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Do UGGS run big? Ultimate Size Guide & Real Review

When investing in a pair of UGG boots many of us wonder ‘do UGGs run big’? We want to make sure we get the sizing just right when getting our own pair of these iconic boots, so we don’t have to worry about returning them. Here is an UGG sizing review guide, including photo examples of me in my own boots, to help you find your own perfectly sized pair.

I created this post using my own personal experience (I’ve been wearing UGGs for over 10 years!), forum answers, customer reviews and the experience of friends and family who own UGG boots.

I’ve also included an UGG size guide including charts and measurement tips later in the post to ensure you get the best fit for you!

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Do UGGS run big?

UGGs do not run big, they fit true to size. Straight out of the box they may feel a little snug due to their thick lining, however after a few months of wear this will flatten and the inside of the boots will become more roomy.

There’s a bit of a myth on the web that classic UGG boots should be purchased a size smaller to account for the roomy fit, however UGG themselves have addressed this to dispel this information with a size chart that can be found here.

Here is a video of me reviewing UGG sizing on the Wearably Weird YouTube channel:

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It should also be noted that classic UGG boots should not be purchased in a bigger size, to account for chunky socks.

Here’s what retailer has to say about this:

‘A common misconception is that UGGs need to be purchased bigger than usual and that they should be roomy to begin with, particularly at the toes. This is not the case with genuine Australian UGG boots.’
– uggsince1974, Australian UGG boot retailer

It’s best to purchase your UGG boots in your true size. If you are between sizes then go for the next whole size down, as overtime the boots will become a little roomier as the lining flattens. So, for example if you are a 7.5 size, then go for a whole size 7.

** Note for those with special foot or calf requirements – The best advice I can give is to try UGG boots on in a store to see how they fit on you, and whether they run big on your feet. We all have different feet (narrow, wide, long, high instep etc), some of us may require insoles, and some may prefer the lace up UGG boots that we can adjust to fit the size of our calves. However if you have ‘normal’ feet that don’t have any special requirements then shopping online should be fine for you.

My Personal Review Of UGG Sizing

I’ve decided to be as helpful as I can by also sharing my personal experience wearing UGGs, along with pictures of my current pair of classic boots to illustrate how they fit and whether they run big on me (for reference I’m a UK women’s size 6, US 8, EUR 39, and my feet are slightly wide).

I’ll be covering the following in my own review of how UGGs fit:

  • How they fit on the calves.
  • What the toe box feels like.
  • How they fit on the heel and the top of my foot.
  • Whether they slide when I walk or fall down.

The Boot Shaft

Do UGGs Run Big

In the above image you can see how the boot shaft fits on me. I can fit two to three fingers down inside the UGG boot shaft comfortably, and have some wiggle room – this is how they should fit your calves too.

UGG boots don’t run overly big on the calves, but they are a loose, comfy fit. They won’t cut off circulation.

The Toe Box

Next let’s look at how the toe box fits, and whether it runs big or not.

Do UGGs Run Big

Straight out of the box my UGGs felt quite firm and close at the toes. The toe box almost touched the top of my toes but I had some wiggle room and they weren’t uncomfortable.

After several months of wear the toe box widened a little, as the sheepskin lining was flattened by the pressure of my feet. Now the toe box does run a little big, but this is great for me as I wear thick socks with my UGG boots.

The Heel

It’s super important to make sure the heel of a boot fits properly to avoid sliding, or the back of the boots falling down.

I found the heels of my UGG boots don’t run big or small, but fit just right. For me the heel is the best fitting part of the boots. My feet don’t slide around inside the boots, and my heel is well supported.

The shaft of the boots and the heel section look quite floppy when the boots are off, but when on they don’t fall down.

If you’re wondering how to get the best UGG boot fit for yourself, check out the size guide in the next section of this post.

What size UGG boots should I get?

When shopping for UGG boots you should purchase your true size unless you are in between sizes, in which case purchase the next whole size down.

If you want to get a really accurate fit it’s best to measure your feet properly and compare the size with an UGG specific shoe size guide before purchasing a pair of UGG boots.

The online official UGG size guide suggests measuring your feet using a pencil, a piece of paper and a ruler. This is the method I also take when measuring my feet (or helping someone else with theirs!), as I find it’s the most accurate way to get a correct measurement.

Here’s how to do it:

  • It’s easiest to measure your feet by stepping barefoot onto a piece of paper and marking a line at the back of your heel and at the tip of your longest toe.
  • Remove your foot and use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the distance in inches between the lines.
  • Measure both feet as there may be a slight difference in size, then choose the highest measurement to find you size.

Once you have your measurement check the UGG sizing chart I created below to find your size.

UGG Size Chart - Do UGGs Run Big

How UGG Boots Should Fit

Making sure UGG boots fit you properly is key when investing in a pair of these expensive, but good quality boots. Ideally they will become a staple choice in your shoe collection, so the fit is super important.


UGGs should not feel tight or rub your heels when you try them on. Walk a short distance in them to see how they feel to make sure.

Your heels should not slip when walking and your feet should not slide around in the boots. There should also be roughly 1cm of room behind your heel and the back of the boot, to allow for some movement and prevent rubbing. If you heel is squished up against the back of the boot then it is too tight for you.


There should be ample wiggle room for your toes and the pressure of the boots should not cut off circulation. They shouldn’t be touching the top of the toe box.

Tip – to test if you toes have enough room pinch the toe box with your thumb and forefinger. If your thumb presses on your toes then the toe box is too tight.


The instep should also feel comfortable, and not squeeze the tops of your feet.

After time the soles of the boots will become more flexible and should mold to your feet. Springy, good quality soles are a great perk of UGG boots.


Make sure to focus on how your calf feels too when trying on an UGG boot.

I always do this little test when trying on mid calf boots – take a seat whilst wearing the boots as when your knee bends your calf muscle relaxes, and expands into the boot. If the material feels too tight on your calves when sitting down then the boots are the wrong fit for you and you may want to try UGGs with the lace up backs that you can adjust.

You should be able to fit a finger to two around the collar of the boot, like I do in the following picture:

Top tips for trying on UGG boots:

  • If you are planning to wear different styles of socks with your UGGs then try them on with both thin socks and chunky socks to see how they feel.
  • Test out your UGG boots with insoles if you plan on wearing them with these, to see how they will fit. Insoles take up extra space, and along with the thick sheepskin lining they may cause the UGG boots to feel a little tight.
  • If you are trying out lace up UGGs adjust the laces to suit the width of your calf, and play around until you find a comfortable fit.


Do UGGS come in half sizes?

UGGs do not come in half sizes, only whole sizes. It should be noted however that classic lined UGGs will loosen by half a size over time, so if you are a 7.5 go for a size 7.

Personally I’m a UK women’s size 6, however I sometimes fit into a 6.5. A size 7 in UGG boots would be way too big for me, so I go for a whole size 6 whenever I purchase a new pair of classic UGGs. Although they do loosen after a few months and feel half a size bigger, I find a 6.5 fit feel is great for me.

If you are in-between sizes and you are unsure which size to get UGG themselves have a great size guide here which echoes my own personal experience – (source).

At first the whole size UGG boots can feel a little snug as the thick layer of sheepskin lining will take up extra space inside the boots. However after a few months of wear your feet will squish down the sheepskin lining making the inside of your UGGs much roomier, which accounts for the half size increase.

If you have narrow feet consider sizing down, and if you have wide feet and you feel a half size increase with wear won’t be enough for you, then size up. If you’re planning on wearing chunky socks with your UGGs you’ll need to take the extra space the socks will take up into consideration also.

I wear thick socks with my UGG boots (whole size 6, but stretch to feel like a 6.5) and I find them to still feel pretty roomy thanks to the worn-in lining.

Do UGGs fit wide feet?

Classic UGGs are great for wide feet, as they are roomy and will become more spacious over time as the wool lining compacts with wear. If you have wide feet you may want to consider sizing up when purchasing UGGs, or purchasing your true size and waiting for the UGGs to loosen over a period of a few months wear.

I have slightly wide feet and I’ve found that purchasing my true size when shopping for classic UGG boots has provided the best results for me. At first a new pair of classic UGG boots feel slightly snug on me, but after three to four months they fit perfectly.

However if you have very wide feet then sizing up may be the best choice for you. If you do end up purchasing your true size and are happy to wait for them to stretch out you can always speed up the process with a shoe stretcher.

If you are able to try on UGG boots in person see how the true size feels on you, and if it’s way too snug then size up. Once on if it fits tight but it isn’t uncomfortable then I would suggest going for it and letting them stretch out with wear. Mine fit perfectly after the three to four month period (I’ve been wearing UGGs for over 10 years or so and this has been true for every pair of classics I’ve owned).

Do UGGs slippers run big or small?

UGGs slippers tend to run big and will also become roomier with wear as the wool lining flattens over time under the pressure of your foot (around half a size roomier for reference). If you have wide feet consider purchasing your true size, however if you have normal to narrow feet then I recommended you size down.

Visit the official UGG store here to see their range of slippers.

In my own experience wearing UGG slippers they do feel quite roomy if you purchase your true size. I don’t mind this so much as I like to wear really chunky socks (I get chilly feet!) or sometimes even two pairs of socks in the winter months. They do loosen even more with wear as the lining compacts – I can usually tell the difference after a few months of wearing them.

But if you are looking for a better fit then sizing down is your best bet. Your feet may slide around inside your UGG slippers if you purchase a pair in your true size.

UGG slippers are really long lasting and great quality, and they’ll likely be your go to slippers for many years, so it’s important to get the right size for you and your preferences.

Do men’s UGGs run big or small?

Men’s UGGs don’t run big or small, they fit true to size. Over time the UGGs will become slightly roomier as the lining flattens with the pressure of walking. If you have narrow feet you may want to consider sizing down if in doubt.

If you aren’t sure which size you should get when purchasing UGG boots then check out the handy size guide I provided earlier in this post.

Taking the time to properly measure your feet will save you the issue of returning the boots – I don’t know about you but I personally really don’t like returning things!

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