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Do Hey Dudes Come In Wide Width? (Best Styles & Sizing Photos)

Very few shoe brands are available today that compare to the comfort of Hey Dude shoes. For most, Hey Dudes are a comfy, stylish shoe that you can wear anywhere, but they offer so much more than just style and comfort. Finding a shoe that is a comfortable fit if you have wide feet is no easy task, and you may wonder if Hey Dude stock wide-fit shoes.

Do Hey Dudes Come In Wide Width

Do Hey Dudes come in wide width?

Hey Dude offers footwear in a wide-fit design, and most of their shoes have flex and stretch, making them ideal for wide feet. Stretchable material and a larger toe box are part of the Hey Dude shoe design, and wide feet profit from the comfort and health benefits.

Personally I have slightly wide feet, and I find Hey Dude shoes to be very comfortable. Here’s how mine look on me, from the top down so you can get a good look at the toe box:

A photo of me wearing my Hey Dude shoes.

There is plenty of wiggle room in the toe box for me and my toes don’t feel compressed or crowded at all. I own the Wally Sox, which aren’t a wide width specific style, but as my feet are only slightly wide they are fine for me.

For those with very wide feet the best Hey Dude styles designed specifically for wide width are:

  • Wally Stretch for men
  • Wally Tri-Tone for men
  • Wendy Canvas for women
  • Wendy Stretch for women

Check the current price of their wide width range here.

A video of me discussing the Hey Dude width options.

Hey Dude prides themselves on their stylish designs that fit all sizes, including its wide-fit shoes. In addition, Hey Dude use material that stretches to make their footwear comfortable and healthier for your feet.

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Which Hey Dudes Are Wide Width?

Many Hey Dude shoe designs are available, however not all fit wide feet. However, on average most Hey Dude shoes provide good width because they are very forgiving, and the material stretches with time to create a little more room inside the shoe.

A photo of me showing how stretchy the Hey Dude shoe material is.

Another notable fact about Hey Dude is that most of their shoes, especially those that stretch, have a fairly wide toe box making them very forgiving for wider feet. Unfortunately, not all Hey Dude shoes use stretchable material, so if you are looking for a comfortable Hey Dude that is a wide fit, you must consider the fabric.

Although not every Hey Dude shoe model has a wide-fit design, the company does offer specific wide-fit footwear. Regular Hey Dude sneakers have a typical width but are also incredibly forgiving due to the material, which is breathable, strong, and stretchy.

Overall, the Hey Dude brand promotes comfortable shoes, and the popular ones in their series use stretchy and breathable material. If you want a Hey Dude shoe that specifically is a wide fit, here are some to consider:

  • Wally Stretch for men
  • Wally Tri-Tone for men
  • Wendy Canvas for women
  • Wendy Stretch for women

Check the current price of the above here.

Let’s take a look at each of these shoe models in more detail…

Men Hey Dude Wally Stretch Casual Shoe

The Wally Stretch Casual is a light, wide-fit shoe that combines the look of a sneaker with a chukka boot. The foam cushion provides softness, and for exceptional comfort, it has four-way stretch uppers that adapt to the shape of your foot. Here are some of the Wally Stretch Casual Shoe features:

  • It has a cotton canvas upper that stretches with a moc-toe seam.
  • For exceptional comfort, it has soft padding.
  • A bit of the Chukka Boots style is incorporated with its elastic laces to put it on or take it off quickly.
  • For nonstop comfort, it has a removable foam footbed.
  • With EVA technology in its speckled UltraLIGHT outsole, it provides exceptional flexibility.
  • Maintenance has always been challenging but not with Hey Dude shoes because they are machine washable, even in cold water.

Men, Hey Dude Wally Tri-Tone Shoe

Better known as “Wally,” the Hey Dude Wally Tri-Tone combines comfort with quality to produce the ultimate fashionable shoe. The Wally is made with cutting-edge technology called the Flex & Fold system, making it one of the most comfortable and multipurpose shoes available on the market. Here are some of the Wally Tri-Tone Shoe features:

  • The Wally is a color-blocked shoe that is so lightweight that it feels like you are not wearing shoes at all.
  • To easily slip it on and off your feet, the Wally has Stretch drawcord laces that promote its broad fit flexibility.
  • The design ensures you get even more comfort with a Fleece lining.
  • A cushioned leather footbed will ensure that every step feels light and relaxing.
  • The Wally’s Flex & fold technology makes it durable and easy on the feet.

Hey Dude, Women Wendy Canvas Slip-On Shoe

The Wendy Canvas slip-on shoe is all about comfort and provides even more amazement with its breathable uppers. A combination of Flex & Fold technology with a slip-on design makes the Wendy the go-to wide-fit shoe. Additionally, the Wendy Canvas Slip-On shoe incorporates memory foam, a cushioned footbed, and rubber outsoles to emphasize and show off Hey Dude’s comfort.

Here are some of the Wendy Canvas Slip-On Shoe features:

  •  A round-toe design with Flex & Fold technology ensures healthy feet with entirely unrestricted movement.
  • Elastic Laces allow the Wendy to flex with the foot making it a comfortable wide-fit shoe.
  • Durable and High-Quality Material provides comfort and durability in a style ideal for women.
  • The Wendy features a removable memory foam cushioned insole that ensures comfort and reduces the chance of sweaty feet and odors.

Women’s Hey Dude Wendy Stretch Slip-On Casual Shoe

The Wendy Stretch Slip-On Casual Shoe is a beautiful and relaxing design that screams comfort just by looking at it. It features knit uppers that stretch and flow seamlessly with EVA technology in its sole to ensure a comfortable wide fit. Here are some of the Wendy Stretch Slip-On Casual Shoe features:

  • A knitted upper that seamlessly stretches for wider feet with a moc-toe design gives it lots of space and maneuverability for your feet.
  • It has a No-tie lacing structure to maximize the ease of getting them on and off your feet.
  • It has an insole made from memory foam with a removable leather lining that ensures comfort.
  • The Wendy Stretch Slip-On has an UltraLIGHT EVA outsole that provides flexibility and traction.

Are Hey Dudes Good For Wide Feet

Whilst Hey Dude do offer a wide width range, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are automatically good for wide feet. Let’s take a look at how Hey Dudes stack up against common foot health issues, for those with wide feet.

Buying a slip-on shoe can be a literal pain if you have wide feet because many slip-on styles use a narrow design to ensure a more secure fit. If you have wide feet, the discomfort and possible blisters are an unfortunate reality when trying to find comfortable shoes. The Hey Dude brand is an excellent shoe designer and does its utmost to prevent discomfort or health problems with feet.

  • Blisters: Hey Dude use a material that stretches, ensuring that your feet have space to move without causing blisters. The toe boxes of their shoes are design with wiggle room in mind, to prevent cramping.
  • Foot odour: Breathability is also a great feature of Hey Dude shoes because it prevents sweaty feet that cause a foul smell and leads to foot fungus. If you have wide feet and wear a shoe that is too tight, especially in the toe box, avoiding sweaty feet is a real struggle. With Hey Dudes you won’t need to worry about this.
  • Bunions: Bunions are one of the biggest foot problems that those with wide feet struggle with because, in tight fitting shoes the crowded toes put pressure on the big toe. Wearing a narrow or too-tight shoe worsens if you have bunions and often leads to the need for surgical removal. Due to the ample room in the Hey Dude toe box, the risk of bunions is reduced. Hey Dudes are super flexible too, so they will move with your feet, helping to prevent bunions.
A photo showing how flexible Hey Dudes are.
  • Hammertoe: Hammertoe is when the toes next to your big toe bend or curl downward instead of lying forward, and it is another problem many struggle with if they have wide feet. Wearing shoes with narrow or pointy-toe boxes won’t give the toes enough room to lie flat, leading to discomfort and pain, and potential Hammertoe. Thanks to the roomy Hey Dude design with the flexible material, overcrowding of the toes isn’t an issue.

Hey Dude offers wide and extra-wide shoes in many different styles. Their range of wide-fit shoes has a broad and rounded toe box that prevents the development of foot diseases like Bunions and Hammertoes. Hey Dude shoes are excellent for wide feet because they provide the extra room that prevents crowded toes and have great breathability, if you struggle with sweaty feet.

Can You Trust The Size And Fit Of Hey Dude Shoes?

The men’s shoes by Hey Dude provide an accurate fit if you compare them to other casual slip-on shoes, but the women’s shoes are slightly looser than other slip-on shoes. Generally, men and women should buy their standard size.

Shoes should be tight enough, and Hey Dude’s footwear requires at least a semi-snug fit. Because Hey Dude footwear slips on, a snug fit will prevent the shoe from slipping off your feet while you walk.

It is essential to consider which Hey Dude shoe you want because a slip-on shoe does not rely on regular laces and will fit snugly to keep your feet from slipping out. Hey Dude, lace-up shoes are secured with laces, and the fit is adjusted to prevent them from slipping off your feet.

To ensure that you get the correct size shoe, consider visiting the Hey Dude sizing guide available on their website


Hey Dude does offer footwear in a wide fit, and most of their shoes have flex and stretch in the design, making them perfect for wide feet. The comfort of a Hey Dude shoe is just part of the brand’s extraordinary design skills. Added to the shoe’s manufacturing design are health benefits that promote breathability, prevent sweaty feet, and can help the wearer avoid Bunions or Hammertoe.

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