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How Much Do Doc Martens Weigh (Are They Heavy To Wear)?

When shopping for a pair of these iconic boots many of us want to know how much do Doc Martens weigh? Will they be comfortable to wear, or will they feel too heavy on our feet all day? In this guide I’ll be covering the weight of the classic Doc boots, as well as a number of the other individual styles.

I’ll also be including my own personal review of my classic pair of Doc Martens and whether they feel heavy to wear, as well as the collective reviews of reddit users and Doc Martens customer reviews.

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How Much do Doc Martens Weigh

How Much Do Doc Martens Weigh?

Classic Doc Martens weigh 1 lb 9.6 oz (726g) per men’s average boot (UK 10, US Men’s 11) and 1 lb 4.8 oz (592g) per women’s average boot (UK 6, US Women’s 8). Please note the weight of the boots will vary slightly depending on the size.

This weight is taken when the Doc Martens are dry and without any additional insoles/accessories added into the boots.

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If your Docs get wet they may weigh slightly more, as leather is a porous material that may become waterlogged. If your boots are soggy and have absorbed water then they will be heavier. Note that the vegan Doc Martens are waterproof so you won’t have this issue with the vegan variation.

The weight of Doc Martens is mostly due to their thick, high quality sole. They are also made with heavy-duty high quality leather which contributes to their overall weight. High quality materials will result in heavier work boots. Please note they don’t have steel toe caps like some work boots, making them a lighter choice in some cases.

Here’s a photo of me weighing my own Doc Martens boots, so you can see how much a classic pair of Docs weigh in a UK size 6 (US women’s 8):

How much do doc martens weigh

My boots weigh 1 lb 4.8 oz (592g) each.

I’ve had them for over 10 years – whenever I get caught in heavy rain the Docs do feel a little heavier when wet.

Here’s how they compare to the weight of a popular sneaker for your reference (Converse, UK size 6, US women’s size 8):

Converse weight

In comparison to a lighter pair of shoes, like Converse sneakers (254g), the Docs (592g) will feel heavy at first. You will need to get used to them.

For more about my experience wearing Docs and whether I personally find them heavy to wear, scroll down to the last section of the article.

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Different Doc Martens styles have different weights, so if you are looking for something a little lighter you could consider the Doc Martens Mary Janes or the Doc Martens 1461 shoes.

The 1461s are much sleeker in design and feature a 3 eye lace loop instead of 8 like the classic Docs. The Mary Janes feature a buckled strap instead of laces and are a lighter design overall.

There are loads of lighter options out there that retain the iconic Doc Martens style, but are made with less chunky material.

Let’s look at some more Doc Martens styles and their individual weights.

How much do Dr Martens 1461 weigh?

Dr Martens 1461 shoes weigh 1 lb 3 oz (540g) per shoe. They feature a thick sole which accounts for most of their weight, measuring 1 inch. They also have a 1.5 inch heel which contributes to their weight.

Doc Martens 1461s are much lighter than the classic boots (540g versus 726g), but their sole is thicker. They are much dressier shoes and have a more polished look.

How much do platform Dr Martens weigh?

Platform Dr Martens weigh 2 lbs 8 oz (1.1 kg) per boot (UK 11, US Men’s 12). Their weight is mostly accounted to their super thick platform, measuring 1 1/2 inches, and 8 inch shaft.

Platform Docs are much heavier than classic Doc Martens (1.1 kg versus 726g) so keep this in mind when shopping for these iconic boots.

How much do Jadon Doc Martens weigh?

Jadon Dr Martens weigh 2 lbs 8 oz (1.1 kg) per boot (UK 11, US Men’s 12). Their weight is due to their platform base, measuring 1 1/2 inches, and super tall 8 inch shaft.

Jadons are heavier than classic Docs (1.1 kg versus 726g) so bear this in mind when purchasing these boots. If you already own a pair of Doc Martens you are aware of how they feel on – if you’re used to the weight than the heaviness of the Jadons won’t surprise you too much.

Are Doc Martens Heavy To Wear?

Whilst they are chunky boots Doc Martens do not feel uncomfortably heavy to wear. Doc Martens are designed with comfort in mind and are meant to be worn for long periods of time. The weight of the design is factored into this comfort.

Doc Martens do feel heavier on the feet than a standard thin pair of boots, but that’s because they are made with such high quality materials. The thick non-slip sole is air cushioned for comfort, the leather is top quality and is stitched into the chunky seams of the boots, and the insides of the boots are made to match.

All of these materials will weigh more than a cheaper pair of boots as they are the real deal and designed for durability.

This being said, although Docs are heavier than a cheaper alternative, the weight is not uncomfortable when they are worn. I got used to the weight of my Doc Martens very quickly and they are the most comfortable pair of boots I own.

I personally have quite weak ankles, so I was worried when purchasing my pair of Docs that they might be too heavy for me. However, my ankles and arches feel well supported and the weight of the boots really isn’t that noticeable. They feel similar to a sturdy pair of hiking boots – weighty but sturdy on your feet. If I can wear them anyone can!

Here’s me in my boots:

how much do doc martens weigh

I’ve never had any trouble with their weight. I actually enjoy the slightly weightier feel of Doc Martens as the weight makes my feet feel even more supported, if that makes sense!

They are great for wearing on long work shifts and aren’t too heavy. I wear mine all day long, sometimes for 12 hours or more and the weight feels fine. Many reddit users and customer reviews say the same thing: Docs make for great work boots if you are on your feet all day.

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A note

I hope you found this guide to ‘How Much Do Doc Martens Weigh’ helpful and you now feel confident to go and buy a pair of your own of these amazing boots!

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