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Best Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big REVIEW (Photos)

There’s nothing worse than getting your hands on an awesome new pair of shoes or sneakers and then realising they are too big for you. As a footwear blogger I own countless pairs of shoes (as you can imagine!), and some do run a little too big for me.

Over the years I have tried insoles, foot cushions and all sorts to solve the problem, but nothing works quite as well as proper shoe fillers.

Some people end up stuffing their big shoes with socks or tissue paper, but those methods are number one ineffective, and number two just plain uncomfortable.

In this article I’ll be discussing the best shoe fillers for shoes that are too big (including both heel inserts and toe inserts), using my own experience and photos to make this review as helpful as possible for you.

Best Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big

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Best Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big

Shoe fillers don’t have to be expensive in my opinion. What they are made from is essentially foam, which isn’t a pricy material.

Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big
Me squashing a foam toe insert.

I would highly recommend not overspending on shoe fillers, and instead opting for a good multipack that features toe inserts, heel pads and toe box insoles, to cover all bases.

I own this Geyoga multipack from Amazon and the pieces work great for me.

The inserts come in both tan and black, which I love because I get to choose between color options depending on which shoes I’m wearing.

Here’s a photo of all the pieces in my multipack:

Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big
My shoe fillers.

Here’s why they are the best shoe fillers in my opinion:

  1. They are well priced.
  2. The toe fillers in the multipack feel comfortable when walking, which I was really worried about. You get accustomed to the sensation quickly and they fill the extra space in the toe box well.
  3. It’s a multipack! I like this for two reasons: sometimes until you have multiple options to try it can be hard to know which part of the shoe needs filling. Either the heels needs filling out, the toe box is too long OR the toe box is too high. Sometimes it’s all of those issues in one. Trying out a multipack and mixing and matching the different types of shoe fillers is a great way to solve this problem.
  4. The other reason is it’s great to have two colors to choose from, depending on whether you want a discreet tan look, or a black to match the color of your shoes.

Now I’m going to show you how I use them.

How To Use Shoe Fillers

These are a pair of heels that I own that are just way too big for me. They gape around the heel area and the toe box is too wide. It’s a shame because I bought them in my correct size, and I’ve missed the returns window.

Heels that are too big.

In this case I need to use two different types of shoe fillers from my multipack: the heel pad fillers and the toe fillers.

  • Simply stick the heel fillers to the inside of your shoe heel using the adhesive backing.
  • Next slide the toe fillers down inside the toe box of the shoe until it reaches the front of the shoe. If placed in correctly (and the right way round) the filler should sit snuggly in the toe box, and not move around when you walk.

Here’s what the shoe fillers should look like inside your shoes:

Best Shoe Fillers For Shoes That Are Too Big
Shoe fillers and heels.

Typically I would use the black options with a pair of black shoes, but I’ve used the tan so you can see the results clearly in the photo.

Best Heel Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big

If you are looking to only fill out the heel area of your shoes that are too big, then you can just purchase heel inserts.

I find heel inserts work great when stuck correctly to the inside heel of my shoes.

Here’s a picture of how I use my heel inserts:

Best Heel Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big
Heel inserts in shoes.

I recommend this set from Amazon that have the same design as mine.

They are super cushioning on the heel and work well to fill out the extra space. I have quite a narrow heel and find whenever I wear high heels gaping is a big problem for me.

These heel inserts do the trick!

Best Toe Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big

If you are simply looking to fill your toe box area in your shoes, then there are two different toe filler options to choose from, depending on the issue.

  1. Toe box insoles are a great solution if the toe box in your shoes is too high.
  2. Toe fillers are ideal if the toe box is too wide or too long, and your feet are slipping out.

The toe box insoles work good because they push your feet upwards, if you find the toe box is a little too tall for your feet. If the toe box is too wide or long then toe fillers are the ideal solution as they pad out the extra space.

Here’s a photo comparing my toe box insoles with my toe fillers, so you can see the difference:

Best Toe Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big
Toe box insole and toe fillers.

If you are just looking for toe fillers these are the design I own and they work great.

Here’s a photo of how they look in my shoes:

Best Toe Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big
Toe inserts in shoes.

They are discreet, and the black pair match really well with my heels (I’ve used the tan set in the above image so you can see them clearly!). The foam material they are made with is comfortable and plush against my toes.

I was initially worried it wouldn’t feel right when walking, but you get used to the feel quickly.

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Thank you for reading this post on the best shoe fillers for shoes that are too big. I hope with my personal reviews and photos you now feel happy to purchase your own.

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