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Blundstones Vs Timberlands: Who Wins? (8 Factors)

Blundstone and Timberland cater to a similar boot-loving audience, making a ‘vs’ match between them a close fight. These brands often go head-to-head to prove their quality and reliability, making it a tough choice to choose between them if you only want to add one pair of new boots to your footwear collection.

However, which is the best, or does it just come down to personal opinion?

Blundstones vs Timberlands

Blundstone and Timberland create comfortable luxury and ASTM-certified work boots that are reliable and effective. Although Blundstone caters to the professional workforce, Timberland has a more prominent media presence with a less expensive price tag.

I personally own both boots and enjoy them for different reasons. But I realise that sentiment doesn’t help much if you’re trying to pick just one, so in this guide I have compared the boot brands against 8 factors in great detail.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a table breaking down who wins or loses for each factor:

Brand Financial SuccessLosesWins
Most Reliable HistoryDrawDraw
Most Iconic (Pop Culture)LosesWins
Best PriceLosesWins
Best MaterialsWinsLoses
Sizing OptionsWinsLoses
Safest To WearDrawDraw
A table comparing Blundstones vs Timberlands.

As you can see from the above comparison Timberlands wins overall, but scores differently in each area when compared to Blundstones. It really does come down to your own preference: are you looking for a cheaper boot, or one with higher quality materials? A boot that is super iconic, or one with excellent sizing options? It all depends.

You can take a look at the current price for Timberlands here and Blundstones here for yourself, before deciding which suits your needs best.

It’s nearly impossible to justify which one you should choose. Therefore, we should look at the facts to help you decide which brand will be best suited for your needs. Let’s get into a detailed comparison of Blundstones vs Timberlands against the 8 factors discussed above.

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Which Brand Is Better – Blundstone Or Timberlands?

The first aspect most people refer to when comparing clothing brands is sales and influence. So without further or do, who is doing it better?

Which Brands Are More Financially Successful?

With annual revenue of over 1.4 billion dollars, and a workforce of approximately 5000 employees, Timberland is on a higher level financially than Blundstone.

Blundstones vs Timberlands
An image of my Timberland boots.

Averaging around 33 million dollars annually, Blundstone ranks much lower.

Which Brand Has The Most Reliable History?

Blundstone has been producing high-quality boots since 1855, whereas Timberland only came to prominence in 1952, with the first traditional and well-known boot being constructed in 1973.

Blundstones vs Timberlands
An image of me wearing my Blundstone boots.

Regardless of the difference in experience, Timberland gained popularity much quicker with a larger customer base without drastic hints of dissatisfaction.

Although there have been some political issues in the past concerning one of Timberland’s most profitable streams of income (the urban youth market) due to claims of racism, it hasn’t affected sales or the quality of the boots.

On the other hand, Blundstone has proven itself as a professional and trustworthy brand even though it underwent changes in ownership and production lines. It’s safe to say that both brands have proven themselves to a large customer base without showing signs of instability or a decrease in manufacturing.

Which Brand Is More Significant In Pop Culture?

Blundstone mainly focuses on the professional workforce associating its brand with job titles rather than cultural figures. The company’s marketing focus is ideal for professionals looking for practical boots that are unphased by cultural pop trends but result in them flying under the radar for the most part.

Blundstones vs Timberlands
An image of me holding my Timberland boot.

On the other hand, Timberland was directly associated with popular figures during the 80s and 90s, especially famous rappers and musicians in inner-urban cities. Due to its associations, it was also considered as popular a shoe as Air Jordans but only in boots.

How Do Blundstone And Timberlands Boots Series Compare

The critical questions remain: How effective are the boots’ individual characteristics if you require them for a specific purpose? Therefore, regardless of preference, how do these individual features compare?

Which Brand Is The Most Cost Effective?

Blundstone is, on average, $50 more expensive than Timberland when you compare the different series. Although the work boots are much similar in price, Timberland has a larger variety of boots that come at lower costs without compromising quality. 

Which Brand Has The Best Materials?

Timberland uses a full-grain leather called ‘nubuck,’ which is treated during the strenuous process making it more durable. Blundstone also uses nubuck in combination with suede and canvas, making it durable and effective.

Blundstones vs Timberlands
An image of my Blundstone boots.

Both brands have accredited processes with durable materials, but Blundstone does offer more options on average. Besides the quality of the material, Blundstone boots come with a TPU outsole, an additional steel shank, an SPS Max Comfort system, and a cushioned midsole.

Of course, these additions add to the price tag, but professionals welcome the features with open arms.

Which Brand Has The Most Comfortable Design?

Timberlands and Blundstone have extremely effective and comfortable designs, and you’ll find both boots comfortable for casual use and effective for professional use. Blundstone has the added feature of a removable footbed, meaning you’ll be able to more conveniently add to your comfort with Blundstone. 

Blundstone is also solely focused on creating boots for professionals in harsh environments meaning they’ll have more knowledge and experience concerning the necessities of their customers. However, although Timberland has a much more diverse range, no evidence suggests that the boots are less comfortable. 

In addition, a major advantage of the extensive range Timberland provides is that you’ll find shoes that are more appropriate for certain conditions. For example, Timberland offers a comfortable, sporty work series ideal for kitchen use, which will be more effective than any Blundstone at this time. 

Which Brand Is The Most True-To-Size?

Although boots generally tend to run larger as they are bulkier shoes, Timberland is known for running a bit bigger than its competition. As mentioned earlier, you can alter the footbed of Blundstones, meaning you’ll be able to create a more snug fit than with Timberlands, but ultimately, Blundstones do tend to be more true-to-size, according to most customer reports (and my own experience wearing both kinds of boot).

An image of me holding a tape measure to my Timberland boot.

It’s important to note that both brands come in half sizes, meaning you are more likely to find a comfortable fit than other popular brands like Doc Martens, which lack in this area.

Which Brand Is The Safest?

Regardless of what you are searching for in a safety boot, Timberlands, and Blundstones have it covered. Whether it’s advanced slip resistance, electric shockproof, waterproof, acid resistance, and toe protection, both brands are certified to ensure safety and take responsibility for their products.

An image of the sole on my Timberland boot.
An image of the sole on my Blundstone boot.

Although Blundstone comes at a higher price range, their website more effectively indicates what the boots protect against and to which extent, making any customer feel more assured when wanting a product that ensures safety for harsh working conditions.


Timberland and Blundstone are effective boots, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. Although Timberland is more financially inclined with a larger versatile range of shoes that are generally more popular, Blundstone is specialized in professional boots for harsh working conditions making them less common but highly effective in the field.

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