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Are Blundstones Worth It? (My Experience & PHOTOS)

Blundstone is among the most highly regarded boot brands internationally, but these boots are very expensive, and there are a few reports of these boots not being as good as they used to be. Are Blundstone boots worth the money? Is it worth buying these boots even though they are so expensive? How long will they last?

Are Blundstones Worth It

I certainly had these concerns before I tried on my first pair. Here’s my conclusion:

Blundstones are worth it. These boots are costly, but they are well worth the price. Blundstone boots are exceptionally well-made, comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. With good care and maintenance, they can last longer than a decade. They are less expensive than similar brands.

Blundstone boots have a good reputation and are a premium product, but looking into the real-life quality, durability, and worth of these boots before buying them is worthwhile. Do they live up to their reputation? Are these boots even good? Let’s find out!

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My Experience

I’m a long term fan of the Blundstone brand and have owned several pairs over the years, so it’s pretty obvious that I think they are worth the money.

Right now I’m breaking in a new pair of the original 500 Chelsea boots, that you can see in the below photo:

How my 500 Chelsea boots look on me.

I’ll cut right to the chase and give 3 reasons I think Blundstone boots are ‘worth it’ for me:

  1. They are high quality and it shows. Their soles are tough and durable. They last a long time and feel really comfortable when they are properly broken in.
  2. They look great with most outfits, which means I get a lot of use out of them. They are a solid look and add a bit of style. Plus they are easy to slip on – no laces.
  3. I can wear them for a range of outings, from drinks at the bar to walking my dog. Their versatility is key for me.

If you like the look of my originals, check out their current price for yourself here.

Of course all of this is dependant on your own personal circumstances. If Blundstones don’t fit your budget, or if you can’t picture them matching with any of your clothes, they might not be worth it for you personally.

The Blundstone range is impressive, and they offer something for everyone depending on your needs. Want to wear them on tough terrains? Go for their all-terrain boots. If you need them for work their work boot range is excellent. Or if you want them for casual wear like me, their classic Chelsea boots are ideal.

Here’s a video of me wearing my Blundstones, so you can get a good look at how they fit:

A video of me showing my Blundstones.

Before grabbing your first pair, check out my Blundstone sizing guide: Blundstone Sizing Guide (Inc. Size Charts).

Are Blundstones Worth It?

Blundstone boots have developed a good reputation over the years and are desirable. These boots are considered durable and hard-wearing, stylish, and have a reputation for lasting a long time, but are these claims true? And they worth it?

According to reports and reviews from people (and my own experience) who have owned Blundstone boots for many years, they are worth it. These boots are expensive, as they can cost a few hundred dollars for a pair, but they are made from high-quality leather and materials and designed to last several years. 

These boots are expensive, but they are worth the money. There are several types of Blundstone boots, which are all well-made, comfortable, and durable. 

However, some Blundstones are more durable than others. The wide range of Blundstone boots includes dress boots, regular Chelsea boots, and work boots. If you seek the best value for your money and the most durable Blundstones, buying the most durable pair is best. 

The Blundstone work boots are far more durable and long-lasting than any others from the range and provide the best value for the money. These boots are slightly less expensive than some fancier boots from the range, which adds to the value. 

With that said, the more stylish or regular Blundstones are still made from premium materials and to a high standard of quality, which means that they are also worth buying.

A close up of the leather upper on my Blundstones.

These boots are, in fact, not as expensive as other boot brands that are made to a similar quality, and so Blundstones are generally considered to be excellent value for money, especially when compared to other boots in a similar price range. 

There are some important considerations regarding these boots, such as the fact that they must be maintained to last as long as possible, the insoles will need to be replaced regularly, and the soles are difficult to replace, but if you wear your Blundstones in rotation with other shoes, they are sure to last you a very long time. 

Blundstones are also well-known for being very comfortable, depending on the shape of your feet, which further increases the value you get from these boots. 

If you are undecided about buying a pair and are concerned that they are not worth the money, you can rest assured that these boots are worth buying and are good value for the money.

How Long Do Blundstones Last?

Blundstones are made from high-quality materials and are made to a high standard of quality when manufactured. We have established that these boots are good value for money and worthwhile buying, but how long can you expect a pair to last in the real world?

The longevity of Blundstones, as any boots, depends on how they are used, how they are taken care of, and the environments they are worn in. 

These boots are very durable, especially those made for hard work, such as the Blundstone work boots, but they will only last as long as they are maintained. 

According to the Blundstone website, these boots are designed to last between 2 and 7 years, depending on how they are maintained. However, there are several user reports of boots lasting longer than a decade when they are properly maintained. 

The first component of these boots to wear out are the insoles, which need to be replaced regularly depending on how often the boots are used. The insoles typically only last a year or two, but they are straightforward to replace and require no special tools or skills to remove and install. 

Besides the insoles, Blundstone boots must be maintained by properly cleaning, oiling, and weatherproofing. There are several methods for this, but general leather-type maintenance is the best for these boots. 

More in-depth maintenance must be done by a cobbler to ensure that these boots last for as long as possible. The soles of Blundstone boots are replaceable, but due to the design of the boots and the way the soles are attached, not all cobblers are able to replace them.

A close up of the Blundstone sole design.

There are specialized cobblers that can replace the soles of these boots and even replace them with more durable soles than the standard fitted Blundstone soles, which further increases their longevity. 

The rest of the boot is unlikely to wear out, provided it is properly maintained and not torn by extremely rough wear. These boots are very durable and are unlikely to break easily, even after the original soles have worn out.

A good set of Blundstones that are well maintained are likely to last many years. The inner and outer soles may need to be replaced, but so long as the boots are cleaned, oiled, and weatherproofed, they are likely to last longer than a decade, depending on how often they are worn.

What Makes Blundstones Good?

Blundstones are good value and worth buying, and these boots have earned a good reputation, but what makes them so good? Why do people like Blundstone boots so much?

There are several aspects and attributes of Blundstones that make them good boots. They are made to be as durable as possible for the price, made from the best possible materials for the price, and very comfortable as well. 

They can be worn in any environment, they can be used for various tasks, they are very protective, they can be worn with almost any outfit, and they look great. 

These boots are timeless, stylish, durable, well-made, long-lasting, and excellent value for the money. Here are some of the characteristics of Blundstones that make them good. 

  • Durable.
  • Made from good materials.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good value for money.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Can be worn in any weather.
  • Stylish.
  • Can be used in any environment. 
  • Ethically and sustainably made.
  • Last for many years with proper care.
  • Repairable. 
  • Internationally available. 

These characteristics have earned Blundstone the excellent reputation the company enjoys and promote trust in the brand. These boots are worthwhile, and they are a safe choice to spend your money on. 

Why Do Blundstones Cost So Much?

Blundstones are good boots, but they are still very expensive compared to some other brands. These boots are durable and comfortable, but why do they cost as much as they do?

Blundstones can cost several hundred dollars, especially when shipping is accounted for. This high price is simply because these boots are made from high-quality materials and are made to a very high standard. 

The truth is, these boots are very reasonably priced for what they are. These are very high-quality boots, very well-made, and with an excellent brand reputation. They should be more expensive than they are. 

However, Blundstone has cleverly outsourced the construction and manufacture of their boots to locations where manufacturing costs are less expensive. 

They have managed to maintain the high standard of quality and comfort, and this practice allows them to keep the price of the footwear as low as possible. 

If you explore other boots on the market that are made to a similar level of quality to Blundstones, you will likely find that they are significantly more expensive. Blundstones are expensive boots, but they could be priced much higher. The cost of these boots is fair for the quality. 

Are Blundstones As Good As They Used To Be?

Another commonly asked question among those considering buying a pair of Blundstone boots is whether or not these boots are as good as they used to be before the company outsourced the manufacturing of the boots to Asia. 

Blundstone is a Tasmanian company that was established in 1870. The boots were manufactured in Tasmania and New Zealand for decades, but the production of Blundstone footwear was outsourced to Thailand and India in 2007. This has led to concerns related to the quality of the boots. 

However, Blundstone has maintained high production quality, and the boots have not decreased in quality since the outsourcing occurred. The boots have been made in Asia for more than 15 years as of the time of writing, and there is yet to be a quality issue with the boots. 

Blundstone boots maintain a high level of quality to the present day, and potential customers do not need to be concerned about the quality of the boots made in Asia, as they are still made to the high standard that Blundstone has established over decades. 


Blundstone boots are exceptionally well made, very durable, long-lasting, and good value for money. If you want the best Chelsea boots for the price or boots that will last you a decade with care, Blundstone boots are a great option. 

If you take care of your boots and use do not beat them up too much, they are likely to last you longer than almost any shoes, which means that Blundstones are well worthwhile. I love wearing them and would recommend them to anyone.