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How to Style a White Turtleneck – 7 On-trend Looks

Learning how to style a white turtleneck is a great place to start when looking to put together more stylish outfits. White turtlenecks are a really versatile fashion piece and look great as part of casual, laid-back outfits, more classy elegant looks and even workwear.

Fortunately, learning how to wear a white turtleneck in a fashionable way is super simple once you master a few basic tips and tricks, which I will cover in this article.

Here are 7 ways to style a white turtleneck, with pictures for inspiration…

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How to style a white turtleneck

1. Wear a white turtleneck with dungarees and heeled ankle boots for a trendy look

Dungarees and turtleneck

A super easy and on-trend way to style a white turtleneck is with a pair of dungarees. Dungarees are timeless and come in just about every fabric, pattern and colour imaginable, all of which tend to match white.

Styling a white garment is simple, as it goes with everything, and is a great blank canvas for the base of your outfit. Turtlenecks too are a great base for any outfit as they style so well in all kind of looks – casual and elegant alike, so the combination of the colour and style of the top is a fantastic one for easy outfits.

In the above image I paired a white turtleneck with my pink dungarees and a pair of sleek, black, heeled ankle boots for a stylish finish. Wearing heels with dungarees is a great way to elongate the legs and streamline the silhouette, as sometimes dungarees can be a little boxy.

Dungarees and white turtleneck

Finish the outfit with simple jewellery, such as silver hoop earrings and a dainty silver choker, that you can fit over the top of the turtleneck for a trendy pop of detail.

2. Style a white turtleneck with mom jeans and a tweed jacket for a sophisticated outfit

Turtleneck with black tweed jacket and mom jeans

Style your white turtleneck with a pair of high-waisted blue wash mom jeans and a tailored looking tweed style jacket for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Mom jeans, like white turtlenecks, are an easy fashion garment to style, as they pair so well in different type of outfits.

For a full guide on styling mom jeans, check out: How to Style Mom Jeans in 2021 – 15 Ways

In the above image I paired my white turtleneck with mom jeans, a chunky belt and a tweed jacket. Tweed style jackets are so chic looking, and give off major Chanel vibes. Pairing a simple white turtleneck with a classy looking jacket is an easy way to elevate your outfit, and look expensive.

My jacket was actually super affordable and from Amazon. I bought it a few years back and it’s featured as a staple piece in my wardrobe since.

Grab a similar one here if you would like to try out this look for yourself:

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women’s Tweed Jacket with Chain Detail

Kasper Women’s Jewel Neck Tweed Jacket with Neckline and Pocket Detail

3. Pair a white turtleneck with a smart maxi skirt for a business casual look

Floral skirt white turtleneck

Match your white turtleneck to an elegant maxi skirt for an easy business casual look. Turtlenecks have a classy vibe to them and look great when paired with smart or elegant items, such as a nice maxi skirt.

For an easy business casual look choose a good quality white turtleneck and a maxi skirt of a conservative colour and pattern, to rock this look to the office.

In the above image I paired my white turtleneck with a black floral maxi skirt, tights and heeled boots for a simple yet chic office appropriate outfit. Your could switch up this look with a pair of smart court heels and no tights in the summer months.

For more office style tips read my full workwear guides here.

4. Layer a white turtleneck under a neutral toned sweater for a casual yet chic style

White turtleneck and beige jumper

An easy way to style a turtleneck is by layering it under items that compliment the colour palette.

In the case of a white turtleneck, this is really easy as white goes with everything. For a classy look choose layers of a neutral toned palette, such as light grey, cream, beige or camel, and the white turtleneck will add a pop of brightness to your neck area.

In the above picture I styled a pair of baggy jeans with a white turtleneck and a beige sweater over the top. I finished the look with a dainty silver choker with star detailing.

Layering turtlenecks is really on-trend right now, made popular by TikTok stars and Gen Z influencers. The style is so easy to achieve – just rummage through your wardrobe for pieces to layer over your turtleneck and have fun adding jewellery!

For more cosy turtleneck outfits, check out: How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall – 10 Stylish Ways

5. Wear a white turtleneck with a white tweed jacket for a tailored look

White tweed jacket and turtleneck

Like black tweed jackets, white tweed jackets really elevate outfits and take them from casual to chic in seconds. Wearing sophisticated items like a white turtleneck and a white tweed jacket with more casual garments like mom jeans, is a great way to put together trendy outfits.

Mixing the classy with the casual is a favourite trick amongst celebrity stylists, for laid back yet on-trend outfits.

With this style genre pairing in mind, in the above image I wore my blue wash mom jeans with a white turtleneck and a white tweed jacket, with black threading and pearl detailing. I finished the outfit with a red handbag for a pop of contrasting colour. A red lip would also look great with the outfit, for the same contrasting effect.

I loved putting this look together as it blends two styles and would suit all body types. High waisted jeans are super flattering, and white turtlenecks look great on everyone.

6. Pair your turtleneck with baggy jeans and converse for a cute and casual outfit

White turtleneck baggy jeans yellow converse

Want to look stylish and on-trend, but can’t be bothered to spend ages on your outfit? Enter the baggy jeans, relaxed sneakers and white turtleneck combo!

Pairing these three garments together is a super quick and simple way to rock ‘in-fashion’ pieces in a way that’s comfortable and takes no time to put on.

Baggy jeans, a turtleneck and a comfy pair of sneakers, like converse, is my go-to look on the weekends, when I just can’t be bothered to style an outfit. Outfit decision fatigue is a real pain sometimes, and it can be helpful to have an outfit in your mind that you know will always look good and you can throw on without thinking.

In the above image I styled a vintage pair of baggy, balloon-legged high waisted jeans with a pair of yellow converse. I tucked in my white turtleneck for a ’90s feel and finished the outfit with a necklace. I love this look as it’s so stylish, yet casual at the same time.

If you like the vibe, get my converse here:

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal 2019 High Top Sneaker

7. Style your turtleneck with a black skater skirt, tights and heeled boots for a feminine finish

White tweed black skater skirt

Rock your white turtleneck with a black skater skirt and tights for a sleek outfit that has a preppy, ’90s feel. Finish off the look with a cropped tailor jacket and a pair of heels or heeled ankle boots and a monochrome handbag for a classy, feminine style.

In the above image I paired my white turtleneck with a white tweed jacket and a soft jersey skater skirt. I love this monochrome look as it’s simple but so pretty looking and would be great for a range of occasions. Try pairing your turtlenecks with skater skirts for a universally flattering outfit that cinches the waist!

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘how to style a white turtleneck guide’ – I hope you feel excited to style your white turtlenecks with these tips in mind!

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