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Are Blundstones Comfortable? My Experience (Photos)

Blundstone prides themselves in creating work boots that are both comfortable and durable, but how comfortable are they really? With a price tag of approximately $200 a pair, you have to ask yourself if their comfortability matches their price, especially when comparing them to other brands.

Are Blundstones Comfortable

Since Blundstone’s inception in 1855, they have been the go-to shoes for most hardcore professions like construction and mining, primarily due to their comfort and durability. More recently, the designs have been altered with cushioned midsoles & removable footbeds to improve comfort for the average user.

My Experience

I’ve been wearing Blundstones for years and have owned multiple pairs. I usually go for the Chelsea boots, and I’m breaking in a new pair of the 500s right now, here’s how they look on me:

An image of me wearing my Blundstone boots.

In my experience they are very comfortable after they are worn in, which usually takes a few weeks. If you’d like to read a guide on breaking in Blundstones quickly, I have one here.

The leather becomes nice and supple after they are worn in, and I find mine tend to mold to my feet. You can’t really go wrong with Blundstones when it comes to comfort. They are made with great quality materials and designed to be worn all day. Comfort is built in.

Take a look at the current price of Blundstones here, plus more details about their design. If you want a better look at how they fit, check out my video discussing their comfort here:

A video of me discussing the comfort of my Blundstone Chelsea Boots.

However, there is more to the comfort of Blundstone than just added cushioned midsoles and removable footbeds; after all, it is a work boot that should aid in all aspects of a daily work routine. It needs to be practical and sturdy when working but comfortable and casual when not.

So, how did Blundstone create a ‘workhorse’ shoe that never falters in comfort?

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What Makes Blundstone Comfortable?

There have been various alterations to the Blundstone designs over the years, but most have standard requirements that foresee a comfortable and durable boot. As a result, all Blundstone boots have the following qualities and characteristics that make them highly effective and desirable:

The Blundstone Materials

Firstly, the materials are a vital component of any shoe’s comfort. Blundstone uses breathable premium leather materials and ensures that it forms with the arch of its user’s feet. In addition, the midsole is also cushioned for added comfort, and some customers have claimed that there is no break-in needed as the shoes complement your feet from the start. 

The classic and original designs are all lined with leather and have an elastic “trademark” side that hugs your feet from above the ankle instead of having to tighten them with laces. Due to all the added materials, the weight can become a mild issue; luckily, Blundstone is surprisingly lightweight for a work boot.

The Blundstone Design

Secondly, Blundstone has an innovative design that not only makes it comfortable to wear but comfortable to manage. For example, the iconic pull-up tabs at the end of the material make it easy to put the shoes on.

Are Blundstones Comfortable
An image of the pull tab on my boot.

Even the shoe’s sole has specifically designed spaces, making removing cake dirt effortless.

An image of the sole on my Blundstone boot.

More importantly, Blundstone claims that their design absorbs up to 90% of the impact when walking and working. The absorbing design is also known as the SPS Max Comfort System, which can also be improved by changing the footbed.

Most designs allow the footbed to be removed, meaning you can choose from Blundstone’s comfort collection or even add your preference. Furthermore, the standard design also includes a steel shank which provides stable support and sturdiness, which increases overall stability.

The Blundstone Durability

Finally, an essential aspect of comfort is also ensuring that the shoe does not, at one point, cause discomfort due to the environment. In other words, avoiding discomfort is as important as providing added comfort.

Are Blundstones Comfortable
An image of me grabbing the Blundstone toe box.

As Blundstone is wholly focused on creating work boots, the shoes must stay comfortable and durable during harsh working conditions. As a result, the premium leather is 2.5mm thick with double stitching that prevents easy tears and is water-resistant.

To ensure the overall safety and durability of the boot, Blundstone equipped the shoe with a TPU sole. This flexible sole complies with the American safety footwear certification and has an extremely high tolerance against any damage, including cuts and cracking.

Are Blundstones More Comfortable Than The Competition?

Judging the comfort of Blundstones is a relatively easy assessment as they are clearly a famous brand with noticeable qualities. It started as a very popular brand in Australia and has a proven track record among customers worldwide as an effective and luxurious work boot.

However, compared to other boots, are Blundstones still at the forefront regarding comfort?

As a side-note I have two guides comparing Blundstones to other boot brands here, that you might like:

Frankly speaking, due to the vast majority of boots compared with Blundstone, it’s nearly impossible to say that Blundstone is the most comfortable to buy today. Nevertheless, the concern is not just comfort but the trustworthiness of the comfort the brand markets. 

Blundstone’s traditional models, the 500 and Classic 550, are durable ‘workhorse’ boots, but more importantly, they are stylish and popular designs that have proved to customers that they are as comfortable as they have been durable for more than a century. 

This unfailing persistence is of little concern to customers who only want boots for work and don’t mind switching after a year. Still, most customers are looking for a versatile boot that can aid them in various conditions for longer than that.

So, regardless of whether you’re seeing a client and need to look stylish or working on a site and need protection, Blundstone guarantees satisfaction and comfort in both these scenarios and has the track record to prove it. 

In short, although Blundstone won’t necessarily be more comfortable than its competition, it can guarantee that comfort for a longer period. 

Is The Comfort Worth The Amount You’re Spending?

Some customers are concerned that the price doesn’t match the comfort level of these boots. Of course, this does not refer to the overall quality but more to the value you are getting for the amount you are spending.

An image of my Blundstone boots.

You will easily spend over $200 for a pair of Blundstones, and other options with similar characteristics are available for a few dollars less. However, if you are considering buying a pair of boots that won’t disappoint you and are both comfortable and effective, there are only a few brands that can guarantee overall satisfaction at that price.

It’s worth noting that there are cheaper alternatives like ‘Jim Green Stockman’ and even more expensive ones like ‘Patagonia Wild’ but ultimately, Blundstone is the brand that the other brands need to compete with.

Therefore, although Blundstone is not a cheap boot, it’s a comfortable boot that is a trustworthy buy compared to its competition. You might find boots that feel better for you at a lower price, but it’s highly unlikely to find a better boot at that price.


Blundstones are famous and popular boots for a reason. Due to Blundstone having proven its durability and comfort for more than a century, it’s no wonder that they are considered one of the best boots to buy when it comes to these factors.

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