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Are Blundstones Good For Wide Feet?

Blundstone boots are among the best Chelsea boots available internationally. These boots are highly regarded in many countries and are generally considered high-quality and good value. However, if you have wide feet or are buying boots for someone with wide feet, Chelsea boots can be challenging to find in the correct size. Are Blundstones good for people with wide feet?

Are Blundstones Good For Wide feet

Blundstones are good for wide feet, provided you buy the right boots. The Blundstone Classic Series is wider than other boots from the company. This is the best range for wide feet. Blundstone half-sizes have added width. Choose a half-size larger than your regular size to get the wide fit. 

Blundstone has a comprehensive range of boots sizes available, including several options designed for wider feet. Blundstone boots are very well made, and they can fit wide feet, but there are a few considerations to make before buying Blundstones if you are looking for boots for wide feet.

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My Experience

I have slightly wide feet and I typically go for the classic Blundstones. Right now I am wearing in a new pair of the 500 Chelsea boots, and I can feel the leather softening to mold to my feet.

Here’s how they look on me:

An image of me wearing my Blundstones.

I find Blundstones become super comfortable and more roomy after a few weeks of breaking them in (I’ve owned several pairs and never have an issue with them feeling too tight). If you’re curious how to speed up the break in process of Blundstones, check out my guide here.

If you like the look of my Chelsea boots, you can check out their current price here.

Let’s get in to a more detailed breakdown of how Blundstones may fit you personally.

Are Blundstones Good For Wide Feet?

Chelsea boots are notorious for being very comfortable for some people and utterly unwearable for others. The comfort of these types of boots usually depends on the shape of your feet. Chelsea boots are usually most uncomfortable for people with wide feet. Do Blundstone boots have the same problem?

Blundstone boots are very well made and made to fit as wide a variety of feet as possible. These boots can be very good for wide feet, so long as you buy the right size boots and take the time to wear them in correctly.

Blundstone boots are primarily designed for foot length rather than foot width, as all Chelsea boots are, but the company has made some accommodations for people with wide feet to ensure that these boots can be comfortably worn by people with feet of all shapes and sizes. 

Chelsea boots are a narrow style of boot, which means that some feet are just too wide for any Chelsea boots, regardless of the brand, but Blundstone boots are likely to fit the feet of most people, even if they are wider than average.

Are Blundstones Good For Wide feet
An image of me grabbing the toe box of my Blundstone boots.

All Blundstone boots, made to half-sizes, are made to accommodate wider feet. When the boot size increases by 0.5, the length of the boot is kept the same, but the boot is made wider to accommodate wider feet.

This can make it particularly challenging to find the right Blundstone boot for you, but if you take the time to size your feet and boots correctly, you will likely find the right Blundstone boots for your feet.

Which Blundstones Are Best For Wide Feet?

The nature and style of the boots made by Blundstone makes them very narrow. Chelsea boots are not typically designed for wide feet and are usually uncomfortable for anyone who does not have narrow feet. With this in mind, which Blundstone boots are best for people with wide feet?

The best Blundstone boots to buy for wide feet are the Classic Series. These boots are slightly wider than any other Blundstone boots, and they are made specifically to accommodate people with wider feet and improve comfort and versatility. 

Blundstone Classics are also made to accommodate removable sole inserts, which makes these Blundstones ideal for anyone with wide feet, big feet, or feet that need extra support. 

The best Blundstones for wide feet are the Classic Series in a half-size bigger than your standard shoe size. If you usually wear a size 10 shoe, for example, choose the Classic Series size 10.5. this is the Blundstone boot that is most likely to fit the widest feet. 

There are very few Chelsea boots on the market that are designed to fit wide feet, and the Blundstone Classic Series is one of the best. So long as you get the right size for your feet and wear the shoes well, they will likely fit your feet well, regardless of their width.

How To Find The Right Size Blundstones For Your Feet 

Blundstone boots can fit wide feet well, provided you choose the right range and buy the right size for your feet. It can be challenging to find the right size Blundstones for your feet, but there are a few reliable methods that you can choose to make the best decision. 

The best way to find the correct size Blundstones for your feet, especially if they are wider than average, is to use the sizing chart on the Blundstone website. 

This chart provides the sizes for all typical shoe sizes and a good conversion between US, UK, and EU shoe sizes for men’s and women’s footwear. 

Blundstone is an Australian company, which means that all of the sizes shown on the Blundstone website are AU shoe sizes, which are the same as UK shoe sizes. If you are in the US, you should convert your regular shoe size into the UK/AU size for the best fitting. 

If you are unsure of what shoe size you are and how to find the right shoe size for you, here is a table that shows you the shoe size required for foot length. 

Foot Length (Inches)Men’s Shoe Size (US)Women’s Shoe Size (US)
81/4 47
81/2 4.57.5

Once you have determined your foot length, choose a boot from the Blundstone Classic Series that corresponds to the size and a half-size larger. The half-size added to the Blundstone boot is an increase in width, not length. This will ensure that the boot will fit a wider foot very well. 

How To Make Blundstones Fit Wide Feet Better

If you buy a pair of Blundstone boots and find that they are still too tight for your feet, even if you have purchased the right size, you can make them fit your feet better, and if you take the proper steps, you can make them perfect for your feet. 

This is relatively common among people who have feet that are in-between sizes. If your feet are too wide for one size but too narrow for the other, buy the slightly undersized pair. 

To get your Blundstones fitting perfectly on broad feet, you need to stretch them. Blundstone boots are made from high-quality leather and stretch out with time to conform to the shape of your foot. 

The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply wear your boots as often as you can to allow them to stretch and conform to your feet, making them perfectly comfortable. 

If you want the boots to fit perfectly instantly, a great option is to take them to a cobbler who can stretch them out safely for you. This will add some width to the boot, making them fit perfectly. 


Blundstone boots are excellent quality, but they can be uncomfortable if your feet are too wide. Ensure that you get the right size boots for your feet, and make sure that you take the time to wear them in and stretch them out to fit your feet perfectly before deciding that they do not fit. 

These boots are well-suited for wider feet, provided you buy from the right range and get the right size for your feet. If you have wide feet or are buying boots for someone else, Blundstones can be the perfect option if you know how to make the right size and fit choice.

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