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Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat? My Experience (Easy Fixes)

Everyone loves Crocs because they are comfortable and easy to clean. Because Crocs are a popular summertime shoe, it’s often a concern that they will cause your feet to sweat and, in turn, lead to feet that smell on warm days.

Crocs are designed with many warm weather benefits, but do they cause feet to sweat?

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat

Feet will sweat in any shoe, Crocs or not unless fashioned from breathable material. Croslite, a type of closed cell resin used to make Crocs is waterproof, however it does not absorb moisture, and will cause feet to sweat. Crocs do feature 13 holes on top of the toe box for added breath-ability, however these don’t completely prevent feet sweat.

An image showing the perforation holes in my pair of Crocs.

Personally I have been wearing Crocs for years and they are my go-to summer shoe. On really hot days I do find my bare feet feeling a bit sweaty in them, however if I wear them with ankle socks it’s not so bad. Here’s how my pair look on me:

A photo of me wearing my Crocs with ankle socks.

I find that if my Crocs start to smell they are super easy to clean. I have a full guide on cleaning Crocs here as a back up plan, if you want to check that out. Cleaning them once a week or so in summer does the trick.

A video of me discussing my experience with Crocs making feet sweat.

Croslite resin is the perfect material for making Crocs strong and waterproof. Except for perforations incorporated into the design, Croslite rubber cannot keep your feet cool because it does not absorb moisture. When wearing Crocs, a few contributing factors make feet sweat, however these are a few fixes you can implement to help reduce the issue, which will be explored in this article, so read on!

Why Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

In general, a variety of circumstances can result in sweaty feet. Some are generic causes, while others can be attributed to Crocs. The fact that Crocs are composed of plastic resin is the key factor contributing to sweaty feet. The plastic resin might cause your feet to sweat, even though they contain drainage holes that make them feel breathable.

Crocs should only be worn for brief periods to prevent sweaty feet, and if you intend to do a lot of walking, consider switching to more breathable footwear. Shoes that can remove heat from inside the shoe to prevent sweaty feet are what the term “breathable” refers to, and Crocs are made from Croslite that does not let moisture escape.

There are a few different reasons why Crocs might make your feet sweat when you wear them, and if you know what they are, it can help you avoid struggling to keep your feet dry. Below are some of those reasons:

  • Crocs are composed of a synthetic material that does not enable air to flow as efficiently as natural materials such as leather or cotton. It is the main factor that leads to sweaty feet.
  • Since Crocs are simply one large piece of resin, they tend to make your feet sweat a lot, and you experience it even more because the rubber holds the sweat inside.
  • Another contributing factor is that many people wear their Crocs excessively tightly, which can make their feet sweat even more than usual and cause their feet to become hot.
  • Since Croslite resin, the material used to make Crocs is nonporous, no cool air can travel through it, and wearing Crocs is like encasing your feet in a solid plastic box.
  • People have high numbers of sweat glands in their feet, and wearing Crocs could lead to their feet sweating excessively.

In conclusion, Crocs generally make feet sweat, especially if you have exaggerated sweat glands, if they are too tight, or if you wear them continually without giving your feet a breather or cleaning them. Crocs are still a great shoe with many other positive factors, and some of the sweat problems can be eliminated or decreased with simple remedies.

Do Crocs Begin To Smell After Being Exposed To Sweat? 

If your feet sweat inside your Crocs, they will become slippery because the Croslite material cannot absorb the sweat. Crocs’ creator added tiny bumps or footbed nubs (little dots) to the inside of the shoes to give the wearer’s feet a light massage and promote blood flow. They help keep your feet firmly within the Crocs and prevent sliding and slipping. But there is a downside to the little nubs.

Your sweaty Crocs could begin to smell if you wear them for a long time. The bacteria causing the odor are not being absorbed by the Crocs material, which can lead to unwanted smells. The bacteria lie on the surface of the Croslite material, and the little nubs are the perfect place for it to gather and spread to your feet.

Wearing Crocs in the water is one of their benefits, and being waterproof makes it easy to clean. Using a bit of water and soap will eliminate most bacteria and dirt that cause your Crocs to smell, but it is crucial to thoroughly clean them, paying close attention to the tiny nubs.

If your Crocs begin to smell, it is advisable to wash them thoroughly to prevent discomfort and get rid of the odor that can cause embarrassment. Using gentle dish soap or a baking soda and water mix is the easiest way.

I have a video tutorial on this method here if you need some extra help:

A brief wash can relieve your feet’s heat and sweat while also getting rid of most bacteria that may develop inside your Crocs.

Tips To Get Rid Of Sweaty Feet While Using Crocs

Crocs may not be the main reason your feet sweat, but they can contribute to the issue. The best action to eliminate sweaty feet is to take care of your feet. Take appropriate action before it becomes a health issue that may lead to bacterial problems.

Feet that sweat excessively are a problem that many people face daily, and getting rid of the issue is very hard, especially when you wear Crocs. Here are some methods to help you if you struggle with feet that sweat:

Wash Your Feet Regularly 

Washing your sweaty feet is beneficial and will help eliminate bacteria. When you wash your feet, mixing eucalyptus or essential oils in water will kill bacteria. Antifungal soap is a great option if you already struggle with feet that smell.

Drying your feet thoroughly after washing them and adding antifungal powder before wearing your Crocs will help keep your feet dry and protect them from bacteria. Giving the inside of your Crocs some antifungal powder can’t hurt to ensure that every aspect is covered.

Black Tea And Sweaty Feet Remedy

Black tea helps to get rid of sweaty feet and has been proven to help eliminate excessive sweating. Three very simple steps are all it takes to get rid of sweaty feet: 

  • Place warm water in a container to cover both feet, and add black tea; a few bags should be enough.
  • Soak your feet in the water and black tea solution for about half an hour. 
  • Rinse and dry your feet.

Black tea has a lot of tannins, which assist in gradually blocking the pores on your feet and lessen perspiration. If you want the treatment to be effective, you must perform it regularly. Once you do, you will see that your feet start to sweat less frequently.

Rubbing Alcohol Helps For Sweaty Feet

In addition to cooling, rapidly absorbing moisture, relieving heat from the skin, and killing bacteria that produce foot odor, rubbing alcohol is a fantastic disinfectant. Particularly during work, if you have sweaty feet applying rubbing alcohol will soothe them and make your day pleasant again.

Applying rubbing alcohol on your feet and between your toes will provide quick relief but avoid doing this too frequently as it might dry out your feet and cause major irritations. To prevent your skin from drying out after applying rubbing alcohol to your feet, apply some skin cream.

Purchase The Right Shoes

Some people find the next reason laughable, but another factor that causes your feet to sweat while wearing Crocs is the size, and wearing the right size may help. Crocs should not be too tight, and your feet need space to give whatever air is passing through the hole space to cool your feet and prevent them from sweating.

Crocs are made from Croslite rubber that does not have breathing capabilities. Because Crocs do not have the properties to let hot air escape through the rubber, and you combine that with a tight fit, your feet will not get any circulation. Ensure that you buy the correct size of Crocs to help you avoid sweaty feet.

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Smell?

Croslite, a rubber-based substance used to make Crocs, makes feet sweat and become odorous. Foot odor may occasionally be caused by poor hygiene, but as was already mentioned, Crocs’ material will make it worse because it speeds up sweating.

Crocs may smell bad if your feet sweat while wearing them, and washing or cleaning them every day might be inconvenient. Fortunately, there are remedies for smelly feet and ways to keep your Crocs looking brand new and your feet fresh.

Below are effective methods to help you avoid that embarrassing feeling when your feet smell:

Wearing Socks With Crocs Can Prevent Smelly Feet

Not everyone agrees that wearing socks helps prevent stinky feet, but whether you believe it or not, it does. The main cause of the disagreement is that some individuals do not wear the correct socks to prevent sweat from condensing and producing an unpleasant odor.

Wear socks that can wick away moisture, such as wool socks, to keep your feet dry and comfy. Wool socks are famous for their capacity to do this. Wear cotton socks in the summer to benefit from sufficient airflow; avoid nylon because it tends to hold moisture. Although they may be pricey, cotton and wool socks are worthwhile.

Wash Your Feet Correctly And Your Crocs Regularly

It may seem stupid to mention, but many people often neglect to wash their feet correctly. Washing your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, is essential to avoid a bad smell and whether you wear Crocs. After washing your feet, you must thoroughly dry them and remember not to miss between the toes and avoid wearing your Crocs when your feet are still wet.

Once your Crocs are exposed to the bacteria that cause the odor in feet when they sweat, there is only one way to get rid of it. Clean your Crocs with hot water and soap, and then give it another with bleach. If you have a disinfectant, it will help to rid your Crocs of any bacteria that the wash may have missed.

Spray Deodorant Or Use Disinfectant To Prevent Smelly Feet

Without going into detail about why feet smell, using a disinfectant spray will kill any bacteria in your Crocs that cause the odor. Deodorant prevents your feet from sweating, and most deodorants are alcohol-based and work as disinfectants. Other ways to disinfect your Crocs include Rubbing alcohol, shoe sanitizers, and Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar. Antifungal cream is another option.


Croslite resin, the material Crocs are made from, cannot keep your feet sweat-free because it does not absorb moisture. A lack of breathability and wearing Crocs that fit tightly will cause sweaty feet but regularly washing your feet and Crocs will help avoid sweating and smelly feet.

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