities of Doc Martens boots for workers and those who need winter boots. The thick GripTrax tread is designed to resist any surface!

It’s important to note that not all Dr. Martens models offer this feature, however the most popular 1460, 1461, and 2976 models do. Dr. Martens had this to say about their new tread, patented in 2001: “Built for keg-lifters, baristas, table-servers, on-your-feet-all-day professionals”.

Here’s a picture of the GripTrax tread on my pair of Doc Martens:

Are doc martens non slip griptrax

It’s also worth noting that I’ve owned these Docs for over 10 years (plus they were a second-hand vintage pair when I bought them) and the GripTrax tread is still going strong. It’s as slip resistant now as the day I bought the Docs.

The GripTrax sole is also oil and fat resistant with good abrasion.

  • Doc Martens also use a patented AirWair design to provide comfort alongside the anti-slipping features. The sole is comprised of thousands of tiny air bubbles that cushion each step.

I’ve worn my Doc Martens in all sorts of weather conditions, from rain to ice, and they hold up really well. I’ve actually never slipped in my Docs! I used to live in a rural area that would suffer very icy winters and I always wore my Docs out when the ground was slippery.

Now I live in a city and I wear my Docs on rainy pavements, with no issue.

I’ve also worn my Docs for long periods of time indoors on a range of surfaces and never once suffered a slip. They’re great for a night out on the dancefloors of wet slippery clubs! I’ve found they are an ideal boot to wear to a gig, to work in a restaurant or coffee shop, or to wear in slippery weather conditions.

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Do Doc Martens Have Good Grip?

Doc Martens have good grip thanks to their innovative slip resistant GripTrax sole design. Currently there are three official Doc Martens models that feature this non-slip technology: the 1460, 1461, and 2976 models. These are the most popular and commonly recognised Doc Martens designs.

Dr. Martens officially market these three designs as slip resistant, making them a great choice for those who work on their feet, or want to walk in slippery weather conditions.

Dr. Martens redesigned these three classic boots in 2001 with top-level safety in mind, marketing them as an ideal choice for workers. The boots are made with:

  • Durable premium leather (or vegan alternative)
  • High quality seamless stitching
  • AirWair cushioned soles for next level comfort
  • Chunky GripTrax tread for safe slip-resistance.

The shoes are also breathable, which help relieve hot and sweaty feet. Having breathable boots is a must for those working on shift, to keep moisture and sweat levels down. It’s key for comfort when wearing safety boots, making this feature another attractive reason to purchase a pair of Doc Martens.

Long working hours with non-breathable boots, or boots with poor tread is a recipe for disaster. Avoid slipping with hot food and drinks whilst working on shift, or slipping whilst carrying dangerous tools, by protecting your feet with a pair of durable Docs.

Are Regular Doc Martens Non Slip?

Regular Doc Martens are non slip boots thanks to the slip resistant design of their soles. These classic work boots were re-engineered with slip resistant technology in 2001 for the safety of the modern worker.

The regular or ‘classic’ 1460 Doc Martens benefit from this fantastic anti-slip redesign, making the boots better than ever for workers who spend their shifts on their feet.

I own a pair of the 1460 regular Doc Martens and in my personal experience they are excellent for slip resistance. I’ve worn them on slippery dancefloors at gigs, walking up and down icy hills, and on my feet all day whilst working in a store (where I had to mop wet floors).

I’ve never had an issue with slipping in my regular Docs, and in fact they are my go-to boots when I know I’ll be walking on slippery surfaces.

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Are Doc Martens Jadons Non Slip?

Jadon Doc Martens are non slip as they feature a slip resistant sole. The sole of these boots has an excellent GripTrax tread which is patented by Doc Martens for it’s safe and durable non-slip tread pattern.

The soles of the Jadon Doc Martens are also oil and fats resistant with good abrasion. They are excellent boots for those working on their feet, however it should be noted the Jadons run a little heavier than the classic 1460s Docs, so they may be a little less comfortable for long shifts.

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How Do You Keep Doc Martens From Slipping?

The best ways to keep Doc Martens from slipping are as follows:

  1. The easiest way to keep Doc Martens from slipping is to wear in or ‘scuff’ the sole of the boots by walking over rough surfaces. This will add texture and wear to the shoe outsole and create a better grip.
  2. In icy conditions you can apply ice grips to the outer sole of your Docs to provide even better grip when walking in slippery weather.
  3. Consider purchasing a traction spray to apply to the outer sole of the boots. Traction sprays provide a layer of additional traction, making the soles of shoes slip resistant.

Shop ice grips and traction sprays on Amazon here.

There are many more ways to add additional grip to your Doc Martens boots to stop them from slipping, if you are experiencing this issue, such as: adding traction pads to your boots, or using salt or sand to scuff the outer sole of the boots.

If you find the GripTrax outer sole technology isn’t working for you on your Docs, or perhaps you’ve purchased a model without this feature, try the above methods to give your Docs more slip resistance.

My Personal Review

When purchasing a pair of boots I tend to look for three things when assessing their slip resistance:

  1. The tread pattern on the outer sole. Does it look durable and slip resistant?
  2. The design of the outsole itself. Is it rounded, with grooves that allow for snow, oil, water and ice to pass through, instead of slip and slide over?
  3. Flexibility in the shoe. If it’s too stiff it won’t bend and grip well.

In my personal opinion after wearing Doc Martens for over 10 years, these boots fit all three of the above criteria.

Here’s how my experience wearing Doc Martens has been in different slippery conditions…

Working On Slippery Floors In Docs

I wore Docs to a job where I was on my feet all day for four years. The floors of the shop where I worked were slippery, and I had to mop them each evening before closing. I loved wearing my Docs to work on the slippery floors because they provided great grip.

I didn’t slip once in my Docs whilst working there, even when I walked over the wet floors to mop and clean.

I found them great boots to work in, plus they were comfortable to wear all day too!

Wearing Docs In Icy Weather

I used to live in a rural area that would get really icy winters. My house was halfway up a slippery hill and I would have to walk up and down it each day. I always chose to wear my Doc Martens in weather conditions like this, because I found the grip on the boots to be excellent for icy weather.

Sometimes I would add ice grips to my boots to provider even more slip resistant traction. Overall I found my Docs to be great for walking in slippery icy weather.

Dancing In Docs On a Slippery Club Floor

I’ve worn my Docs to countless gigs over the years in crowded bars and clubs and found them to have good slip resistance. When you’re dancing on a wet club floors over spilled drinks, Docs come in really hand to keep you upright!

Even when crowds have jostled me and I thought I might slip my Docs proved to be a great footwear choice. Plus they come in handy to protect your feet in crowds. Your toes will thank you! There have been countless times where someone has stepped on my feet at gigs.

Docs are a great choice for slip-free dancing.

A note

Thank you for reading this guide to ‘Are Doc Martens Non Slip?’. I hope you now feel confident to wear Doc Martens on slippery surfaces or in icy conditions.

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