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Are Hey Dudes Unisex? (Design Breakdown and Gender Chart)

Hey Dudes have been around since 2008; they are loved by men, women, and children alike. Comfort is the game’s name, and cool styles have you hitting the sidewalk with your best foot forward. Some styles are just fabulously feminine, while others are strong and masculine.

But then there are the in-between styles that could pass for girls or guys, which is confusing for the first time Hey Dude customer (this certainly had me stumped when I was shopping online for my first pair). The question is, are they unisex or not?

Are Hey Dudes Unisex

Hey Dudes are not unisex. There are women’s, men’s, girl’s, and boy’s shoe ranges in the Hey Dude collection, with each range catering specifically to each gender through design and patterns. Wally’s and Wendy’s have similar styles in the basic range; Slub Canvas, Stretch, Chambray, Knit, and Woven styles with similar colors. Other women’s and men’s styles have distinct feminine and masculine designs.

Check out the men’s range here, the women’s here, and the kid’s range here.

Here is a video of how my Hey Dudes look on me (for reference I own the Wally Sox with a geometric print on the inner shoe collar, as you can see in the video):

A video of me discussing if Hey Dudes are unisex.

Technically they are from the men’s range, but I liked the design so I went for them. In my opinion even if they aren’t technically unisex, if I like them I’ll get them, so it doesn’t matter to me!

Are Hey Dudes Unisex
The cool geometric pattern inside my Hey Dudes.

Simply put, Hey Dudes are fashion-conscious. They’re an Italian brand designed with Italian footwear flare. This puts style at the heart of Hey Dude’s appeal and takes the shoes from functional to fabulous. Sure, some styles can work with any outfit, for anyone, and for any walk-a-bout, but Unisex differs from how Dudes are styled. So, why is that?

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Hey Dude Has Shoes For Men, Women, And Children.

The Hey Dude official website sells shoes in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth categories. Although the construction of Hey Dudes is similar across the board, there are distinct differences between Men’s and Women’s shoes. 

Before grabbing your first pair of Hey Dudes, check out: Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small? (Photos & Size Chart)

The different ranges have a more feminine or masculine appeal which is evident in the fabric design and smaller details on the shoes. The youth range is also divided into girls’ and boys’ designs.

Newer styles in the Wendy range have noticeably female features, patterns, colors, and finishings that have feminine written all over them. Even the more neutral designs have a girly twist. There is nothing in this range with traditionally masculine appeal.

The latest arrivals in men’s shoes are proudly masculine. Even the simpler designs look more manly; fabrics have chunkier weaves, bold colors, and darker soles.

Aside from style and appearance, the shoes are similar in makeup and would work interchangeably for men and women from a purely functional perspective. However, chances are slim that men would covet a shoe from the women’s range.

Women’s Hey Dudes Are Soft And Feminine

Even though women’s and men’s Dudes may have similarities, newer designs in the women’s range are more feminine, and the distinction between male and female shoes is very noticeable.

A quick glance at the latest arrivals revealed the most beautiful feminine designs with floral details, pastel colors, and glitter heels:

  1. Wendy Love features a red heart design.
  2. Wendy Stretch Boho Fleur has a subtle floral design.
  3. Misty Rise is white with floral detail.
  4. Wendy Boho has a delicate geometrical design with color accents around the heel.
  5. Wendy Halo is fashioned from sunset pink interwoven colors.
  6. Wendy Slub Canvas has color blocks, and the newest arrival has a turquoise upper, a pink side, and a rose-colored heel. 
  7. Wendy’s rose Eyelet features subtle rose embroidery.
  8. Wendy Boho Blanket has a pastel-colored blanket design on the upper.
  9. Wendy Rise Stretch comes in muted colors with a flower-designed Eyelet.
  10. Wendy Rise Glitter has a metallic touch with glittering heels.

Men’s Hey Dudes Are Decidedly Masculine

Glancing through the new men’s Dudes’ arrivals, it is evident that they are more masculine with fewer plain neutral lines and more grit. Even the colors have gained new names and sound robust and edgy. 

  1. Wally Camouflage features a camo design in grey and light grey.
  2. Wally Stitch has a grey with a black weave inset. Here’s a peek at new additions to the range:
  3. Wally Slub Canvas shoes are available in a range of bold colors: black, true blue, navy, tan, light gray, and empire yellow.
  4. Wally Halo has a loose grey weave.
  5. Wally Sox Funk comes in a rugged two-tone weave in blue shadow, dark grey and red, slate, and fallen rock.
  6. Wally Paul is made from leather in a nut color.
  7. Wally Ascend Woven is available in an abyss-colored weave.
  8.  Mikka Braided shoes are slips-on in deep blue, fossil, off-white, and army.
  9. Wally Stretch is crafted from a loose weave in colors such as dark web, limestone, sand dune camo, and midnight bunker. 
  10. Welsh Grip has recycled leather uppers in duster, sand, and steel grey.

Hey Dudes Make The Same Shoes But Differently

The Dude designers haven’t missed a trick, though. With some basic designs appealing to both sexes, they feature on the official Hey Dude website with a difference; the difference is in the name.

Me wearing my favorite Wally Sox.

Wally’s and Wendy’s have the same designs but are sold as women’s or men’s shoes. The Dude styles with the universal appeal are available for both men and ladies.

The basic Wally and the Wendy shoes are identical in design. Both are for sale in so many colors you will have difficulty finding a Wendy’s that doesn’t correspond to a Wally. The bonus is that Wendy’s has extra colors to match feminine outfits, and Wally’s extra guys’ colors do justice to guys’ tastes. 

Other ranges that live up to the same criteria are:

  • Wally Slub Canvas and the Wendy Slub Canvas, 
  • Wendy and Wally Stretch
  • Wendy and Wally Sox
  • Wendy and Wally Chambray
  • Wendy and Wally Knit
  • Wendy and Wally Woven
  • Wendy and Wally Linen

If You Are Adamant About Unisex, Check Sizes

If you cannot resist a pair of Wally’s or Wendy’s, whether you’re a man or a lady, take cognizance of the difference in sizes. Wally’s runs two sizes bigger than Wendy’s, so a Wendy in size 7 would be a Wally in size 5. The chart below details all the sizes.

Hey Dudes, Sizes measured from heel to toe.

InchesMen’s Size U.S.Women’s Size U.SEU Size
8 3/8”Not Available435
8 5/8”Not Available536
9 3/8”5738
9 5/8”6839
10 3/8”81041
10 5/8”91142
11 3/8”11Not Available44
11 5/8”12Not Available45
12”13Not Available46
12 3/8”14Not Available47
12 5/8”15 Not Available48
Hey Dude Sizing Chart

Check out the official Hey Dudes sizing chart on their website here.

The width should be fine with lace-up shoes or stretch shoes. Stretch shoes mold to your foot, so unless you buy a size too big, they should fit like a glove. 


Does The Youth Range Also Have Wendy And Wally Equivalents?

Yes, it does. The Wendy and Wally ranges have corresponding styles in youth and toddler designs. 

Are There Differences In Sizes Between Wendy And Wally In The Youth Range?

No, there aren’t; youth and toddler sizes run to the same measurements.


Hey Dudes are not unisex. The range comprises men’s shoes, women’s shoes, girl’s shoes, and boy’s shoes. The Wendy and Wally basic range and the Slub Canvas, Stretch, Sox, Chambray, Knit, Woven, and Linen ranges have the same styles. Other Hey Dude shoes have distinctively women’s and men’s design features.

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