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Are Converse Comfortable? A 30 Day Review & FAQs

When shopping for Converse we all want to know ‘are Converse comfortable’, before we invest our money on a pair of these iconic sneakers.

In this guide I’ll be answering the question with extended research of customer reviews and reddit forums, along with my own personal 30 day review with a brand new pair of Converse – did I get blisters, or were they buttery soft on my heels? Find out!

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Are Converse Comfortable?

Converse are comfortable sneakers for everyday wear, thanks to their flexible gum rubber soles and soft canvas upper. They are comfortable for running errands and short walks, however they could benefit from an added insole if you require extra arch support.

Here is a video of me going into detail about the comfort and fit of my Low Top and High Top Converse on the Wearably Weird YouTube channel:

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I’ll also be covering different Converse styles later in the post, with an FAQ guide on each styles comfort (scroll to the end of the article for this!).

But for now, let’s talk in detail about the comfort of Converse low tops and high tops. Here’s a break down of the features of the sneakers, and their relative comfort:

  • The sole: the inner soles and outsoles of Converse sneakers are bendy and flexible, which makes for a comfortable step. Stiff soles cause pain in the feet, so it’s always best to look for high quality rubber soles on sneakers. The Converse sole is made with gum rubber, which conforms to the foot nicely.
  • The Canvas feel: at first the canvas material Converse are made with can feel stiff, however it softens quickly after a few wears and molds to the shape of your feet. This leaves a comfortable feel around the foot.
  • Breathability: Converse are breathable shoes, and feature little eyelets on the sides for additional air flow. Breathability is a huge comfort factor, as nobody likes hot, sweaty feet!
  • The toe box: the toe box can feel a little narrow at first if you have wide feet, however like the sole the toe box is made with high quality rubber that will stretch after it is broken in. Personally I find the toe box to be comfortable, and I have a slightly wide step. If you’re worried about sizing for wide feet, I have a full Converse sizing guide here.
  • The laces and tongue: once loosened the laces and tongue fit nicely on top of your feet, without rubbing. The tongue is made from canvas, like the body of the shoe, and will feel slightly stiff at first. After a few wears however it will soften and feel great.

Next let’s look at how they feel during the break in period, in the following section (my own 30 day review!)…

My 30 Day Review Of Converse Comfort

For this post I bought a new pair of white low tops and wore them almost every day for 30 days to test their comfort and length of break in period. Here’s how I got on:

Week 1

Fresh out of the box my Converse felt a little starchy and stiff, which is to be expected with new shoes. The Canvas wasn’t rough or uncomfortable, it just wasn’t worn in.

You can see what I mean in the picture below of me wearing them for the first time:

Are Converse Comfortable

During the first few wears in week one they didn’t quite fit my feet like a glove (see the gape at the collar of the shoe in the above picture), although they weren’t painful at all.

Overall I was impressed with their level of comfort straight out of the box. I would highly suggest waterproofing them before wearing out, as they may cause blisters if you’re caught in the rain. New canvas when wet can be a little rough on your feet.

If you need help finding a great waterproofing spray for Converse I have a guide to the best waterproofing sprays for Canvas shoes here.

Weeks 2 and 3

During the second week I made the mistake of wearing ankle socks that didn’t properly cover my heels when worn with my Converse.

In the below picture you can see how the back of my ankle became red:

Are Converse Comfortable

I was surprised to see this, as I hadn’t felt any pain at all! My heels didn’t blister, they were just a bit rubbed.

For the rest of week 2 and 3 I wore regular socks with my Converse and I felt the shoes break in quickly with each wear.

Week 4 (Day 30)

By week four my Converse were super comfy, fully broken in and fitting like a glove.

Here’s a photo of how they fit now:

Are Converse Comfortable

Overall I found breaking in my Converse to be a breeze, and they were comfortable throughout the process.

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If you are looking to make a pair of Converse even more comfortable, read on for an easy way to achieve this…

How To Make Converse More Comfortable

The easiest way to make Converse more comfortable is to add cushioned insoles for extra arch support. If you don’t have an insole you can try loosening the laces and the tongue to soften the fit of the shoe. Also, make sure to waterproof them to keep your feet dry and comfortable when outdoors.

If you find your Converse feel a little uncomfortable when wearing them all day here are some things that can help:

  • When arch support is your issue then add a gel insole insert for extra cushioning.
  • If your Converse feel stiff and rub your feet when you walk they may need to be properly broken in. Try wearing your Converse around the house with thick socks for short periods of time. After a week or so the Canvas should have softened.
  • If your Converse feel uncomfortable on the top of your feet try loosening the laces and wiggling the tongue, until it softens. Wear good quality socks with your Converse to protect the tops of your feet.
  • If you have blisters from wearing your Converse in the rain, try purchasing a canvas shoe waterproofing spray to keep out the wet.


Are Converse comfortable for walking?

Converse are comfortable for walking short distances, but aren’t suitable for a hike. Converse are comfy enough to wear out and about, but won’t provide enough arch support when walking long distances.

I like to wear my Converse when I run errands or out for short day trips to watch a movie or grab coffee. They are my go-to shoes for walking short, easy distances that are low impact for my feet.

It’s well known that Converse aren’t designed for intense hiking or walking for extended periods of time, as they were originally designed to be worn for indoor sports. They don’t have the best arch support, so your feet may begin to ache if you are wearing them for 12 hours work shifts for example.

They are best when used as weekend run around shoes, or good work shoes if you work at a desk in a casual office. I do everything in mine – from walking my dog to picking up groceries!

Are Converse high tops comfortable?

Converse high tops are just as comfortable as low tops, making them a great choice for casual wear. The Canvas material they are made with softens quickly to fit your feet after only a few wears, and the springy sole is great for walking sort distances.

Make sure to break in your high tops with long socks (not ankle socks) to stop the new stiff canvas from rubbing against your heels. The canvas will soften quickly, however at first it may feel starchy, and the seam at the back could cause discomfort to bare skin.

Are Converse comfortable for work?

Converse are comfortable to wear to work if you are working short shifts on your feet, or you sit at a desk in a casual office. If you work long shifts you may require extra arch support with help from an insole insert.

If you work on your feet all day in a restaurant and you want to wear Converse you should get a gel or memory foam insert for your shoes, to help add extra cushioning.

Converse are great to wear for up to 6 hrs or so, however for 10-12 hr shifts your feet will start to ache.

Are Converse comfortable for wide feet?

Converse are comfortable for wide feet as the canvas and rubber materials they are made with will stretch and mold to your feet during the break in period (of about 2 weeks). If you are in doubt consider sizing a half size up, as Converse can feel narrow straight out of the box.

Are platform Converse comfortable?

Platform Converse are very comfortable thanks to their chunky rubber sole, which absorbs impact when walking. The canvas material they are made with will mold to your feet and soften quickly after a few wears.

Check the current price of platform Converse on Amazon here.

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