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Blundstone Sizing Guide (Inc. Size Charts)

Blundstones have been around forever and a day and they are tried and tested, but if you are new to the rugged Blundstone brand you’re likely unfamiliar with the sizing of these tough boots. They are super cool and very comfy, but there’s no point in buying the best shoes that don’t fit as they should, so the big question is, are Blundstones true to size?

Blundstone Sizing

Blundstone is a Tasmanian shoe brand that is true to size, but its sizing is Australian. Blundstone boots are generously proportioned, and their classic range comes with a set of insoles you can use if your feet are very narrow.

In my experience I find Blundstones fit true to size. Here’s a photo of my original 500 Chelsea boots on me, so you can see how they fit:

An image of me showing the fit of my Blundstones.

They feel great, the toe box doesn’t pinch and the fit around my heel is ideal. At first they do feel a little bit stiff, which I want to mention, but this is totally normal and they’ll soften with wear.

For an even better look at how they fit, here’s a video of me wearing them and discussing their sizing:

A video of me wearing Blundstones and discussing their sizing.

Take a look at the current price of Blundstones here.

I have featured an Australian-to-U.S. conversion chart in this post, to help you out if you need it (keep scrolling and you’ll see it).

Blundstone sells a million boots annually, and they’re stylish and work on all terrains. Once you’ve worn your first pair, there will be no going back, but like any leather shoe getting the size right is the one thing you must do before you start trailblazing. Here’s the sizing lowdown on the boots from Down Under.

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They Fit The Way They Say They Will

Blundstones are the best when it comes to sizing. They’re true to size. You won’t be faced with the schlepp of exchanging boots or changing sizes if you follow the instructions provided on their website. 

What’s great about Blundstone sizing is that the boots have a generous fit, so if your feet are wide, they’ve got you covered. Suppose you are narrow-footed, your brand-new boots come standard with an extra insole that you slot into your boots, and you’re good to go. 

The insoles are perfectly sized to fit snugly into your shoe, and you won’t need to fiddle around with different size insoles and heel grips.

Take Five Steps To Find Your Fit

Size is everything when buying new shoes, especially when purchasing online. A fraction of an inch can be the difference between comfort and constriction. 

With Blundstone, length matters most. Because shoe width won’t be an issue, your focus must be on getting the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the tips of your toes spot on.

Blundstone Sizing
An image showing the fit of the Blundstone toebox.

Enlist help from a friend; this way, you’ll get the most accurate measurement. These measurements decide whether your feet will love your boots or wish you hadn’t bought them.

Perfectly tracing the outline of your foot is a challenging thing to do. To measure most accurately, the only way to do this is to stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Bending down to measure your foot will lift your heel slightly and put unnatural pressure on your foot, distorting the shape. 

To get this do-or-die part of shoe buying out of the way, get your friend some sturdy paper (cardboard is best) and a pencil and start measuring. It is important to measure both feet. Most people have one foot slightly longer than the other, which could necessitate going up a shoe size. Use an A4 size paper. Anything bigger makes it difficult to draw on and easier to scrunch up.

Follow these five easy steps to find the perfect fit:

  1. Measure your feet on a flat hard surface that allows the paper to remain completely flat on the floor without denting or crinkling.
  2. Plant your feet firmly on the paper and stand as you normally would.
  3. Trace the outline of your foot, ensuring that you trace perfectly along its edges and your pencil doesn’t slip under your foot while drawing. 
  4. Use the measurement from the tip of the longest toe to where your heel protrudes most. 
  5. Measuring in centimeters provides the most accurate measurement because this metric is divided into smaller units than inches and takes the guesswork out of deciding on shoe size. 

Sum Up Your Size

The Blundstone size chart doesn’t include actual foot measurements, so use the chart below to find your correct U.S. size. Blundstones are in Australian sizes, so you must reference the size guide to find your perfect U.S. size before converting to A.U. sizes. Men’s and women’s U.S. sizes vary, so use the correct size to the chart to match your measurements. 

If you buy shoes in a store, the size shown under the boot is Australian. 

Men’s Size Chart

Men’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Women’s Size Chart

Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Most of the Blundstone range is Unisex. Use this chart to convert sizes for men and women bearing in mind that unisex sizes do differ slightly from standard sizing.

Men U.S. SizeWomen U.S. SizeMen/Women AU/UK SizeMen/WomenE.U. Size
Australian Size Conversion Chart

Now you’ve got your size, head on over to their official Amazon store here to check out the prices.

Kids’ U.S. Size Chart

Kid’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Kids’ Conversion Chart

Kids’ U.S. SizeKids’ AU/UK SizeKids’ E.U. Size
Kid’s Australian Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Whether you’ve shopped for shoes in a shoe store or made a purchase online, you are best off trying your Blundstones at the end of the day when your feet have worked their hardest and are possibly slightly swollen. Try them on with the same socks or tights you’ll wear.

Send Them South If The Size Isn’t Suitable

Fortunately, Blundstones have an effective returns policy; if you return your boots within 30 days, they’ll gladly refund you. They do not exchange boots but rather give you back your money so that you can choose a better size option or even buy a different style.

An image with Blundstones and their shoebox, which you’ll need for your return.

Their website has clear return instructions and a simple link you click to start the process. You do need your order number handy, so don’t lose it. 

The refund policy states that your boots must be unworn in the original shoe box as well as the shipping packaging. They suggest trying your shoes on a carpeted surface so that the sole doesn’t get marked, and you can return them without hassles. 

If your shoes look worn, or the soles are marked, you won’t be entitled to a refund, and they’ll return your boots. 

Top Tips To Tap Into

To make sure you buy the right size, Blundstone has some tips for you:

  • Even though the boots have a generous fit, if your feet are particularly wide, go a half size up to be safe. 
  • Bear in mind that these are pull-on boots. They will initially feel snug on the top of your fit because they are slip-ins and not laced. Fortunately, your boots have special tabs that allow you to grip the top of your shoes as you slide your feet in. Your shoes will stretch out over the bridge of your foot when you’ve worn them in. The Classic Series is wider than the other ranges, so buy the Classics if you plan on wearing super thick socks. 
  • Blundstone Originals are narrower than the Classics and are lined with cotton or cambrelle. The leather is thicker in this range and will be a tighter fit. 
  • The Dress Shoe Range is slightly longer than the standard Blundstones. You can go down a size to compensate for the length, but consider whether you need the extra width before you do. This won’t affect how you measure, but make sure you don’t use measurements bigger than your foot’s outline. 
  • There should be space for movement in the heel; even if your boots stretch, you will still be rubbed raw if the heels are too tight. The front of your shoe should be a quarter of an inch longer than your foot, no less, to give your toes some space to move. There’s nothing worse than walking around with your toes pushing against the front of your shoes. 
  • Blundstones don’t stretch lengthwise. 
  • Suppose you have a very high arch; you may find that your boot continues to rub against the top of your foot. In this case, rather buy a half size wider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Blundstones Stretch Enough To Make Them Comfortable?

If you have meticulously measured your shoe size and sized up if your feet are extra wide, your shoes will mold to your feet after wearing them. If your foot bulges over the shoe’s base, they are too small, and you will need a bigger size. 

What Must I Do If I Buy A Size Too Small?

There are ways to stretch your shoes effectively if they’re too narrow, but you may never get them to the exact size if they are tight. Your best solution is to stretch your boots professionally if normal wear doesn’t do the trick. 


Blundstones are made in Tasmania and are measured in Australian sizes. Carefully measure your feet at the end of the day and determine your correct U.S. Size. The Blundstone website’s sizing guide converts U.S. to Australian shoe sizes. Blundstones are true to size, and the website provides additional sizing information and tips to assist you.