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10 BEST Socks To Wear With Doc Martens (2024) Comfort Review

Many new Doc Martens owners wonder which socks to wear with Doc Martens to prevent blisters, or which look best for style purposes. My first pair of Docs left scars on my ankles because I didn’t wear them with proper socks during their break in period, so now I’m passionate about protecting my feet and breaking in Docs properly with high quality socks.

Here is a guide to the best socks to wear with Docs, including my own reviews as a long term fan of the brand. I’ve broken in many types of Docs, including the 1460s, Jadons and Mary Janes, all pictured in the image below.

An image showing 3 different Doc Martens
An image showing my three different styles of Doc Martens, used to test out the socks.

My tested socks picks in this article work well for all types of Doc Martens, so rest assured.

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Here’s a quick look at my top picks:

Ortis Heavy Duty Work Boots Socksclick to view current price

  • Multipack with best price per sock!
  • Great reviews for blister prevention and quality materials.

Fox River Wick Dry Military Socksclick to view current price

  • Military grade socks – if they can handle military boots they can handle Docs!
  • Amazing quality wick dry socks.

Darn Tough Merino Wool Work Socksclick to view current price

  • Super tough socks with a lifetime guarantee.
  • All weather comfort.

Personally I really like the Fox River wick dry socks and find them to be a super tough option for my Doc Martens.

An image showing the best socks for Doc Martens
An image of me showing my own pair of Fox River socks next to my 1460 Doc Martens.

Here’s a video of me showing my pair of these socks and discussing them in more detail:

A video of me discussing the best socks for Doc Martens.

Let’s get into my TOP 10 socks picks in more detail, including the pros and cons of different brands, with price, quality and blister prevention factors compared…

Best Socks to Wear With Doc Martens

The best socks to wear with Doc Martens are heavy duty work boot socks with a blister guard design. Military socks and hiking socks are great options also, to help prevent painful rubbing. Socks from Ortis, Fox River and Dr. Scholl’s are the best socks to wear with Doc Martens.

Here are six super tough socks picks that are ideal to wear with Doc Martens during the painful break in period to help protect your feet.

1. Ortis Heavy Duty Work Boots Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

Ortis create super comfortable high performance socks with a focus on breathability. These Heavy Duty Work Boot Socks are designed to be worn with work boots over long periods of time.

They’re an excellent choice if you are looking for a well priced multipack of quality socks that will help prevent your Docs from shredding your poor ankles.

Here are the pros and cons of these socks:


  • Merino wool and polyester blend.
  • LOW PRICED (four pack) which is great value for the quality!
  • They feature extra heavy cushioning to help reduce foot pain and blisters.
  • Reinforced toe and heel to enhance durability when worn all day long.
  • Moisture wicking properties to provide breathability, reduce food odor and keep your feet fresh and dry.


It’s quite difficult to find a ‘con’ for these socks as they are so well balanced between price and quality. However I would like to mention:

  • The merino wool the socks are made with may cause them to shrink if they are washed on a super hot high heat. Be careful and follow the washing instructions.

My final thoughts on these socks is you really can’t go wrong when it comes to the quality and price. The bulk four pack option is excellent and the simple colors of the socks makes them a good unisex choice to pair with your Doc Martens.

They’re tough and durable, with cushioning to prevent blisters – what more could you need!

2. Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Relief Blisterguard Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

Dr. Scholl’s is a well known brand that makes top notch footwear products. For this reason I wanted to thoroughly research their Blisterguard socks and see if they would live up to the brand’s usual quality when it comes to blister relief (which we all know is super important for wearing with Doc Martens!).

Here’s what I found:


  • These socks are really well priced and come in a 2 pack.
  • They feature “Blisterguard technology eliminates rubbing at the back and toe of the foot for blister prevention“.
  • The tops of the socks are ‘non-binding‘ and won’t restrict your calves for proper blood flow and movement when walking in your Doc Martens.
  • Reinforced toes and heels so they won’t wear through quickly.
  • Anti-microbial technology promotes odor control and prevention.
  • Moisture control fibers to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry all day.


  • After many washes the foot part of the sock may start to feel a little loose when wearing.

My final thoughts on these socks – I think they are a well priced option and I would definitely pair them with Doc Martens to help prevent blisters.

Blister proof socks are an essential part of the Doc Martens break in process in my experience. If you need some additional help with breaking in your Docs, consider reading my full guide –

3. Fox River Wick Dry Military Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

If you have a particularly tough time breaking in your Doc Martens you may want to consider getting a pair of military grade socks to protect your feet.

The Wick Dry Military Socks by Fox River are a super durable choice, with blister prevention. These socks are my personal favourite to use when breaking in my Doc Martens.

An image showing Fox river socks
An image showing my Fox river socks.

Here are the pros and cons of these socks:


  • Memory knit compression, a contoured rib top and spandex compression zones.
  • Blister reducing Wick Dry moisture control – “Our exclusive technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable; removes any moisture build up which reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters
  • Extra foot cushioning for comfort and blister prevention.
  • Quick dry sliver and copper fibers to control odors and make washing and drying easy.


  • These are pricey. But they are worth it if you want a durable pair of socks that can handle breaking in Doc Martens. They have stellar reviews from work boot wearers too. I also like to wear them with my walking boots on long hikes. They have great multi-use ability.

4. Darn Tough Merino Wool Work Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

Darn Tough make socks that live up to their name. It’s as simple as that.

Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on these heavy weight socks with unbeatable comfort. Many customers in the reviews mention coming back to purchase these socks time and time again after experiencing their quality, so don’t just take my word for it.

Here are the pros and cons of these socks:


  • Made using the highest quality merino wool, providing all weather comfort.
  • Performance slip design to prevent slipping, bunching or blistering.
  • Thermo regulating, moisture wicking and odor resistant.
  • Made in Vermont and pass rigorous durability testing.

I think these socks are the pinnacle of quality and are an awesome choice for pairing with Docs, when breaking in the tough leather. There is a fairly big con though…


  • The price. These are a pricey pair of socks! But they have legendary durability AND a lifetime guarantee. They are a good choice for those who like to ‘buy once’ and invest in really high quality items.

5. Mirmaru Multi Performance Hiking Crew Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a durable multipack of socks that are tough enough to prevent blisters from your Doc Martens then check out this set by Mirmaru.

Here are the pros and cons of this set of socks:


  • Strong and durable design, made with 55% Combed Cotton, 40% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Affordable – a pack of 5!
  • Reinforced with high-density fibers and pile cushioning in the underfoot area for added comfort. The fibers protect feet from blisters, and rubbing.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – you don’t like them, no problem! Get your money back.
  • Designed to support ankles, arches and heels.
  • A really high number of reviews, with an overall high rating.


  • They can stiffen after multiple washes, so make sure to follow the washing instructions and use fabric softener.

Overall I think these socks are a great choice if you are looking for a multipack to wear over consecutive days with your Doc Martens. They are tough and will help protect your feet from blisters.

6. Darn Tough Steely Boot Cushion Socks

Click here to view the current price on Amazon.

If you own a pair of steel toe capped Doc Martens work boots then you may want to invest in a pair of socks that are designed specifically for use with them.

These socks from Darn Tough are designed to be worn with steel toe capped boots and have extra reinforcements in key areas to prevent blistering and pain.

Here are the pros and cons of this set of socks:


  • Full cushioned toe box to keep your toes from rubbing. This has a double benefit of keeping your toes extra warm.
  • Designed and Knit in Vermont with 56% Merino Wool 41% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex. The fast action wicking pulls moisture away from skin, so no more sweaty, stinky socks, plus they’re anti-microbial.
  • Lifetime guarantee! If these socks develop holes or tear then Darn Tough will replace them no questions asked.
  • Seamless design for an invisible seam feel.


  • They are pricey socks, but with this level of quality and design they are a great investment for a lifetime of use with steel toe capped Docs.

Cute Socks to Wear With Doc Martens

If your Docs are nicely broken in and you’re looking to wear some cute socks with them for fashion purposes, then these picks are for you!

I’ve focused on socks that feature frills or a ribbed design at the top, that will be visible over boots, or in the Mary Janes. I love these socks and think they make a really cute combination with Doc Martens, whilst being affordable.

7. Mcool Mary Turn-Cuff Casual Ankle Socks

Click here to view current price on Amazon.

These super cute ankle socks buy Mcool are a great choice for those who enjoy variation in their sock drawer. Choose from 6 different color combinations to mix and match with your Doc Martens.

Plus they are really affordable, so you get more bang for your buck.

8. Funcat Women’s Lace Ruffle Cotton Socks

Click here to view current price on Amazon.

If you like the lace ruffle look on socks then you’ll love this multipack of floral socks from Funcat. They’ll look super cute with Mary Janes or other low rise Docs, but they are also long enough for the ruffle to pop out over the top of the classic Doc boots.

I love wearing ruffle socks with my Doc Martens Mary Janes, and think they’re a nice sock drawer staple.

9. Semoholli Women’s Cotton Ankle Socks

Click here to view current price on Amazon.

These cotton ankle socks will look great with Mary Janes or other Docs shoes of a low rise style. They’re plain white and have a timeless ruffle design! You can’t go wrong with these in terms of the low price too.

10. ACCFOD Womens Cute Crew Socks

Click here to view current price on Amazon.

Having a set of nice quality neutral toned socks is a great idea for easy-pairing with Docs. I love to wear neutral coloured socks with my Mary Janes, as you can see in the below image:

An image showing Doc Martens Mary Janes
An image showing me wearing my Doc Martens Mary Janes with neutral toned socks.

These neutral socks from ACCFOD are an excellent staple pack for your sock drawer, they look cute with Docs and are low priced too.


Best socks for Dr Martens 1461?

The best socks to wear with Dr Martens 1461s are the low cut Ortis Merino Wool Moisture Wicking Socks. These socks will protect your feet whilst you break in your 1461s as they are designed provide extra protection from blisters.

After thorough research these socks pass the bar for me in terms of quality and level of protection from rubbing shoes. They will help prevent sore heels when breaking in your 1461s.

Click here to view the current price of Ortis Low Cut Socks here on Amazon.

What type of socks do you wear with Dr Martens?

It’s best to wear tough wool socks with Doc Martens with additional cushioning on the heels to prevent blistering. Doc Martens can rub painfully during their break in period, so investing in some good wool based socks will help ease soreness.

Should you wear thick socks with Dr Martens?

You should wear thick socks with Dr Martens to prevent rubbing and blisters during wear. Thick socks will help provide a protective layer between your ankles and the tough leather of Doc Martens boots.

Are Doc Marten socks any good?

Doc Marten socks are good to wear with Doc Marten boots, as they are specifically designed for this purpose. Pair Doc Martens socks with your Doc Martens boots or other tough work boots for additional comfort and durable protection.

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Best socks to wear with doc martens

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