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Are Hey Dudes Comfortable? Review With Photos & Video

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Hey Dudes for yourself it’s hard to know if they will be comfortable enough for your needs. It’s no secret that comfort is the main characteristic the company focuses on, however are Hey Dudes shoes genuinely that comfortable?

Here is a guide filled with my own personal experience, photos and a video as along term customer of the Hey Dude brand, plus a breakdown of their design features so you can get an informed answer.

Are Hey Dudes Comfortable

Hey Dudes are comfortable due to their manufacturing methods and materials. ‘Flex and fold technology’ is incorporated in the design and cloth lining, and a removable memory foam insole is added for increased comfort.

In my personal experience I find Hey Dudes to feel super comfortable. They are easy to slip on, breathable and provide my feet with good support. Here’s how mine look on me:

Are Hey Dudes Comfortable
A photo of me wearing my Wally Sox Hey Dude shoes.

I don’t walk long distances in them by any means, I just use them for running errands and walking the dog. Their toe box is nice and roomy and I enjoy the padding around the shoe collar. I have pretty weak ankles so the added comfort and support is much appreciated.

They feel flexible and aren’t stiff under my soles. The material they are made with is nice and stretchy too.

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Here’s a video of me in my Hey Dudes, showing their design details and discussing their comfort:

A video of me demonstrating the comfort of Hey Dudes on the Wearably Weird YouTube channel.

Although ‘comfort’ can easily be assessed with the feeling of the shoes alone, it’s essential to evaluate all factors concerning comfort, including practicality and versatility. For example, are Hey Dudes ideal for walking around in the city for a whole day, or are they only useful when taking a quick stroll in the mall? Let’s take an in-depth look…

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What Makes Hey Dudes So Comfortable?

Branded as a comfortable casual shoe, Hey Dudes come in many styles, but the most popular among them are the Wallys and Wendys for men and women. Most customer feedback is positive, especially when it comes to complimenting the ‘comfortable feel’ of the shoe.

So, let’s start with the main factors that contribute to the comfort of Hey Dudes, including materials & design.

The Materials

Depending on the quality level you buy (the ranges only differ by approximately $5-10), all the shoes are made with comfortable materials, with some being more durable than others. For example, the ‘entry-level’ Wallys are either made from a chambray blend or a cotton-canvas blend.

A photo showing the flexible material Hey Dudes are made with.

Chambray is a softer material meaning the entry-level shoes might even have added comfort, but the lack of sturdiness can make them less ideal for longer walks. The cotton-canvas blend is stronger but more expensive to work with, which is reflected in the price.

A more robust material will provide more support when walking longer distances, so although the shoe feel is more rigid, they will be more ‘comfortable’ after spending more time wearing them, and breaking them in a little.

Polyester blends are among the most expensive as the artificial material is specially designed to provide a comfortable outer layer for the shoe. Polyester blends are usually the perfect combination of comfort and durability, but require a little more manufacturing which is factored into the cost.

Most of the styles are also designed with cotton lining on the outside and leather lining on the insole. The material chosen for the lining also adds to the general comfort as no hard linings are pressed against your foot, avoiding potential rubbing and discomfort.

The Design

Besides the materials, Hey Dudes have invested a lot of resources into the design in order to create the most comfortable experience possible for the users.

In all the styles and designs, the ankle is provided with a cushion to prevent the back of the foot from rubbing against the outer materials when taking steps. The cushioned ankle also prevents the foot from feeling loose inside the shoe and provides added support when resting or leaning at an angle.

A photo showing the padded Hey Dudes shoe collar.

Moreover, the shoe’s outsole is designed to be extremely light to avoid carrying extra weight on the shoe. The design team of Hey Dudes not only wanted to create a shoe that feels comfortable when wearing it initially but also when using it all day. A light outsole makes moving effortless and almost makes the shoe feel non-existent. In my experience I find my Hey Dudes feel super light on the feet.

In addition to the light outsole, the shoe’s upper is made from durable but breathable materials. This prevents your feet from feeling cramped, resulting in restricted movement and sweating. The breathable designs not only allow air to flow through, but the material also lightly stretches as you move to provide the feet with more space without losing control.

As a result, customers are able to wear the shoes for much longer with far less unnecessary discomfort. Many customers have mentioned that they have used Hey Dudes for hiking without any issues or pain, although the shoe design primarily lends itself to daily use and ‘city strolling’. I wouldn’t recommend hiking in them or tackling difficult terrain, but each to their own!

The Additional Characteristics

Although the shoe itself is comfortable, all customers know that many other factors should be considered that are vitally important when using shoes. For example, how long will it take to put on the shoe? Can you wash it easily? Is it versatile?

Hey Dudes focused specifically on some of these factors that add to the general comfort of the shoe:

  • Easy-on System. Although there are styles that are easy to slip on, The Wally and Wendy Hey Dudes’ design lends itself to be easily put on with the elastic shoe laces, only providing added stability and support. The stretchable materials make it possible to put on the shoe with relative ease without losing the sturdiness when moving.
  • Easy wash. The light outsole and choice of materials make it very simple to clean and thoroughly wash the shoes on a regular basis, making maintenance extremely easy and comfortable. The breathable upper also makes air drying faster and effortless.
  • Removable Insole. Removing the insole allows customers to insert a more appropriate insole that caters to their needs or medical conditions. In addition, it also frees up space when the top of your feet is the above-average height for the standard shoe sizes, which makes it much more comfortable as it is adjustable.
A photo showing the Hey Dudes insole.
  • Versatility in Style. Compared to the competition, Hey Dudes are not extremely expensive, and they offer good quality for your buck as the stylish design makes various casual styles possible for different occasions. This is a huge benefit for customers who want to buy comfortable shoes to be worn at different places and events.

Flex And Fold Technology

Another aspect that adds to Hey Dudes’ effective comfort is the unique and impressive ‘Flex & Fold Technology.’ Customers are able to fold the shoes and, more specifically, roll them up to make storing and travelling much more comfortable.

A photo of me bending a Hey Dude shoe to demonstrate the flex and fold technology.

For most travellers, finding an ideal spot for your shoes in luggage can prove challenging. Thanks to the light outsole and materials, you can expect no added weight and or bulkiness from the shoes when packing Hey Dudes. You can easily roll them up and pack them on the side of your luggage or place them in a bag inside your luggage.

Either way, traveling with Hey Dudes is convenient and comfortable due to the ‘Flex & Fold Technology’.

Will Hey Dudes Be Comfortable In All Situations?

Although Hey Dudes are versatile when it comes to style and occasion, the material and design do not lend themselves to exercising. Many customers have mentioned that they have hiked and walked long distances with success and highly recommend using Hey Dudes for such purposes, but this should be taken with caution.

Before taking on a risky walk, read this: Are Hey Dudes Non-Slip? (My Experience & Photos).

There are a few factors to consider before going on such an endeavour:

  • The outsole is extremely light, providing much less of a barrier between rough grounds and your feet. As a result, hiking with Hey Dudes in challenging areas is not recommended, as it won’t be completely safe.
  • Hey Dudes don’t have athletic grip. Most sneakers and other casual sports shoes have thick rubbers on the sole with a tight grip on the upper. Although this is slightly uncomfortable for casual walking, it’s a necessary evil when exercising, as having a ‘loose shoe’ will cause much more damage to your feet.

In short, Hey Dudes do not have the ideal support for quick, constant, and excessive movements. The design focuses on comfort in motion but can only be used in moderation. Daily walks, short gravel hikes, and city strolling will feel comfortable for long periods of time, but anything more excessive requires tighter grips and more robust soles for safety purposes.

The Lack Of Sizing Options Will Cause Discomfort

Unfortunately, Hey Dudes don’t come in half sizes. Certain customers will not be able to find their ideal size shoe as Hey Dudes don’t manufacture all the specific in-between sizes. As a result, some shoes will run too big or too small for certain customers resulting in uncomfortable friction.

Luckily, the sole is removable, meaning you’ll be able to add a thicker sole that prevents your feet from being too loose in the shoes. Still, if you are a customer that usually requires half sizes, you may have moderate discomfort.

They Are Not A Comfort Solution For Serious Foot Health Issues

It’s important to note that although Hey Dudes are comfortable, they don’t provide the necessary support for those who have higher arches or flat feet. If you find that shoes overall cause pain and discomfort due to the shape of your feet, you need to see an orthopedic professional to design you a perfect sole or recommend appropriate products.

Hey dudes were only designed to be comfortable, stylish shoes for casual situations; they are not guaranteed comfortable solutions for those who have uniquely shaped feet and require added support.


Hey Dudes are comfortable, stylish shoes that can be used for many occasions. Not only is the shoe itself designed to feel extremely comfortable, but maintenance surrounding the shoes, including packing and washing, is easy. They are an affordable solution that provides value for the buck.

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