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15 Affordable Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga dupes

Many of us want to get our hands on shoes that look like Balenciaga sneakers, thanks to the ever popular ‘dad trainer’ trend.

Here is an affordable dupe guide for the Triple S, Track Sneakers and the sock-like Speed Trainers, including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Diesel and Fila dupes.

Check out this table of contents to jump to the dupes you’d like to read about (keeping in mind the Adidas, Nike, Puma and Fila sections focus on the Triple S style):

shoes that look like Balenciaga

The chunky trainer trend

Sneakers with a chunky outer sole is a hot trend at the moment, made popular by the ‘ugly sneakers’ or ‘dad trainers’ style. This ‘chunky trainer’ trend looks to be here to stay, as it’s been consistently popular year on year since 2017 when Balenciaga brought back the vintage look.

I for one love this trend as it’s so nostalgic of the ’80s and ’90s and the sneakers pair so well with mom jeans and other casual pieces.

But there’s one problemI simply can’t afford a pair of $1000 Balenciaga sneakers to satisfy my obsession. Fortunately there are a tonne of great dupes out there for a fraction of the price!

I spent a week trawling the web for Balenciaga dupes that pass my bar in terms of quality, price and style. After reading all of the reviews and raking over forums, through process of elimination I have picked 15 pairs of sneakers that fit the bill!

So without further ado, here is a guide to the most stylish and most affordable Balenciaga dupes the internet has to offer…

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Adidas that look like Balenciaga sneakers

adidas Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes – SHOP HERE

The adidas Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes are a great pair of sneakers that look like Balanciaga shoe dupes. They feature the trendy chunky outer sole and have a similar shape to the Balenciaga Triple S.

Quick review –


  • Soft and durable leather upper for a comfortable fit.
  • Great price – so much more affordable that Balenciaga sneakers!
  • Chunky retro style.


  • The back of the outer sole doesn’t protrude as much as the Balenciaga Triple S.
  • Can be a little clunky and heavy, but that’s true of the Balenciaga trainers also. Keep this in mind when shopping for this style.

Here are the Yung-96s in black:

adidas Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes – SHOP HERE

The black is edgier and would pair well with simple outfits, like wide leg jeans and a white crop top. Layer over a hoodie for a laid-back, on-trend look and don’t skip on the chunky necklaces.

Here are the Yung-96s in super cute pastel tones:

adidas Originals Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes – SHOP HERE

The green colour of the laces is so nice! This is a much more unique spin on the Yung-96s, for those who like a bit of colour in their outfits. They would work so well for summer.

Nike Balenciaga look alikes

Nike Women’s Air Max 95 SE Premium – SHOP HERE

The Nike Women’s Air Max 95 trainers are excellent Balanciaga sneaker dupes. They are a little rounder and a little cuter than the classic Triple S style, which makes them wearable in a different way in my opinion.

They come in a range of adorable colours, that look so fresh and fun. Colour is definitely in this year, with ’80s vibes dominating the fashion world. Picking up a pair of colourful chunky trainers is a safe bet if you’re looking for a new shoe staple.

Check out there gorgeous Air Max 95s with sky blue detailing:

Nike Women’s Air Max 95 Retro Athletic SneakersSHOP HERE

The pretty blue detailing really makes these trainers pop.

And how cute are these colourful Air Max 95s!

Nike Women’s Air Max 95 SE Sneakers – SHOP HERE

This is a great shoe that is much more affordable than Balenciaga sneakers, but incorporates a lot of the fashionable elements in style for sneakers at the moment.

Quick review of the Air Max 95s –


  • Cushioning heel and forefoot for maximum comfort.
  • Affordable price – much cheaper than Balenciaga’s.
  • Retro design – released in 1995.
  • Mesh side panels for a breathable fit.


  • A little hard to break in at first, so wear good socks.

Final thoughts – the Air Max 95 is an excellent alternative to Balenciaga sneakers if you’re looking for a retro, chunky shoe that looks a little rounder and cuter than the edgy silhouette of the Balenciaga’s.

Puma Balenciaga Alternatives

PUMA Women’s Thunder Rive Gauche Sneaker – SHOP HERE

The Thunder Rive Gauche Sneaker by PUMA is really similar to the shape and feel of the Triple S by Balenciaga, as the heel of the outer sole sticks out a little further than the Adidas and Nike picks in this article.

Quick review –


  • Chunky rubber sole.
  • Beautiful and loud colour blocking for an on-trend look.
  • Comfortable and light for a chunky sneaker.


  • Can run a little tight so keep this in mind when purchasing.

Let’s take a look next at the Cilia Sneaker…

PUMA Women’s Cilia Sneaker – SHOP HERE

The Cilia Sneaker by PUMA is a great shoe for those who love the all-white, simple look. These make for great Balenciaga trainer dupes and would be super easy to style due to the sleek white design.

Pair them with summer dresses or cropped cardigans and super high waisted jeans for an on-trend look.

Quick review –


  • Trendy chunky outer sole and low top shaft.
  • Padded collar and tongue, with breathable mesh design.
  • Really comfortable for walking long distances.


  • Need breaking in as they can be squeaky.

Let’s move on to the Cell Viper Sneaker…

PUMA Unisex-Adult Cell Viper Sneaker – SHOP HERE

The Cell Viper Sneaker rocks the chunky sole, but the back doesn’t protrude as much as the Balenciaga’s. The cool colour blocking looks great, and the outer sole is a little more wearable in my opinion.

Quick review –


  • This pair are super affordable!
  • Contrasting colour blocking.
  • Lightweight and well-constructed.


  • Some shoppers complained these were a little clunky, but that can also be said for the Balenciaga’s.

Fila Balenciaga look alike sneakers – Affordable!

Fila Womens Disruptor II Premium Sneaker – SHOP HERE

The Fila Disruptor IIs are instantly recognisable, and are a really affordable chunky sneaker option. These are a good alternative to the Balenciaga Triple S for those on a budget who want to enjoy the chunky sneaker look.

Quick review –


  • Make with good quality premium leather.
  • Chunky sole for an iconic retro look.
  • Thick padded tongue for extra comfort.
  • Removable insole for support and cushioning – extra comfort when walking.


  • They take a little time to break in, especially if you have wide feet.

Next let’s look at the Ray Tracer TL Shoes…

Fila Women’s Ray Tracer Tl Shoes – SHOP HERE

How exciting are the Ray Tracer TL Shoes to look at? All the colour and texture in these sneakers makes them so unique and fun.

Quick review –


  • Chunky rope laces and outer sole.
  • Pull tabs for easy slipping on and taking off.
  • Mesh upper for a breathable design.
  • Trendy soft rubbery design.


  • Potentially a little hard to style. If you like a more simple shoe, stick to a plain design.

I would style these bright sneakers with a colourful cropped cardigan tucked into a cute high waisted denim skirt. Finish with a scrunchie in your hair for a pop of ’90s fun.

Let’s check out the Ray Tracer Sneakers next…

Fila Women’s Ray Tracer Sneakers SHOP HERE

The ray Tracer sneakers by Fila are super retro looking, with an ;80s dad trainer colour blocking vibe. I love these as they feel nostalgic yet modern at the same time.

Quick review –


  • Lots of mixed textures for a cool look – mesh, suede and leather.
  • Two tone laces!
  • Chunky outer sole with rubbery colour blocks.


  • Not as thickly padded as original Filas.

Balenciaga Triple S Dupes

adidas Women’s 90s Valasion SneakerSHOP HERE

My top pick for shoes that look like Balenciaga Triple S trainers are the adidas 90s Valasion Sneakers (WARNING they are often sold out, so check out the other option I picked out below if so!).

The reason for this is the shape of the outer sole – it protrudes just like the Triple S sneakers and has a similar shape in general. Plus these sneakers are a really good price and quality, making them an affordable dupe that will last.

Here’s my quick review –


  • Ultra-soft cushioning for comfort inside the shoe.
  • Retro ’90s style for an on-trend look.
  • Great quality for the price – chunky soles and thick laces.


  • If you have an issue with over arched feet these may be a little uncomfortable for you to break in.

Here is another great dupe, the Strutter Cross Trainer (which tends to be in stock more than the Valasion sneaker):

adidas Women’s Strutter Cross Trainer – SHOP HERE

They are an excellent Balenciaga Triple S dupes and are super affordable too!

Shoes that look like Balenciaga Track Sneakers

Nike Womens Air Max 270 Running Shoe SHOP HERE

My top pick for shoes that look like Balenciaga Track Sneakers has to be the Nike Air Max 270 Running Shoe. These have such a similar look to the Track Sneakers and are available in a range of colours.

Here’s my quick review –


  • Lightweight design for comfort and a trendy look.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Durable foam midsole for comfort.
  • Wrap around air unit for shock absorption.


  • May take a little while to break in if you have wide feet.

Shoes that look like Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Diesel Women’s H-padola Sock W-Sneaker Mid SHOP HERE

My top pick for Balanciaga look alike sock shoes are the Diesel H-padola Sock W-Sneakers. They are so cool to look at with the extra sequin detailing, for a more unique spin, making them a fun Balenciaga Speed trainers dupe.

My quick review:


  • Chunky comfortable rubber sole.
  • Breathable knit-upper that comes to mid height.
  • Durable phylon outer sole for an effortless sensation when walking.
  • Great quality material and good price – a fraction of the price of the Balenciaga Speed Trainers.
  • Awesome stand-out sequin design for a unique look.


  • Hard to get on, but once they’re sorted they are comfy to walk in and look great.

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Balenciaga Alternatives

A note

Thanks for reading this ‘Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga’ guide – I hope you feel inspired to shop for chunky sneakers to rock the dad trainer trend!

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