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Do Air Force 1s Run Big? ULTIMATE Guide (Photos)

Designed and introduced in 1982, the Nike Air Force One is a basketball sneaker that gradually transformed into a casual sneaker that people wear daily. The Air Force One is well-known in the sneaker industry for being the first basketball sneaker to have Nike Air Technology.

A regular question that comes up for first time Air Force Ones shoppers is do they run bigger than other Nike sneakers?

Do Air Force 1's run big

Nike Air Force Ones are known for running slightly bigger than other Nike sneakers. This is the case with both men’s and women’s sneakers. This is due to the design of their toe box, which provides ample wiggle room giving them a roomy feeling fit. If you have narrow feet or you prefer a tighter fit you may need to size a half size down.

It’s best to double check your foot measurements against the official Nike sizing charts on before you get your first pair of AF1s. They are the highest selling sneakers of all time, so clearly their slightly roomy fit hasn’t put people off! Personally I love their fit, as I go for comfort and wiggle room.

In this article I have included my personal experience with Air Force One sizing, with photos and a video to help you get an idea of how they fit before you get your own pair.

In addition to my own opinions the information in this post was gathered from Nike’s design information and from a sneaker survey done with family and friends who are sneaker lovers and own Air Force Ones themselves.

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Do Nike Air Force Ones Run Big?

Sneaker lovers know the Nike Air Force One is a sneaker that is usually bigger in size when compared to other sneakers (like Converse, Vans and other Nike designs). AF1s typically allow your feet and toes more space than other sneakers of the same size, so if it’s wiggle room you’re after then they will be perfect for you. They’re known for being comfortable and easy to wear.

Here’s what Nike themselves have to say about the Air Force One design, and how it breaks in over time for a comfortable roomy fit:

“It’s really like a high-quality baseball glove that gets better as you wear it. That was the type of experience that we wanted the consumer to have”
– Nike ‘Behind The Design’ (source)

My Experience

In my experience Air Force Ones fit me just fine, with enough space in the toe box for my feet to feel comfortable. I find I can wear them with thick socks and have no problem with them feeling too tight.

Here’s how they look on me:

Do Air Force 1's run big
A photo of me showing how Air Force 1s fit.

Personally I like a roomy fit, so their design is perfect for me. For reference I am a UK women’s size 6 (US size 8) and I purchased my AF1s in my true size.

As you can see in the above image the toe box is slightly wider than other sneakers, like Converse for example. They are more similar to the fit of Old Skool Vans, if you have tried those before.

In the below image you can see I’m showing how the sneaker collar fits, by placing two fingers inside it.

A photo demonstrating how the sneaker collar fits on Air Force 1s.

The sneaker collar is roomy enough to fit your fingers in, up to the first knuckle. It’s not too loose where your heel will feel like it might slip out however. I have slightly narrow heels and I don’t have a slipping problem.

Overall the fit is roomy feeling. In the below photo I have worn two pairs of thick socks with my Air Force Ones to highlight how spacious they fit:

A photo showing the spacious design of Air Force 1s.

If you are concerned they might be too big for you, then size a half size down. I bought my true size because I like the roomy feel, but it’s up to personal preference!

I have also included a sizing guide further in this post for you to use before grabbing your own pair of AF1s, or you can visit to use their official sizing chart.

Here’s a video of me showing how Air Force Ones fit:

Nike Air Force One Size Guide

There are many ways in which you can check what Nike Air Force One size is best for you, using online resources. The Nike official webpage provides measuring and sizing charts to help assist with sizing issues that might occur. These size charts include sizes for men, women, and kids. Knowing the correct sneaker size will help you buy sneakers online without hesitation.

I’ve included my own guide in this post, along with instructions on how to properly measure your feet.

Below is a Nike Air Force One sizing chart I have created, informed by to help you:

Women’s Nike Sneaker Sizes

SizeLength of the foot (inches)

Men’s Nike Sneaker Sizes

SizeLength of the foot (inches)

Below is a sizing chart that sneaker lovers can use to check whether they have narrow, medium, or wide feet. This is the perfect way to see which sneaker size fits best.

Men’s Shoe SizeNarrow FeetMedium FeetWide Feet
Women’s Shoe SizeNarrow FeetMedium FeetWide Feet 

A Guide On Measuring Feet For Air Force Ones

The right sneaker size is essential for good comfort and ease. There is a digital method that you can use to measure your feet as well as a practical way that does not involve an electronic device. I’ve explained how to do both below.

The practical method of measuring your feet involves measuring tape or a ruler, a pencil and a sheet of paper.

A photo demonstrating how to measure feet at home using a pencil, paper and measuring tape.

This method requires you to stand on the paper and mark your heel and longest toe with the pencil. Next, measure the length from your toe to your heel using the measuring tape and note down your measurement in cm and inches.

Using this method, as well as using the sizing chart, will help you choose the correct sneaker size.

The digital method of measuring your feet involves using Nike Fit. Nike Fit is a tool found on the official Nike app. This tool helps sneaker lovers determine what size will best suit them depending on sneaker style, foot measurements, and fit feedback from other sneaker lovers. 

In addition, this digital tool also focuses on personal preferences, which can be beneficial whenever a new sneaker is bought. 

How To Use Nike Fit On The Nike App

  • Download the latest version of the app (Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store)
  • Tap on the preferred sneaker and then select the size
  • Select “Try It”
  • Scan your feet (Feet and heels should be against the wall)

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big (Women’s Guide)

In the sneaker industry, women tend to require smaller sneaker sizes than men. Nike Air Force Ones for women do not have any significant differences in size and style compared to men’s sneakers. However, Nike Air Force Ones for women also tend to run bigger than other Nike sneakers. Therefore, women should consider taking half a size down to get the perfect fit. 

Women’s Nike Air Force Ones are super comfy and usually come in various styles and colors. The sneaker lover survey I conducted revealed that women wear their Nike Air Force Ones more often than men. However, the survey also revealed that women tend to be more reluctant to clean their Nike Air Force One sneakers. Check out their survey in the next section of the article.

Most women believe that the Nike Air Force One is a classic sneaker that can be worn with any outfit. I found that women prefer wearing low-top Nike Air Force Ones instead of the high tops that men prefer.

A Survey

To add to my own experience I also took a survey to see how sneaker lovers find the fit of Nike Air Force Ones, using my friends and family for research. Each sneaker lover was asked five questions about the Nike Air Force Ones.

Below are the questions that I asked in the survey:

  • Do Nike Air Force Ones fit true to size?
  • Are Nike Air Force Ones comfortable?
  • Do you find the Nike measuring and sizing guide helpful? 

Do Nike Air Force Ones Fit True To Size?

As discussed earlier in the post the Nike Air Force One is an air-soled sneaker that usually does not fit to its true size, but runs slightly big. As a result, Nike Air Force Ones can feel different for each person depending on how narrow or wide your feet are. There are also slight differences in sizes regarding men’s and women’s Nike Air Forces Ones.

The men and women who participated in the survey all agreed that Nike Air Force Ones run bigger than other Nike sneakers. As a result, some have to go down half a size while others have to go down one full size. Others, like me, find the roomy fit to feel just find and purchase their usual size. Their sizes depend on how narrow/wide their feet are and the Nike Air Force One type.

The Nike Air Force One is a sneaker that gives your feet and toes space to move. This specific sneaker has much more room in the toe box area than other sneakers of the same brand. Sneaker lovers with narrow feet usually do not get their true size, while sneaker lovers with wider feet opt for their true size. 

A small handful of the surveyed group said they usually choose their actual size because they prefer the roomy fit that the Nike Air Force One offers. These sneaker lovers believe that a pair of socks or insoles can fix the slightly oversized fit.

Are Nike Air Force Ones Comfortable?

All of the surveyed group agree that the Nike Air Force One is a sneaker that provides comfort and style. The Nike Air Technology that comes with the sneaker offers a comfy and easy-to-wear fit. These sneaker lovers use their Nike Air Force Ones daily, just like I do. The Nike Air Force One is considered a comfortable sneaker, but you should choose the correct size. 

The Nike Air Force One was first designed to be a basketball sneaker; therefore, comfort and style were essential. In later years, sneaker lovers began wearing the Nike Air Force One for casual occasions. As a result, many agree that the Nike Air Force One is a sneaker that is comfortable enough to wear for any occasion.

However, a small number of the surveyed group believe that the Nike Air Force One is not the most comfortable sneaker they own. The main reason they found the Nike Air Force One to not be as comfortable as expected is because of the heaviness of the sneaker. Because of this they tend to use their Nike Air Force Ones occasionally and not daily.

Facts About The Nike Air Force One

The Nike Air Force One is a classic sneaker that has become increasingly popular over the years. It seems that everywhere you look you can see someone rocking a fresh pair. Both men and women love this sneaker, adding to it’s timeless appeal.

Below are some facts about the Nike Air Force One that you might not know:

  • Bruce Kilgore designed the Nike Air Force One in 1982 
  • Six NBA players introduced the sneaker 
  • Highest-selling sneaker of all time
  • The sneaker got its name from the United States presidential plane
  • First sneaker to provide comfort and stability for basketball players


Sneaker lovers know the Nike Air Force One as a sneaker that is somewhat bigger in size than other Nike sneakers. The spacious toe box area allows your feet and toes to move freely, and the sneaker collar is roomy but holds your heel nicely in place. Make sure to use the size charts provided above before grabbing your first pair!

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