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Converse Sizing: Do Converse Run Big or Small? (FAQs/ Chart)

When shopping for Converse the following query often comes up: do Converse run big or small? Here is a Converse sizing review guide, including photo and video examples of me in my own Converse to answer this.

In addition to wearing Converse myself for 15 years, to help form the opinions in this article I have also consulted the Converse sizing reddit forums, the official Converse size guide and the experience of friends and family.

I have also included a Converse Size Guide with charts for adults and kids to help you find your own perfectly sized pair, and a Converse fit guide, for how your Converse should feel when on.

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Do Converse Run Big or Small?

Converse do not run big or small, they run true to size. According to the official Converse size help guide “Converse Standard Sneakers are expected to run true to size” (source).

In my experience wearing several pairs of both High Tops and Low Tops for more than 15 years I find both Converse styles fit true to size, if not slightly small in the women’s sizes.

Here’s a photo of how my new low top Converse fit me (I wear a UK women’s size 6):

Do Converse Run Big or Small

As you can see in the photo the canvas gapes slightly at the collar of the shoe which is normal. I can fit one to two fingers down inside the sneaker collar comfortably.

Do Converse Run Big or Small

The toe box doesn’t pinch, but fits my toes in a snug way. I find my Converse fit really well, if not slightly tight at first when they are fresh out of the box. Overall, once broken in they feel true to size for me.

The break in period takes around 4 weeks, if you are wearing your Converse regularly.

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According to the Converse reddit forums and the experiences of friends and family, others also find Converse fit true to size once they are broken in.

In addition to the above reviews, I personally have been buying Converse for 15 years or more and I always go for my exact size.

If you need help finding your size I have created a handy size chart that converts for UK, US and EUR sizes with a cm guide for measuring your feet (scroll down to see this midway through this article).

So, are Converse true to size? In my experience Converse are true to size once broken in.

Do High Top Converse Run Big Or Small?

High Top Converse run true to size for men and half a size small for women. They fit the same as Low Top Converse.

In my experience my High Top Converse run slightly small before they are broken in (I wear a women’s UK size 6), but so do my Low Tops. Here’s a picture of my low tops and high tops side by side so you can see their length and width:

Converse low tops and high tops size

My High Tops (yellow) are fully broken in and well loved, whereas my Low Tops (white) are quite new. The two do fit the same in the women’s size, however the high tops look a little stretched out – which is a result of wear!

Overall, in my experience I can say the High Tops do run half a size small for women.

Here is a video of me demonstrating how my Low Top and High Top Converse fit, on the Wearably Weird YouTube channel:

Do Converse Chuck Taylors Run Big Or Small?

Chuck Taylors Converse tend to run half a size larger than a standard shoe for both men and women. Consider sizing a half size down if you are in doubt.

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Do Women’s Converse Run Big Or Small?

Women’s Converse tend to run half a size small, however the Women’s Chuck Taylors are an exception, running a little big.

In my experience wearing both High Top and Low Top Converse (in UK women’s size 6) they have a snug fit. They do feel slightly smaller than my other sneakers, however I find they tend to loosen a little with wear.

I actually like the smaller fit as they don’t flop around on my feet. There is still wiggle room for my toes in the rubber toe box and the canvas material doesn’t feel too tight over my feet.

Do Converse Run Big Or Small For Toddlers?

Toddler’s Converse run slightly big so there is wiggle room for growth. The Converse will still fit your toddler comfortably despite running half a size large.

According to reddit forums and hundred of customer reviews the general consensus is toddler’s Converse run slightly big. Many parents find this is a bonus, as there is extra room for their little one’s feet to grow.

To help you find the perfect size for your toddler I’ve created a kids converse size chart which is available further into this article (scroll down to the next section to find it)!

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Converse Size Guide

What Converse Size Am I?

Figuring out your Converse size can be tricky if you aren’t able to try on a pair of Converse sneakers in person. When shopping online it’s handy to use a Converse size chart with measurements in cm or inches, so you can measure your feet and find your correct size.

Below I have created two size charts, one for adults and one for kids, so you can find your Converse size.

Converse size guide

Converse Size Chart

When shopping for a pair of Converse it’s super important to get the sizing right, to avoid the hassle of returns. Measuring your feet before purchasing and using a size conversion chart is a great way to save yourself some time!

To help I have created a Converse Size Chart with the conversions for US, UK and EUR sizing:

Converse Size Chart

Please note ** the above chart also works as a Converse Chuck Taylor size chart.

The above chart shows the US Women’s and Men’s sizing, along with UK and EUR sizes, with a corresponding cm measurement for each.

Here’s the easiest way to measure your feet in cm:

  • Step onto a piece of paper. Take a pencil and mark the paper at the back of your heel. Next mark the paper at the tip of your longest toe.
  • If you don’t have paper to hand you can do this outside on the floor with chalk.
  • Take a ruler or tape measure and measure the distance between your heel and toe marks on the paper to find the length of your foot in cm.
  • Refer to the above Converse Size Chart to find your size US, UK or EUR size!
Converse size guide

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Converse Size Chart (Kids)

Making sure you get the right size Converse for your kids is really important. Ideally you want there to be a little room for their growing toes, and for the Canvas not to feel too tight (preventing rubbing or blisters is a must!).

To help you get the right size Converse I’ve created the following Converse Size Chart for kids:

Converse Size Chart Kids

The above chart shows the inches to US size measurements so you can measure your kid’s feet and get the correct Converse size.

The easiest way to measure your little one’s feet is as follows:

  • Have them step onto a piece of paper and with a pencil mark a line at their heel and again at the tip of their longest toe.
  • Remove their foot and with a ruler or a tape measure simply measure the distance between the heel and toe line in inches.
  • Now you have their foot length in inches, refer to the above Converse size guide for kids to find their corresponding size.

Converse Fit Guide

How Converse Should Fit

Converse should fit comfortably, with a snug feeling that may feel a bit tight at first. Once the Converse are broken in after about 4 or so weeks of wear they will fit a little looser.

  • Converse should not be pinching your toes to the point of pain.
  • It’s worth noting they may rub your heels a little at first if your wear them without socks during the break in period.
  • Converse should fit snuggly to the top of your feet but shouldn’t cut off your circulation.
  • The rubber toe box should give you between half an inch to an inch of space from your big toe to the end of the shoe. You should be able to wiggle your toes.

For more help check out the Converse guide to size and fit here.

Converse Sizing vs Nike

According to Converse customer reviews and Converse reddit forum posts the general consensus is Converse run half a size up compared to Nike shoes. If you wear a size 9 in Nike shoes, consider trying 8.5 in Converse.

Please note some Converse are marketed as unisex, so women will have to order 2 shoe sizes down when purchasing Converse, whilst still following the above rule of thumb.

Converse Sizing vs Vans

Converse tend to run half a size larger than Vans, so if you wear a size 10 in Converse try a 9.5 in Vans.

In my experience wearing both Converse and Vans, my Vans do run a little smaller.

Do Converse Stretch?

Converse do stretch to properly fit the shape of your feet once they have been broken in (after 4 weeks or so). The stretch is slight but noticeable as the canvas and rubber softens with wear.

In my personal experience wearing Converse they do feel a little stretched out around the 4 week mark. I wear Converse most days and I find after breaking them in for 4 weeks they are the most comfortable.

The rubber toe box will soften and stretch with wear as rubber is a naturally stretchy material. The canvas does soften and stretch too despite being a very tight weave material, but the shoe will hold it’s overall shape.

I find that high tops stretch a little more than low tops in my experience.

Do Converse Stretch At The Toe?

Converse do stretch at the toe following their break in period (4 weeks or so). The stretch at the toe will be slight, as the rubber and canvas molds to the shape of your feet.

Converse use a high quality rubber material for the toes of their sneakers that can feel a little tight for some. If you have very wide feet you may want to consider sizing a half size up when purchasing a pair of Converse.

Do Leather Converse Stretch?

Leather Converse will stretch slightly during the break in period as the leather softens. They will mold to your feet for a comfortable slightly stretched fit.

Leather is a natural material that will gradually soften and stretch over time. Your leather Converse will slowly break in to fit your feet and give you a little extra wiggle room.

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