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Do Timberlands Make You Taller? (Height Chart & PHOTOS)

Timberlands have been around since 1973 and are hugely popular, with many declaring the original ‘Yellow Boot’ as the reigning king of work boots. It has a bulky appearance with a lugged sole for comfort and a bit of a lift, which adds some height to your frame – but exactly how much?

Do Timberlands make you taller

Timberland boots, like many other boot brands, can make you appear taller. Depending on the specific style of Timberlands you wear, the shoes can add 1.25-1.75 inches to your height. So, for example, if you are 5,6 inches tall, you can seem closer to 5,8 inches if you wear Timberlands.

Personally I find my Timberland 6″ Premium Boots add a nice bit of subtle height when I wear them out, without looking like platforms. Here’s how they look on me:

Do Timberlands make you taller
A photo of me wearing my 6″ Premium Timberland Boots.

These classic boots from the Timberland range add 1.5 inches of height, as you can see from my measurement in the below image:

A photo showing the 1.5″ outsole height measurement on the 6″ Premium Timberland Boots.

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If you were to get the same boots as me (the classics), here’s how much of a height increase you can expect when wearing them:

Your starting heightYour height when wearing Timberlands (rounded up to the nearest inch)
5ft 5″5ft 7″
5ft 6″5ft 8″
5ft 7″5ft 9″
5ft 8″5ft 10″
5ft 9″5ft 11″
5ft 10″6ft
5ft 11″6ft 1″
6ft6ft 2″
6ft 1″6ft 3″
A table showing the height increase benefited when wearing Timberlands.

Timberland boots add more height than Timberlands shoes since the outer and inner soles of the boots are thicker. This feature assists in protecting your feet, resisting the elements, and navigating different terrains.

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Which Timberlands Make You Taller? 

All Timberlands can add to your height, but the difference would be barely noticeable. However, their boots are an exception.

All Timberland boots with lugged soles can add an average of 1.5 inches to your height, regardless of whether you are wearing the brand’s work boots, hiking boots, or outdoor boots. Besides adding to your size, all Timberland’s boot soles are made with injection-molded rubber to give you decent grip, durability, and waterproofing.

Out of all the Timberland boot styles, the Steel Toe Work Boot range (e.g., Timberland Pit Boss 6”) gives you the most significant lift, making you seem 1.75 inches taller.

Examples of other men’s Timberland boots that can add 1.5 or more inches to your height include:

  • Timberland Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot 
  • Timberland PRO® 8” Boondock Comp-Toe Waterproof Work Boot 
  • Timberland PRO® 26011 Direct Attach 8” Soft-Toe 

Examples of women’s Timberland boots that make you appear 1-2 inches taller include:

  • Timberland Women’s 6” Allington Lace Boots 
  • Timberland Kinsley Boots
  • Timberland Euro Hiker Women’s Waterproof Fur-Lined Boot 
  • Timberland Sky 6 Inch Lace-Up Boot 

Do 6” Timberlands Make You 6” Taller?

The 6” Timberland boot range (e.g., Premium Heritage 6 Inch Boot or Rugged Waterproof II 6 Inch) will not add six inches to your height. 

6” Timberlands were named after the boot height, which measures 6 inches from the boot’s base to the top. The same applies to Timberlands’ other inch-titled boots, like the 8” or 14” boots. It is not the number of inches of lift that you will get when wearing them. On average, they will only make you about 1.5 inches taller.

Do 14” Timberlands Make You Look Taller?

Taller boots like knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots make a person’s legs look longer and thus make you appear taller. Similarly, 14” Timberland boots work well on shorter people since they create the illusion of increased height. Timberland’s 14” range includes the Premium 14-inch Boot For Women.

Adding Insoles To Your Timberland for Extra Height

If your Timberland boots are a few years old and worn, consider replacing their insoles. Not only is it good for your feet to replace insoles every so often, but it will also add to your height – albeit minor. The best you could hope for, depending on the type of insole, is about half an inch. 

You can purchase the following insoles separately (for men and women) for between $25-$35: 

  • Timberland PRO® Performance Anti-Fatigue Insoles 
  • Timberland Anti-Fatigue Technology Insoles
  • Timberland PRO® Anti-Fatigue Technology Insoles

Your Timberlands are designed to feel comfortable. Only be tempted to add up to 1-2 pairs of insoles to your Timberland boots to make you look taller. Three or more insoles will make it harder for your foot to fit correctly, leaving you with blisters and calluses.

Benefits Of Timberland Boots (Besides Making You Taller)

Timberlands have a massive following of people that swear by them. They are even popular enough for celebrities to strut their stuff in them, like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Jennifer Lopez. So, the big question is: what’s the fuss all about?


Timberlands are incredibly stylish and attractive. It looks rugged and manly, yet sophisticated (depending on how you dress them up). The yellowish-brown color is also distinct and memorable, strengthening the Timberland brand with consumers.  

Timberland has taken the visual appeal of its design one step further, collaborating with various fashion houses to broaden its clientele. These fashion house collaborations include Jimmy Choo and Tommy Hilfiger, stating that Timberlands can be a worthy participant in high-end fashion. 


Timberlands have a diverse appeal, with a broad spectrum of people wearing them, from hip-hop musicians to construction workers. This is no surprise since Timberlands are both comfortable yet stylish enough for work, when you are going out, or when you are active (e.g., hiking). 


The classic 6” Timberlands boots are made with nubuck fabric. This fabric has a suede finish but is a top-grain leather that is a more durable and water-resistant fabric than suede. This makes Timberland nubuck boots suitable for winter since they can better withstand the elements. 

Popular waterproof Timberland boots for men include:

  • Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot 
  • Timberland Splitrock Nubuck Mid Hiker 
  • Timberland Adventure 2.0 Cupsole Chukka 
  • Timberland Stormbucks Chelsea Boot 
  • Timberland Premium Heritage 6 Inch Boot 

Popular waterproof Timberland booths for women include:

  • Timberland Hannover Hill Chelsea Boots 
  • Timberland Premium 6” Waterproof Boots 
  • Timberland Premium 6” Puffer Boots 
  • Timberland Heritage 6” Boots


Since 2007, Timberland has made a conscious effort to implement more sustainable practices. This allowed them to introduce Timberland’s Earthkeepers® Edition (for women, men, and children), a range of footwear that boasts some of the brand’s most responsible products. Each piece in the Earthkeepers® collection is made from environmentally friendly materials, like organic cotton, recycled rubber, and eco-conscious leather.

Timberlands Sizing And Fit

So, after being sufficiently convinced that Timberland is a reputable brand, you need to find a pair of boots with the right fit, which is paramount to getting the best out of them. 

Timberland boots are perfect year-round but particularly in winter. So, when you buy them, consider the thickness of the socks you will be wearing to ensure you get a size that will fit you comfortably. 

Timberlands typically run true to size, so your usual size will be the correct size when buying these boots. If unsure, you can access the size guide on the Timberland website to confirm the measurements. Or you can check out my size guide here: Do Timberlands Run Big? (Sizing Chart & PHOTOS).

Having said that, although it’s tempting to purchase shoes online. Still, trying them on in person is always better to ensure the proper size fit. Here are some guidelines for fitting boots:

  • Check that your laces are about one inch apart on top. Closer together might indicate that the boot is too big. Too wide or far apart, and they might be too small.
  • Pay attention to the heel cup. Your heels should be kept from moving around in your boots. The size is incorrect if your heel doesn’t fit snugly but moves up and down when you walk or climb stairs.
  • Consider toe room. Your toes should be as close to the front of your boot as possible without touching them.
  • Get a tight fit initially since your boots will break in.


All Timberland footwear will make you seem taller – some styles just more than others. Try the Steel Toe, PRO®, and other winter range boots for the most significant lift. Besides adding to your height, the upsides to having Timberlands are that they are visually appealing, multi-purpose, waterproof, and durable.

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