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How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall – 10 Stylish Ways

Knowing ‘how to wear a turtleneck in the fall’ is fundamental when styling your outfits for the autumn season. Turtlenecks are a fall staple piece, as they are so cosy, classy and versatile all at the same time!

Turtlenecks are my go-to top in autumn and I have been styling them for years. I have too many to count – in every colour and style! I love mixing them into my outfits as they are so simple to dress up and look great for a range of occasions.

Here are 10 ways to style a turtleneck in the fall, to look effortlessly put-together at the pumpkin patch or whilst grabbing your favourite seasonal coffee, including pictures for inspiration…

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How to wear a turtleneck in fall

1. Wear a turtleneck in the fall with a black tweed jacket and mom jeans for a chic look

turtleneck and black tweed jacket How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall

Turtlenecks are a timeless piece as they are so classy and work well as a medium between chic and casual. With this in mind using a turtleneck to piece together two other garments such as an elegant tweed jacket and a more casual and trendy style of jean is a great way to put-together an outfit.

In the above image I paired a white turtleneck with a pair of high waisted blue wash mom jeans. I finished the outfit with a smart black tweed jacket for a pop of sophistication. Then, by adding simple accessories like a chunky belt and a monochrome bag, the outfit really comes together.

This outfit formula would work great with differently coloured turtlenecks and different washes of jean too. Pair a black tweed jacket with indigo wash jeans and a black turtleneck for a laid back yet elegant city style.

For a pop of colour pair mom jeans with a blush pink turtleneck and a tweed jacket, and finish with heels to match (learn more about styling mom jeans here). The combinations are endless!

I bought my tweed style jacket years ago on Amazon and it’s become a staple piece in my wardrobe. Here is an affordable jacket that’s really similar to mine, from Amazon:

Verdusa Women’s Open Front Pearls Beaded Plaid Tweed Jacket

Or, here’s an even fancier option, from Karl Lagerfeld:

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women’s Tweed Jacket

Shop similar mom jeans here:

ruisin Classic High Waist Jeans

2. Pair a turtleneck with an elegant maxi skirt for a business casual fall look

Turtleneck with maxi skirts How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall

Maxi skirts look so elegant when paired with a turtleneck. This is a great outfit style for the office, or for a smart lunch with friends, as it’s conservative yet chic.

Stay cosy in fall by wearing a pair of tights under your maxi skirt and finish the outfit with a pair of sleek heeled ankle boots.

Read: How to Wear Long Skirts in Fall – Style Guide for more inspo on styling maxi skirts this season.

In the above image I paired two different coloured turtlenecks with two styles of maxi skirts, to show how this combination looks great with different prints. On the left I paired a satiny maxi skirt with a blush pink turtleneck, for a feminine look. On the right I styled a thick white turtleneck with a black floral maxi skirt, for a timelessly classy outfit.

Have fun playing with prints and fabrics on your lower half, but keep your turtleneck simple, for a gorgeous fall outfit mix.

Finishing this style of outfit with heeled black ankle boots adds another autumnal flare to the look, as this style of shoe always makes an appearance in fall collections. A fashionable pair of heeled ankle boots are an excellent piece to invest in, as they style so easily into fall wardrobes.

Shop a similar pair to my ankle boots here:

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky High Heel Ankle Booties

DUNION Women’s Chunky Heel Ankle Booties

3. Wear a turtleneck sweater in the fall with a black or tan leather jacket for a timeless style

Mom jeans with a brown and black leather jacket How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall
Source: my own image/ Unsplash

Styling a turtleneck sweater in fall couldn’t be easier – simply pair it with a high waisted pair of mom jeans and a black or tan leather jacket for an effortlessly cool look.

Both black and tan leather jackets are fall staples every single year, and can elevate a simple outfit in seconds. They look great over full length and cropped turtleneck sweaters, for a timeless outfit you can wear year after year. Finish the look with a super cool pair of heeled ankle boots for a touch of rock n’ roll chic.

Shop the look here:

Tanming Women’s Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Coat Jacket

Design by Olivia Women’s Long Sleeve Zipper Closure Moto Biker Faux Leather Jacket

4. Brighten up your look with a cropped colourful turtleneck sweater

mom jeans with cropped sweaters How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall
Source: my own image/ Unsplash

Adding a pop of colour to your outfit is a great way to transition your style from summer to fall, without losing the cheerful vibe. If you don’t like the darker colours of fall/winter fashion why not opt for a brightly coloured cropped turtleneck sweater, to stay on trend but feel sunny.

A cropped turtleneck sweater cuts a super trendy silhouette and looks great with high waisted balloon legged jeans or mom jeans.

In the above image on the left I styled a cropped red sweater with a slight turtleneck style frilled collar with a pair of high waisted mom jeans for a vibrant but laid back look. In the image on the left a bright yellow cropped turtleneck sweater is paired beautifully with a darker wash blue denim, for a fun contrast.

Have fun shopping for vibrant turtleneck sweaters to mix into your fall wardrobe. Take the summer colours and mix them with fall silhouettes for a unique twist this season!

Shop the look here:

ZAFUL Women’s Mock Neck Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Pullover Crop Sweater

ZAFUL Women’s Mock Turtleneck Sweater Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Basic Sweater

5. Layer a turtleneck under a jumper and finish with a cropped mustard jacket for a cute casual style

How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall

Layering your turtlenecks is a great way to style them this fall season. Wearing a striking turtleneck in a bright colour is a great way to add a pop of detail to your outfits, as the top of the turtleneck will peek out around your neck and at your cuffs, as pictured above.

Pairing a turtleneck with a comfy and cute jumper is so on-trend at the moment, for a laid back, TikTok style layering look. Top the outfit with a bright jacket, such as a mustard biker jacket, to finish the look with vibrant style.

In the above image I paired a bright green turtleneck with a trendy strawberry jumper, mom jeans and a mustard jacket for a fun fall look that doesn’t compromise colour. Finish the outfit with sneakers or ankle boots for the perfect off-duty, weekend style.

Get the look here:

LY VAREY LIN Women’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

ruisin Classic High Waist Jeans 

6. Wear a turtleneck with a white tweed jacket for a classy look

Turtleneck with white tweed jacket outfits How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall

Wear a turtleneck with a white tweed jacket for an expensive looking outfit pairing. A light coloured tweed jacket is timeless and flattering on all body types. Choose a tailored looking jacket and pair it with a cream, light grey or white turtleneck for a elegant yet simple look.

In the above image I paired a white turtleneck and a white tweed jacket with a black pearl trim with a skirt and with a pair of jeans to show how versatile this pairing can be. Finish with accessories, such as a belt and a bag and you are ready for a chic fall day out.

Get a similar tweed style jacket here:

Anne Klein Women’s Collarless Jacket with Braided Trim

7. Wear a turtleneck in the fall with a teddy coat for an on-trend outfit

Turtleneck with a teddybear coat How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall
Source: Unsplash

Teddy coats have become a fall staple in recent years, and for good reason. They are really comfortable, fuzzy and warm! Plus they look great with turtlenecks, for a cute and casual weekend outfit.

Pair a warm toned teddy coat with a warm toned turtleneck from a similar colour palette to look the part this fall. Choosing warm tones such as brown, mustard, and plum helps your outfit look more seasonal, as these colours are associated with autumn. Wearing autumnal toned turtlenecks is a super easy way to look put-together and like you spent more time on your outfit then you actually did.

Keeping your go-to fall turtlenecks in your autumn wardrobe is a great way to save time when getting dressed in the morning – simply throw them on and you’ll look styled in seconds. Finish the outfit with a teddy coat for a cosy, casual style perfect for grabbing a coffee (or a pumpkin spiced latte!).

Get a similar teddy coat here:

Daily Ritual Women’s Teddy Bear Fleece Oversized-Fit Lapel Coat

8. Layer necklaces over a black turtleneck for an in-style finish

Black turtleneck with layered necklaces and coloured jacket How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall
Source: Unsplash

Necklaces are an easy way to style a turtleneck in the fall, and they require little effort to put on. Layer several silver necklaces over your turtleneck for an on-trend look this autumn, made popular by TikTok stars and Gen Z influencers.

Layering necklaces over a turtleneck has become a super popular way to style this garment in recent months, and it’s a really easy look to achieve. Have a rummage through your jewellery box and see what you have to layer, or alternatively purchase a fixed necklace set to save time.

Here is a beautiful 925 silver set from Amazon:

Layered Disc Pendant Choker Necklace for Women 925 Sterling Silver 

Have fun stacking your necklaces and instantly dressing up your turtlenecks!

9. Match a cropped white turtleneck jumper with a pair of mom jeans for a comfy casual outfit

Cropped white turtleneck with mom jeans
Source: Unsplash

One of the most simple ways to rock a turtleneck this fall is to pair a white or cream cropped turtleneck sweater with a pair of mom jeans. This easy outfit pairing looks great, and is perfect for a range of fall activities. Finish the outfit with dainty gold jewellery for an on-trend look, and wear with sneakers or ankle boots.

Cream or white turtlenecks are an excellent fall staple piece as they pair so well with other garments. Have fun styling this versatile piece into your seasonal wardrobe – it’s a great choice for winter too!

Here is a gorgeous turtleneck from ZAFUL if you want to rock the look:

ZAFUL Women’s High Neck Lantern Sleeve Ribbed Knit Pullover Crop Sweater Jumper

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10. Wear a bright mustard turtleneck with a cute denim skirt for a classic fall look

mustard turtleneck with denim skirt How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall
Sources: ©[Serhii Yevdokymov] via

One of the most quintessentially fall outfit pairings of recent years is a mustard turtleneck and a simple A-line denim mini skirt. When styled with tights and chunky booties, this pairing makes for the perfect fall outfit base, just begging for thick scarves and long trench coats to be layered on top.

The bright turtleneck pairs so well with the muted denim of the mini skirt, for a sweet and feminine yet laid back look. This pairing suits all body types and looks fantastic on women of all ages.

Why not treat yourself to this timeless pairing, and keep it as a safe bet in your wardrobe for the days when outfit fatigue is too real.

Shop the look here:

J.Crew Women’s Turtleneck Top

American Apparel Women’s Denim Button Front A-line Mini Skirt

Can I wear a turtleneck in the fall?

You can wear a turtleneck in the fall – in fact this type of top is often considered a quintessentially fall garment. Cosy up in a turtleneck and a pair of high waisted mom jeans for a casual yet chic look.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘How to Wear a Turtleneck In the Fall’ guide, I hope you feel inspired to style your turtlenecks this fall!

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