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How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add? (PHOTOS & Height Chart)

Doc Martens are a timeless boot that are worn for work and fashion purposes alike. If you’ve not tried on a pair before, it’s hard to know how much height Doc Martens add. It certainly crossed my mind before I got my own.

There are so many designs in the brand’s range too, which makes things even more complicated if you’re shopping for a boot that makes you taller – which should you get?

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add

I’ve been wearing Docs for over 10 years and have enjoyed many of their designs, and the height they add. In this guide I’ll be breaking down how much height you can expect from different Doc Martens boots, including pictures and a video of my personal favorite pair, so you can get a good visual of how they look on me.

I have also included an ‘added height chart’ for the most popular Docs boots; the 1460s, so you can see quickly how much taller they’ll make you personally.

Doc Martens boots have various sole heights depending on the design model. Docs add anything from 1 1/8 inches with their lowest platform to 2 1/4 inches for their highest (source). The Doc Martens brand designs various platforms for their boots and shoes range, but rest assured each design features their traditional Goodyear-welted heat-sealed soles that provide excellent quality and durability.

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add
An image showing me measuring the soles of my Doc Martens 1460s

As you can see in the above image my classic 1460 boots add 1 1/8 inches (2.8 cm) of height to my frame.

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Here’s an added height chart for the 1460 boots, so you can see quickly how much taller they’ll make you:

Your starting heightYour height when wearing Doc Martens 1460s (rounded down to the nearest inch)
5ft 5″5ft 6″
5ft 6″5ft 7″
5ft 7″5ft 8″
5ft 8″5ft 9″
5ft 9″5ft 10″
5ft 10″5ft 11″
5ft 11″6ft
6ft6ft 1″
6ft 1″6ft 2″
A table showing the height increase benefited when wearing Doc Martens 1460s.

I’ve also included a video of me wearing them and discussing the height added:

A video of me measuring the height of my Doc Martens

Originally regarded as a humble work boot, Doc Martens have evolved into a fashionable boot retailer for men and women that offer styles that vary greatly, particularly in height. Each boot category has height variations, and it should be noted the women’s range adds a little more height than the men’s collection.

Let’s get in to a design/height breakdown…

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How Much Height Do Different Doc Martens Designs Add?

Most Doc Martens’ platforms range between 1.2 and 1.75 inches tall except the 2.2-inch-tall Jadon Max, which made its debut in 2020. While men’s and unisex platforms are typically 1.5 inches tall, Doc Martens Women’s platforms range from 1.75 inches to 2.2 inches. The Silhouette line of Doc Martens’ platforms typically measures 1.57 inches high.

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Doc Martens have a very large following, and many of their shoes and boots are loved since they add height without compromising stability. If you have ever tried a pair of stilettos, you know that they are not easy to walk in (I find them so uncomfy!), but Doc Martens found a way to make walking with added height a pleasure.

Since Doc Martens debuted in 1947, the brand has grown into one of the most famous footwear companies in the world. Over the decades Doc Martens have expanded their range and designed some of the best and highest platforms on the market. Not all Doc Martens have the same sole height, however, as discussed.

Here are five of the sole types Doc Martens use in their designs and their different heights:

The Classic DMS Sole

The basic DMS pattern is the most well-known platform created by Doc Martens decades ago and is still utilized in most of their boots. The DMS sole is exclusive to some of Doc Martens’ most familiar and well-known footwear and is renowned for its traditional tread design and durability. The DMS sole is the foundation of every boot that followed and is the cornerstone of Doc Martens’s platforms.

1460 Women’s Smooth Leather Lace-Up Boots

The air-cushioned, Goodyear Welted sole of the 1460 original Doc Martens eight-eye boot is comfortable and sturdy. The 1460 Doc Martens Women’s boot has been a signature design for the company for many years and has proven that its classic rugged look is as popular now as it was in the past. The original cushioned sole of the 1460 Doc Martens adds 1 1/8 inches in height.

1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes

The Doc Martens Original 1461 three-eye shoe is renowned for its versatility and ruggedness. The 1461 platform is a signature Doc Martens design, and the brand only added the three-eye upper to give it that simplistic look for those who want something different. The Goodyear-welted heat-sealed sole of the 1461 design offers excellent comfort and adds 1 1/8 inches of height.

Adrian Smooth Leather Tassel Loafers

Doc Martens Adrian’s loafer design is inspired by subcultures in the 70s and is still as popular as ever. The unchanged Doc Martens has the famous Goodyear-Welted design, and after almost five decades, it still boasts in every aspect of being a durable, stylish Doc. The Adrian is a slight twist on the Classic Doc Martens and will add 1 1/8 inches in height. 

The Bex Chunky Sole

If you like Doc Martens but wish they had a little more height, you will be happy to know that the company took the lead with the Bex Chunky Sole. Doc Martens developed the taller Bex Chunky Sole by taking the popular DMS sole and giving it a bit extra height and ruggedness. The Bex sole’s height is between the standard and a full-blown platform.

1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boots

The air-cushioned, Goodyear Welted sole of the 1460 Bex Doc Martens eight-eye boot has all the things you love about the standard 1460 with added height. The Bex Chunky Sole of the 1460 design is not Doc Martens’s highest platform, but it is eye-catching and a pleasure to wear. The original cushioned sole of the 1460 Bex Chunky Sole Doc Martens adds 1 3/8 inches in height.

1461 Bex Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes

Since the added height of the Bex Chunky Sole worked so well with the 1460 design, Doc Martens decided to do the same for the 1461 Docs and gave them a lift. The Doc Martens Original 1461 Bex three-eye adds even more height and ruggedness. The Goodyear- heat-sealed sole on the 1461 Bex Chunky Sole raises the shoe 1 3/8 inches.

8065 II Bex Smooth Leather Platform Mary Jane Shoes

The 8065 II Doc Marten, better known as the Mary Jane, is a silhouette design with a Bex Chunky Sole that is durable and comfortable with a classic T-bar fastener. The Mary Jane is all Doc Marten from heel to toe, and its less decorative design will add 1 3/8 height with its Commando tread.

I love my Mary Janes, here’s a picture of me measuring the sole of mine:

How Much Height Do Doc Martens Mary Janes Add
An image of me measuring the sole of my Doc Martens Mary Janes.

The Lightweight Platform Sole

A common problem with larger-than-life high heels is that it becomes heavy and uncomfortable. Doc Martens’s towering platform design is lightweight, and the company continues with its ability to up the scales with higher platforms and eye-catching styles.

Audrick 20-Eye Leather Knee High Platform Boots

Doc Martens Quad Neoteric platform is a lightweight two-part sole with exaggerated cleats that give you height, comfort, and style. The Quad Neoteric sole incorporates the classic DMS Goodyear Welted design with EVA technology and adds 1 7/8 inches in height.

Audrick Nappa Leather Platform Shoes

The Audrick Nappa is a comfortable high-platform shoe manufactured by Doc Marten, and if you are looking for a lightweight shoe that adds that little extra height, you will love it. Constructed with a two-part sole design and EVA tech for comfort, you can expect the best from Doc Martens Audrick Nappa. The Audrick Nappa sole includes the DMS Goodyear Welted design and adds 1 7/8 inches in height.

Ricki Nappa Lux Leather 3-Strap Platform Sandals

The Ricki Nappa Lux has Doc Martens Quad Neoteric platform, and its adjustable fit and deep cleats make this one of the brand’s most comfortable designs. Also known as the Ricki 3-strap, these Docs have the EVA technology and PVC outsole and add 1 7/8 height.

The Quad Platform Sole

Doc Martens pushes the limits with the Quad Platform Sole, which towers above almost all their other shoes. The Quad Platform design empowers those who love that extra distance between them and the ground with every step they take. The Quad Platform Sole gives extreme height without compromising comfort, durability, or style; it is one of the brand’s most stylish soles.

Jadon Boot Smooth Leather Platforms

When you wear a pair of Jadon’s, you feel its glamor on your feet. With its classic DMS design and PVC outsole, this eight-eye silhouette shoe has a chunky commando tread that gives it a rugged yet stylish aesthetic. The Jadon smooth leather boot is constructed with Doc Martens Goodyear-welted lines, stands tall, and adds 2 inches of height. 

8053 Leather Platform Casual Shoes

Doc Martens casual five-eye 8053’s are as comfortable as they come, and its high platform proves that it still gives you all the benefits of a comfy shoe with that added height. Doc Martens 8053 casual shoe has all the trademarks, including the Good-year welt and visible stitching, and adds 2 inches of height.

Adrian Leather Platform Tassel Loafers

Doc Martens jumped at the opportunity to produce a higher platform loafer and gave their Adrian Tassel Loafer additional height. It is still the same Adrian loafer manufactured since the 70s that boasts comfort and style with all Doc Martens characteristics. But this 80s addition gives a little more to the platform and adds 2 inches of height.

The Quad Max Platform Sole

When you think that Doc Martens cannot produce a higher platform, they surprise you with the Quad Max Platform Sole. The brand spared no expense with the Quad Max Platform design to give their followers an even higher heel to stand on. Until Doc Martens decides to push the boundaries again, the Quad Max Platform Sole, with its Bex tread pattern, is the highest platform in their range.

1460 Pascal Max Leather Platform Boots

If your idea is to be noticed, the 1460 Pascal Max will deliver. Doc Martens gave the 1460 Pascal Max everything you want in a high boot, including comfort, durability, and style. The Pascal Max is designed to promote their iconic platform for the ones brave enough to add 2 ¼ inches to their height.

Jadon Max Boot Women’s Platforms

If you desire to walk in the clouds, the Jadon Max for women is what you need, and it will allow you to stand tall every day. Doc Martens designed the Jadon Max for women and gave it everything a woman desires in a high-platform boot. The Max for women comes with all the qualities that Docs are known for and will add 2 ¼ inches to your height.

Sinclair Max Pisa Leather Platform Boots

The Doc Martens Sinclair Max Pisa is another beautiful boot with a laces and front zip fastening design. The Sinclair Max delivers all the comfort and durability you expect from a top-quality Doc Martens shoe. The Sinclair boot’s elevated design brings new heights with Doc Martens Goodyear-welted lines. The Doc Martens Sinclair Max Pisa boot is stylish and adds a staggering 2 ¼ inches of height.


Whether you like a little extra height or enjoy full on platform boots Doc Martens have a boot for you. The brand have been making boots with durable soles since the 1940s, making the the perfect timeless boot of choice if you’d like to add some height to your frame.

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