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Do Air Forces Make You Taller? (Height Chart & PHOTOS)

Air Forces are one of the most popular sneakers, and most people own at least one pair. With their sleek and simple design, you may notice a subtle bit of height at the heel. But if you’ve not owned a pair before you might be wondering do Air Forces actually make you taller, and if so, by how much?

Do Air Forces Make You Taller

The insoles of Air Forces sit below the highest point of the outsole, so they appear higher than they are. For this reason, Air Force 1s do make you taller when you wear them. Air Forces will make you 1.4 inches taller (around 3.6 cm). Upon wearing the insoles may become lower over time due to your weight compressing the materials, taking away some height so please keep this in mind.

Do Air Force 1s Make You Taller
A photo showing the measurement of the Air Force 1s sole.

I’ve included a chart that will tell you quickly how much height increase you can expect when wearing AF1s here:

Your Starting heightYour Height When Wearing Air Force 1s
5 ft5 ft 1″
5 ft 1″5 ft 2″
5 ft 2″5 ft 3″
5 ft 3″5 ft 4″
5 ft 4″5 ft 5″
5 ft 5″5 ft 6″
5 ft 6″5 ft 7″
5 ft 7″5 ft 8″
5 ft 8″5 ft 9″
5 ft 9″5 ft 10″
5 ft 10″5 ft 11″
5 ft 11″6 ft
6 ft6 ft 1″
6 ft 1″6 ft 2″
6 ft 2″6 ft 3″
A table showing the height increase benefited when wearing Air Force 1s.

In my experience AF1s add height to your frame in a subtle way. They don’t look like platforms by any means, and only add a little bit of height, in a way that makes you look taller naturally.

Get your own pair of Air Force 1s here.

Here’s how mine look on me:

Do Air Force 1s Make You Taller
A photo showing the measurement of additional height Air Force 1s add when worn.

If you’re looking for a sneaker that will give you some height, you should definitely consider a fresh pair of Air Forces. Keep reading as we discuss how much height you can expect from Air Forces and why they add height!

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How Much Height Can You Expect From Air Forces?

It’s well known that Nike sneakers make people appear slightly taller. This is especially the case with Air Forces, which are Nike’s most classic and recognizable shoe. Air Forces come in over 100 different designs and are one of the best-selling shoes of all time.

Before you get your first pair, it’s best to know how they’ll fit, which is why I have created this guide: Do Air Force 1s Run Big? ULTIMATE Guide (Photos).

Many people wonder if Air Forces could make you taller, and the short answer is yes, and here’s why. Due to the basic design of Air Forces, such as a padded collar that hugs your feet, high quality breathable material and stitches for support, a lot of thought also went into this shoe’s inner and upper soles. 

The thick outer sole of Air Forces can add about 1.4 inches to your height. This is due to the heel being slightly raised at the back part of the shoe, and it loses its height closer to the toebox as the sole design slopes downwards to taper aesthetically toward the toes.

This causes many people to think that the outsole of Air Forces is bulky, making it a big and thick shoe, but this isn’t really the case. AF1s are pretty light. To read more about how much they weigh, check out my article: How Much Do Air Force Ones Weigh? (Are They Heavy To Wear?).

This is why Air Forces give the wearer the impression of being much taller, but it doesn’t add so much height for you to look abnormally tall.

Due to Air Forces being quite known for their height-giving properties, it makes them the perfect type of shoe for athletes such as basketball players who want to approve their jumping abilities.

It would also be good to note that the larger the shoe, the more height it will add. The largest pair of Air Forces can add around 2 inches of height!

So, Nike Air Forces will serve you well, whether you’re wearing them for fashion or you’re an eager athlete looking to improve your game while wanting to appear just over an inch taller.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at why Nike Air Forces have a reputation for making you taller:

Air Forces Have A Bigger Air Chamber Than Other Shoes

According to Nike, Air Forces have a secret to making you taller. This secret basically lies in the air chamber of the shoe. They have a much larger air chamber than other shoes, including some of Nike’s other shoes as well.

They have an air chamber on the top part of the sole that helps to increase the overall height of the shoe. This feature helps to create a cushion full of air between the lower parts of the sneaker and the top part. 

It creates an upward force that will not only help you to appear taller, but this feature also helps to increase athletes’ abilities to jump further and higher than with other shoes that do not have this feature. 

However, it would be worth noting that this air cushion will work out over time, which means it could collapse when worn frequently. This is mainly due to your weight constantly resting on the sole and the air cushion. 

This could result in your Air Forces making you taller during the first few months you wear them, but the more frequently you wear them, the less height you will receive as the air chamber compresses.

Air Forces Have A Unique Design

Air Force’s sleek and tall design creates an illusion, making the wearer appear much taller. 

Nike Air Forces look much taller and more slimming than some of their other counterparts.

Air Forces Have Added Height At Their Heels

The average heel height of Air Forces is 1.4, which plays a huge role in making you taller. Like high heels with a raised heel and toe, Air Forces use this idea to create a sneaker to make the wearer a little taller. 

The higher heel height feature will add a few inches to the total height of Air Forces, making you a bit taller!

Additional Nike Sneakers That Make You Taller

Now that you know that Air Forces will make you taller, you may wonder if any other Nike sneakers have the same effect. The answer is yes, and I have listed a few of them below:

Nike Air Jordan 1

Nike Jordan 1’s are another highly popular shoe, and can make you about 1.83 inches or 2.1cm taller when it’s brand new! These sneakers are known to be the second most popular in the Nike catalog, coming in a close second to Air Forces.

Nike Court Borough

The Nike Court Boroughs are the ideal shoe to add height, and it has a very similar look to Air Forces. However, remember that Nike Court Boroughs will not make you taller than Air Forces. 

It will add about 1.87, or 2.2cm, to your height. Unlike Air Forces, Nike Court Boroughs are also made for running, which could make them a great everyday shoe to make you taller, whether you’re walking in the park or spending time on the track.

Nike Air Max 90

If you want to stay fast and light on your feet while appearing taller, the Nike Air Max 90s have you covered! 

With their sleek and simple shape, they are known to increase running speed while adding a bit of height. These Nike sneakers can add around 1.2 inches or 3.2cm of height when new.

Nike Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1’s were originally designed for professional runners, but many use these shoes as a fashion staple while reaping their benefits of increasing height. Nike Air Max 1’s has a lightweight design and can provide 1.34 inches or 3.4 cm of extra height.

Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270s provides the wearer with many different materials in the sole’s upper part, including nubuck, mesh, and leather. 

Their bulky air unit present in the heel part of the sneaker provides the wearer with more than enough cushioning to remain comfortable while providing some much-needed height. 

When a pair of Nike Air Max 270s are straight out of the box, it can add roughly 1.34 inches or 3.4 inches of height, much similar to the Nike Air Max 1’s.


Whether you like keeping up with trends or are searching for fashionable shoes that can add height and look great with any outfit, Air Forces can provide you with what you need! Along with Air Forces, Nike also has some other high-quality sneakers that will make you taller.

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