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Best Affordable Gifts for Fashion Lovers – 2021 Guide

Affordable gifts for fashion lovers can be surprisingly difficult to come by in traditional fashion gift guides. I often find that fashion gift guides are extremely pricey, with some items in the thousands. Whilst it would be great to be able to afford super expensive shoes or bags, in reality that’s not possible for the majority of us. So I wanted to create a more affordable fashion gift guide that focuses on current trends without an extortionate price tag, so you can treat yourself or buy something for a loved one knowing what you have chosen is in style and reasonably priced.

This list ranges from low to mid-priced gifts, with options for everyone’s budget! These gifts are ideal for any special occasion, from Valentine’s day to Christmas, or maybe even as an everyday treat!

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best affordable gifts for fashion lovers

1. Mom Jeans – a trendy fashion item for 2021 and beyond

Mom jeans are a super trendy jeans style at the moment, after a resurgence of the style in recent years. Made popular in the ’80s and ’90s the mom jean is a high waisted jean, with a slightly baggy fit around the crotch and bum area. They are often straight-legged and slightly cropped at the ankle.

This style of jean is favoured by many, as they are both flattering and comfortable on, with a waistband that cinches the waist for a feminine silhouette.

As the mom jean is such a versatile piece, buying a pair that will last and match with everything is key.

These Levi mom jeans are a perfect example of the cut and style of the jean, with the quality and versatile wash colour to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

Levi’s Women’s 501 Jeans

Durable and long lasting, Levi’s have a global reputation for the quality of their jeans. These would make a great gift for any jean lover!

Here’s how I style my mom jeans, so you can get an idea of how this style of jeans looks on:

Mom jeans gift guide, Affordable Gifts for Fashion Lovers

2. An affordable tweed style jacket that pairs with everything

Tweed and boucle style jackets are a timeless piece that instantly add class and chic style to any outfit.

I find styling a tweed jacket to be really easy, and I wear mine all of the time with jeans, dresses and matching tweed skirts. I get loads of compliments on it, and people are really surprised when I let them know how affordable it is.

Women’s Tweed Jacket

This tweed style jacket is so expensive looking, but it’s super well-priced! Get the classic ‘Chanel style look’ for a teeny fraction of the designer price tag. It’s great for the office, for a nice dinner date, or for lunch time drinks and shopping with friends.

Here’s how I style my tweed jacket from Amazon – it goes with everything and really elevates my look:

Affordable Gifts for Fashion Lovers

3. Dr. Martens – the most popular chunky boots for an in-style look

One of the most highly trending fashion pieces year on year is always the Dr. Martens boot. A classic, hardwearing, iconic boot that pairs well with a whole range of outfits for a whole host of different activities.

These timeless boots are an instant hit, and often become a most worn piece in anyone’s wardrobe.

The women’s ankle boots are an example of the awesome chunky Dr. Martens boot design, and they are available in a range of colours.

Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Ankle Boots

I remember finding my first pair of Dr. Martens boots as a teenager in a vintage shop, in the classic burgundy colour. I wore them everywhere and with all kinds of outfits.

Top tip: Pair Dr. Martens with a short floral dress for a ’90s grunge look, or slip them over your favourite socks and pair them with some baggy jeans and crop top, for a trendy look.

Suitable for all ages, Dr. Martens boots make a brilliant gift.

As an honorary mention, I couldn’t resist also adding the Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots. Beautifully lined and comfortable to wear, this style is boot is super popular at the moment, and with good reason – they’re gorgeous! Check out the reviews, and see for yourself just how well they go down as gifts.

Dr. Martens Women’s 2976 Leonore Chelsea Boots

4. Levi’s high waisted, form shaping skinny jeans

You can’t go wrong with black, flattering skinny jeans that are comfortable and durable. They are a super versatile style and wash of jean and can be paired in endless outfit combinations, which is why I love them so much.

Another piece that will see lots of use, these jeans are a definite hit and will likely feature as an item worn most days. With this in mind selecting a good quality jean is an excellent investment – there’s nothing worse than your denim sagging after a few washes.

That’s why I love to recommended Levi’s, as they are known globally for holding their shape and wash really well.

Levi’s Women’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans

They will definitely become a staple piece in the wardrobe of whoever owns them – the perfect affordable gifts for fashion lovers!

Here’s how I style this type of jean:

black high waisted skinny jeans with red bodysuit, Affordable Gifts for Fashion Lovers

5. The iconic ochre coloured Kanken Rucksack

Everybody either owns or wants to own one of these gorgeous Kankan rucksacks. Another item that is a definite hit as a gift, this trendy rucksack is instantly recognisable and oh so cute.

A great gift for any age, this rucksack is an excellent choice for a gift for many fashion lovers.

FJÄLLRÄVEN Unisex Rucksack Kanken Rucksack

I particularly like the classic ochre colour, but the rucksack is also available in a range of colours to suit all tastes. Perfect for school, university campus, or the office as a super trendy way to carry in your lunch box each day!

Thank you for reading this ‘affordable gifts for fashion lovers’ gift guide – I hope you found it helpful and you now have some ideas to kick start your gift shopping!

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