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Best Polymer Clay Jewellery Starter Kits – Crafter’s Review

Polymer Clay is taking the jewellery world by storm; everyone wants to get their hands on the best polymer clay jewellery starter kits, so they can give it a go for themselves!

But how do you decide which is the best kit on the market, and the best kit available for your individual project?

These are the top 5 best polymer clay jewellery starter kits, as reviewed by a pro:

ESANDA 46 Colors Polymer Clay Starter Kit – Best for beginners, good price and range!
EDIFON 26 Colors Polymer Clay Starter Kit – Lowest price!
ifergoo Polymer Clay Starter Kit – Big earring accessories selection!
Genround Polymer Clay Starter Kit – Most tools included!
YILAIDA Polymer Clay Starter Kit – Pastel colours!

BUT it’s not that simple – different crafters have different requirements; for some tools may be the most important, for others it’s the volume of clay in the starter kits.

Read on for a full starter kit breakdown on size, price, tools available and ease of use, along with my thoughts and tips to help you get started…

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How I rank the best kits

First let’s discuss what you should look for in a starter kit, depending on size of project, and how I would decide on the factors.

To start making/selling jewellery from a starter kit it will need to contain:

⦁ An adequate set of tools
⦁ A range of coloured clay
⦁ A storage solution
⦁ The earring accessories to transform your designs into jewellery

You want to be able to make about 25+ pairs for your first batch of stock, or for your own enjoyment, in order to get good value from a starter kit.

Which kits will help you best achieve that?

These are the factors I have considered to be the most important for a starter kit, and these are how I will rank the range of best kits available on Amazon:

⦁ The clay included in them
⦁ Tools
⦁ Accessories
⦁ The storage box it came in
⦁ Reviews
⦁ My overall thoughts

Top tip: When shopping for a starter kit always take into account the amount of clay needed for learning and test pieces.

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Let’s get ranking!

1. ESANDA 46 Colors Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Buy here

Content Breakdown

Price (please note this may fluctuate): £19.99
Clay: 46 blocks of bright colorful polymer clay, each block Size :3.5″x1.2″x0.3″, Weight: 1 oz (28g)
Tools: 5 piece set including clay cutting tool
Accessories: Earring hooks, earrings studs
Reviews: 4.6 stars out of 5, 683 reviews total
Oven bake: Yes

My thoughts:

⦁ Good double plastic storage box, large and sturdy.
Excellent range of colours, a lot of potential for crafting.
⦁ Multiple baking methods including oven baking, my preferred choice for jewellery making.
Could benefit from more earring hooks, but those can be bought for around £1.50- £3.00 online for 50 pieces, so not too much of a problem.
⦁ The reviews state the tools are of a good quality, and sturdy which is great to hear.
Perfect for beginner crafters.

SUMMARY: Fantastic value for money, good all round kit with a lot of clay available for practice. Medium price range, and medium offerings in the kit, which works out great for beginners – my top pick!

2. EDIFON 26 Colors Polymer Clay Starter Kit

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Content breakdown

Price (please note this may fluctuate): £11.99
Clay: 26 blocks Bright Colorful Polymer Clay, each block Size:1.18″ x 1.50″ x 0.35″, Weight: 0.7oz (20g) / block
Tools: 5 piece set
Accessories: Earring hooks, pin studs, and jump rings – excellent!
Reviews: 4.6 stars out of 5, 289 reviews total

My thoughts:

Low price at only £11.99 and good value for what you get.
⦁ Clay blocks are smaller, only 20g compared with the 28g of the ESANDA starter kit above, which lets down the product slightly.
⦁ Multiple baking methods including oven baking, the preferred way of baking jewellery, so that’s great to see.
⦁ Good kit for beginners, although a little small. More clay would be beneficial for learning and creating test pieces, with enough left for batch making; in this case it’s fine, but a little tight.

SUMMARY: This kit is on the smaller side, and the price is lower because of that. Great for starting out, but not too much room for practicing with the clay, as there isn’t that much available.

3. ifergoo Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Buy here

Content breakdown

Price (please note this may fluctuate): £48.02
Clay: 46 pieces of 0.88 oz
Tools: 5 tools and 1 rolling pin
Accessories: Boasts a 40 piece accessories kit – wow!
Reviews: 4.5 stars out of 5, 544 reviews total

My thoughts:

⦁ This kit offers the same amount of blocks as the ESANDA, however they are a lower weight.
⦁ When you look at the price difference of the two, this kit is over double the cost of the ESANDA, but then again it does offer way more accessories.
⦁ But if you keep in mind earring hooks and studs etc are usually fairly cheap online, silver 925 50pcs packs at a couple of pounds or dollars, the kit doesn’t really justify it’s cost.
⦁ It does offer more than the ESANDA in the tools selection, by offering a rolling pin – but if you have one at home, you could save yourself the cost there too.
⦁ The storage box is interesting as it’s a two layer box – great to see more space there.
⦁ The kit also offers 5 MICA powder colours – a glitter like substance that your can roll into your clay for a pretty effect.
⦁ It also offers a roll of crystal string, pretty string for decorating. You may want to use this for jewellery making purposes, however it doesn’t really appeal to me.

SUMMARY: More accessories, bigger overall kit, but that’s definitely reflected in the price.

Top tip: Make sure your rolling pin is plastic or glass, as wooden rolling pins leave grain imprints in your clay.

4. Genround Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Buy here

Content breakdown

Price (please note this may fluctuate): £32.31
Clay: 50 pieces of 20g/0.705oz, size 2.16″x 1.22″x 0.39
Tools: 19 piece set – AMAZING!
Accessories: 25 piece jewellery making accessories – good!
Reviews: 4 out of 5, 23 reviews total

My thoughts:

Wider range of coloured clay available, 50 pieces is great! But at a lower weight than the ESANDA.
Biggest tool set I’ve seen in a starter kit – fantastic!
⦁ A little low on the review side, in terms of both stars and number of reviews, compared to the other products

SUMMARY: Great set for tools and accessories, however the price reflects this

5. YILAIDA Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Buy here

Content breakdown

Price (please note this may fluctuate): £19.99
Clay: 62 pieces, of 12g
Tools: 5 piece set
Accessories: earring hooks and pin studs
Reviews: 4 stars out of 5, 19 reviews total

My thoughts:

⦁ Amazing range of colours with 62 pieces of clay available, but only in teeny tiny 12g blocks which would be a problem for me. The ESANDA has 46 blocks of clay at 28g, that’s over double the weight of the YILAIDA’s offering, and the kits are about the same price.
Beautiful pastel colour range, which is unusual in starter kits
Lacking on the review side in terms of number of reviews, least amount of reviews out of the starter kits

SUMMARY: Gorgeous pastel colours, however the block sizes are only 12g

So, which starter kit wins?

Well it all depends on what you are looking for in the kit; the amount of clay available? The range of colours? How about the range of tools, or accessory pieces?

I’ve taken all of these factors into consideration and created a table below, so you can see who ranks where:

Best Polymer Clay Jewellery Starter Kits Ranking Table

Category/Brand rankingPriceClay (amount)ToolsAccessoriesReviews (number, Dec 2020)
1. BestEDIFON (cheapest)ESANDA (46, 28g)Genround (19 pieces)ifergooESANDA
2.ESANDAifergoo (46, 0.88 oz)ifergoo (6 pieces)Genroundifergoo
3.YILAIDAGenround (50, 20g)ESANDA (5 pieces)EDIFONEDIFON
4.GenroundYILAIDA (62, 12g)YILAIDA (5 pieces)ESANDAGenround
5. WorstifergooEDIFON (26, 20g)EDIFON (5 pieces)YILAIDAYILAIDA
Best Polymer Clay Jewellery Starter Kits Ranking Table

Which suits you the best?


I hope my ‘Best Polymer Clay Jewellery Starter Kits – Crafter’s Review’ was helpful for you and you now feel confident to head to your craft table with your starter kits of choice and have a go with your polymer clay earring designs!

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the world of polymer clay earring making, so you can go into your new hobby or small business venture with estimates, tips and facts under your belt for a smooth and rewarding start in this craft.

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