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How Much Do Air Force Ones Weigh? (Are They Heavy To Wear?)

If you’ve never tried on a pair of Nike Air Force Ones before it’s hard to gauge how much they weigh, and whether they feel heavy on the foot. It’s also important to know their weight if you are posting a pair.

In this article I’ll be covering the weight of AF1 ’07s, plus my own review of how heavy they feel to wear and how they compare to the weight of other popular shoes.

How much do air force ones weigh

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How Much Do Air Force Ones Weigh?

Nike Air Force Ones weigh 434 grams per shoe (15.3 oz), based on a UK Women’s size 6 sneaker (US Women’s size 8). Together both sneakers together weigh 868 grams (30.6 oz).

As you can see in the below image, one of my Air Force ones comes in at 434 grams:

how much do air force ones weigh
A photo showing Nike Air Force Ones on a weighing scale.

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Of course different sizes will equal different weights, as more material is required. This is just a guideline. The weight also may increase if the shoes get wet. The weight of my own AF1s was taken when the shoes were dry, with no additional insoles inserted.

So you can get an idea of how much AF1s weigh and feel to wear, here is how they compare to the weight of Converse, and heavy boots Dr. Martens:

Footwear BrandWeight per shoe
Converse Low Tops254g
Air Force Ones434g
Dr. Martens 1460s592g
A table showing the weight of popular footwear brands, in comparison to Nike Air Force Ones.

As you can see from the above table, the Converse were much lighter than the Air Force Ones, and the Dr. Martens much heavier. AF1s sit somewhere in between the two, so if you own these brands you can get a gauge on how they’ll feel.

Here’s a photo of the three different shoes being weighed, so you can see I really did weigh them!

A photo showing Air Force Ones, Converse Low Tops and Dr. Martens being weighed.

Are They Heavy On The Foot?

In my experience Air Force Ones don’t feel heavy on the foot. They are a comfortable weight. Some may worry they’ll look and feel a little bulky, but the weight of the leather upper and sole isn’t overbearing.

If you want a more in-depth guide on their comfort from me, check out: Are Air Force 1 Shoes Comfortable? A Review With Photos.

If you are used to wearing Converse, they’ll feel a little heavier, but it isn’t an uncomfortable difference.

AF1s are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, so their weight factors into this design process. The majority of the weight of Air Force Ones is due to their thick sole, which feels springy but dense.

Here’s what Nike themselves have to say about the lightweight elements of the AF1 design:

“Originally designed for hoops, Nike Air cushioning adds lightweight, all-day comfort.”

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