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How Much does it Cost to Make Polymer Clay Earrings?

Polymer Clay Earrings are an up-and-coming trend in the small business and handmade world right now, it seems like everyone either wants to buy them, sell them, or both! If you’re looking to start making your own, how much does it cost to make Polymer Clay earrings?

It costs approximately 10 cents (7 pence) to make a single pair of polymer clay earrings, at 5cm in length and 1/4 of an inch in thickness.

**using clay from a popular brand sold in a 2OZ block, factoring in the cost of two jump rings and two earring hooks.

A typical 2oz block of polymer clay will cost between, £1.30 – £3.50, $1.50 – $3.00. For a pair of earrings at 5cm long and of 1/4 inch thickness, you would need to take approximately 1/30th of the clay block.

But you also need to factor in the cost of tools and supplies… so here’s a break down of total cost of tools and supplies needed:

TOTAL, BASIC OPTIONS (not including clay and if selling): approx £55.00, $74.00

TOTAL, PRO OPTIONS (not including clay and if selling): approx £364, $484


STARTER KITS: anywhere from £10.00 – £30.00, $13.00 – $40.00

Wow, lots of options right? But how to you choose what’s appropriate for you?

Read on for a break down of what you need, buying options and starter kit options to help clarify that for you and actually get the ball rolling on your next crafting adventure…

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Cost of clay

The good news is Polymer Clay is relatively inexpensive, which is what makes it so popular with crafters.

It’s versatile, cheap and comes in just about every shade of colour you can imagine. And on the plus side, there isn’t a huge discrepancy in the cost between brands, for the standard 57g packets. Each brand has their own pros and cons, but in terms of price they are all competitive, and you can’t really go wrong.

Here’s a breakdown, and where to buy the clay:

Cost of the clay by brand, approx 57g packet:

Cernit: £1.69, $2.25
Fimo: £2.40, $3.19
Kato Polyclay: £2.38, $3.17
Pardo clay: £2.59, $3.45
Sculpey: £1.99 – £2.30, $2.65 – $3.06

Buy clay on Amazon here:

Or go for a starter kit instead of individual blocks of clay, for an all-in-one cheaper option. This is a great one from Amazon with a range of colours (including pastels):

Don’t forget to pick up some storage drawers for your clay and creations. I recommend this set, as it’s made from the right kind of plastic for storing polymer clay:

Top tip: Fimo in particular is a very good brand for beginners, they have a huge range and their clay is malleable, can be heated up and cooled down for easier working conditions, depending on the project.

Cost of tools

Next, like any crafts person you need your tools!

These will help you create the perfect earrings, whether you’re going to be making intricate designs, or funny 3D drops, this is a fool-proof list of tools that every polymer clay artist has in their arsenal. Have a read through and decide what’s right for your project.

Here’s a breakdown, and where to buy the tools:

Cost of tools, approx:

Clay glue: £6.00 – £10.00
Tweezers or jewellery pliers: from £3.50 – £25.00+
Clay knife and tools: from £2.99 to £35.00+
A needle
Silicone mat: £8.00
Rolling pin – avoid wood because of the grain: should have around the house, if not £3.00 – £15.00
Baking paper: should have around the house, if not £1.00 – £3.00
Pasta maker, if you’re getting fancy: £7.99 – £100
Hobby Drill – if you don’t want to poke hook holes in your unbaked clay: £12.00
Storage boxes/organisers: £6.00 – £70.00
Optional – rubbing alcohol (to remove fingerprints from clay): £1.99

Top tip: you may want to buy a storage grab-bag for your tools, with roll-out sections, but if not a pencil case works great!

Cost of earring making accessories/packaging if selling

Here comes the fun part; where your cute little designs go from individual pieces to actual pairs of earrings!

This is my favourite part of the crafting process for sure, so I’ve compiled everything you need and the costs to give you an idea of the next step.

Here’s a breakdown, and where to buy:

Cost of Earring making/packaging accessories (if selling) approx:

Earring hoops, 50pcs in 925 silver: £1.47
Jump hoops, silver: £1.20
Earring cards, 25pcs: £2.50
Gift bags 25pcs (if selling): £2.50
Tissue paper (if selling): £2.00
Postage boxes, size A6, 25 pcs (if selling): £4.20
Sharpie (if selling – basic label writing): £1.49
Label printer (if selling – fancy label writing): £60.00 – £160+

Top tip: keep your earring hooks and jump rings in little bags or in a simple sectioned jewellery box!


Now you know how much individual items cost approximately, how much do they cost in total?

Here’s the answer:

TOTAL, BASIC OPTIONS (not including clay and if selling): approx £55.00, $74.00

TOTAL PRO OPTIONS (not including clay and if selling): approx £364, $484

So, there’s a decent range there for you to decide whether you want to start with a basic selection or go more pro, or somewhere in between. But wait… are these options still a bit pricey for you?


If the above selections are out of your price range there is always the option of starter kits, a fantastic alternative and cheap gateway into the polymer clay earring world.

Perfect if you just want to get practising and see if this hobby/small business venture is for you! I started with a simple £12.00 starter kit from Amazon and I was able to make 50+ pairs of earrings from the clay provided, and get some great ideas from the clay guide handbook it came with.

Here’s a breakdown, and where to buy:

Cost of starter kits: anywhere from £10.00 – £30.00

Starter kits typically contain:

⦁ A selection of clay 15+ colours
⦁ A set of simple tools, including a clay knife
⦁ A jewellery starter kit will contain some earring hooks
⦁ A storage box with snap lid (usually what it arrives in)
⦁ A handbook including ideas and baking guide

PLEASE NOTE: The baking guides in starter kits tend to be a little off, so if you would like perfect results for your earrings check out my article on How Long to Bake Polymer Clay Earrings – Quick Guide

Shop starter kit options on Amazon here:

A polymer clay starter kit is wonderful for your first go with the craft, allowing you to create designs and learn from trial and error – it’s ok if you waste your clay, as it’s so inexpensive you don’t need to worry, keeping the cost to make polymer clay earrings down. The tools provided in a starter kit are usually very helpful, and will give you an idea of what you like using and not using, for when you buy a slightly sturdier, professional upgrade.

You would be surprised how often you will stick to the same three tools – I have a whole kit but I find myself coming back to by trusty key three tools time and time again. Many other polymer clay crafters often say this too!

Think of your starter kit as training wheels, low cost and a fun way to break into the craft!

how much does it cost to make polymer clay earrings starter kit wearably weird
Earrings I made with a starter kit

I hope you had fun reading the above cost breakdown and you now have an idea of ‘how much does it cost to make polymer clay earrings?’.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the cost of polymer clay earrings making, so you can go into your new hobby or small business venture with cost estimates, tips and facts under your belt for a smooth and rewarding start in this craft. But as always, the best way to learn is to make mistakes, so go out there and start practising and finding methods you like, tools your prefer and your top brand of clay for your project.

In this article I only scratched the surface of the world of polymer clay, starting with cost. I have also provided a How-to Guide for beginners, a Sales Guide for selling polymer clay earrings on Etsy, and a bumper list of earring Design Ideas, so you’re never stumped by clay-makers block!

For more information on getting started with polymer clay earrings, check out:

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