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Are Air Force 1 Shoes Comfortable? A Review With Photos

When shopping for these instantly recognisable sneakers, it’s normal to wonder if Air Force 1s are actually comfortable? It’s hard to know without trying them on for yourself, especially when shopping online.

Here is a guide to the comfortable of Air Force 1s, written by a long term fan and customer of the brand – me!

Are Air Force 1s Comfortable

I’ll be reviewing their comfort, including everything you need to know plus photos and a video of me in my own pair, so you can eyeball them for yourself. Here is as much helpful info as I can provide for you to read before you make the investment – these sneakers aren’t cheap!

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Are Air Force 1s Comfortable?

Air Force 1s are very comfortable sneakers, made with high quality materials that cushion the feet. They feature a padded sneaker collar, a thick foam midsole and air holes on the toe box for added breath-ability. Some may find the leather upper a little stiff at first, but it becomes super soft and comfortable when broken in (after 2 weeks of wear).

Check out the current price of Air Force 1s at or browse the official Nike Amazon store for any deals here. I like to check out both, in case one is cheaper – that’s my top tip!

In my experience Air Force 1s are comfortable enough to be worn everyday. They are usually what I grab when choosing my sneakers in the morning. I’ve owned several pairs over the years and find they get even better over time as they are worn in a bit.

Here’s what Nike themselves have to say about how Air Force 1s improve over time:

“It’s really like a high-quality baseball glove that gets better as you wear it. That was the type of experience that we wanted the consumer to have”
– Nike, ‘Behind The Design: Nike Air Force 1’ (source)

Here’s how my Air Force 1s look on me:

Are Air Force 1s Comfortable
My Air Force 1s on me

As you can see from the photo the padded sneaker collar sits comfortably on my ankle. It doesn’t rub as I walk, making my Air Force 1s one of my go-to pairs of sneaker for every day use.

Are Air Force 1s Comfortable
Showing the padding on the Air Force 1s

In my experience the sole feels very plush and supports my feet as I walk. It’s also nicely grooved with a spiral design that is iconic to Nike, which prevents slipping and sliding making wearing them feel even more comfortable.

Air Force 1s Sole

The toe box is quite wide which allows for wiggle room. This is super important for me personally as I hate for my toes to feel constricted when I walk.

Showing the width of the Air Force 1s toe box

The toe box also feature perforated holes with allows for air flow inside the sneakers. This reduces heat build up inside the sneakers and the chances of sweaty feet. I always look for good air flow in sneakers as I find it feels very comfortable.

Here is a video of me going into detail about how comfortable they feel:

Air Force 1s are comfortable enough to be worn for extended period of time in my experience.

Are Air Force 1s Comfortable For Walking?

Air Force 1s are comfortable to walk in thanks to their foamy midsole design. Once worn in a bit with a few weeks of wear they become even more comfortable as the leather upper softens and fits to your feet.

When I walk in my Air Force 1s they feel springy and give a nice feeling of support.

They are ideal for casual wear, running errands, short walks with the dog etc, however it must be noted they aren’t designed for long walks or hikes.

If you are going to be tackling difficult, uneven terrain on your walk then stick to proper hiking boots with good grip. Air force 1s do have decent grip, but they are designed for flat surfaces like the sidewalk and basketball courts.

Next let’s look at how to make Air Force 1s even more comfortable…

How To Break In Air Force 1s

To break in your Air Force 1s quickly and make them more comfortable there are a few things you can do:

  1. When your Air Force 1s are not in use place a shoe stretcher inside the shoe and leave in storage for 24hrs. Alternatively you can stuff the air force 1s with balled up socks until the leather strains slightly, if you cannot purchase a shoe stretcher. Make sure to lace up the sneakers as tightly as you can once they are stuffed. Using a shoe stretcher or stuffing the shoes with socks saves your feet doing all the work of breaking them in.
  2. Massage the leather upper to help it soften up if you find it to be too stiff. Gently pull and massage the leather with your hands for 10 minutes at a time, until it begins to soften.
  3. Wear your Air Force 1s around the house before wearing them outdoors. Do this for 1hr at a time, to gently break them in over the course of 1 week.


Thank you for reading this guide on the comfort of Nike Air Force 1s. I hope you now feel confident to purchase your own pair, knowing how they will feel when worn.

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