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Are Jordan 1s Good For Wide Feet? Complete Guide

Anyone who wore Nikes in the 80s remembers the brand’s shoes running small and narrow. But the Air Jordan 85s always ran true to size. In the 94 re-releases, the toe box widened, making many wide-footed owners sigh with relief. Let’s fast forward over two decades: can modern Jordan 1s fit wide feet?

Are Jordan 1s Good For Wide Feet

Air Jordan 1s are good for wide feet. The shoes run true to size, but people who want to pair them with thicker socks or have extremely wide feet may want to go up half a size. People with narrow feet will do better with half a size smaller, and it will reduce the toe box crease.

It’s best to check the sizing of the Jordan 1s on using their official sizing charts, to see if they’ll suit your individual needs.

In this guide I’ll be including my personal experience with Air Jordan 1s, including photos so you can see how they fit. My feet run slightly wide, for reference.

Buying shoes after trying them on is what we all should be doing. However, buying online is sometimes the only option when it comes to special releases or hot sneakers. It feels like gambling, and in the case of Air Jordan 1, it is no small chunk of change.

Fortunately, while we all want our new buys to fit, Air Jordan 1s are pretty easy to sell if required. It’s a hassle, but at least you won’t be out of pocket.

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Are Jordan 1 Good For Wide Feet?

The Air Jordan 1 fits most wide feet. However, the fit is true to size, and there will be no wiggle room for thick socks. If you love lots of wiggle room between your toes and shoes, you’ll need to go up half a size. 

In addition, if you’ve had experience wearing the 2015 Jordan 1 and found them too tight in size, you’ll need to go up half a size. Wide feet are a broad category, so just because one wide foot fits a shoe doesn’t mean it is wide enough for another.

In my experience, as someone with slightly wide feet, they feel very comfortable for me. I’ve owned multiple pairs over the years and haven’t had any issues with them. There is plenty of room in the toe box.

To make sure you don’t end up with fakes get your own pair at, and avoid any sites with deals that look too good to be true.

Does Air Jordan 1 Come In Wide Widths? 

Unfortunately, Nike’s offering for widths is pretty narrow. Most of their shoes that come in widths or are made for wider feet are for runners or soccer players (footballers to everyone else).

On the other hand, those are also the type of shoes that run the narrowest. Jordans are roomier. Nonetheless, if you need a wider Air Jordan 1, the only way to achieve it is to go up in size.

Does Going Up A Size Risk Toe Box Crease?

Going up a size does raise the risk of toe box creases. It is also why those with narrow feet are encouraged to go down half a size. Too much extra room inside the shoe causes the upper to fold and move around as you walk, leading to the dreaded creases – a sure way to ruin a fresh set of Jordan 1s.

There are some products out there that protect against toe box creases, that are easy to find online. Of course, the drawback to using these products is that they can make the shoe feel more narrow, which isn’t good for wide feet.

Is The Air Jordan 1 Width The Same: High, Midi, Low?

The width of the Air Jordan 1 remains the same regardless if you buy them in high, midi, or low. They are true to size, although the lace holes do differ between the three heights. In addition, the highs are the most sought out, so they will be the quickest to resell should the fit not work for your foot.

Do Air Jordan 1 Stretch? 

The Air Jordan 1 is made from quality leather. The smell is addictive-good (unless you are a vegan. Sorry, vegans, these are not good shoes for you) when they are fresh out of the box.

The shoes will stretch a bit as you break them in, as leather is a flexible material. Over time the fibers in the leather will stretch and relax, providing a little bit more wiggle room inside the sneakers.

Do Shoe Stretchers Widen Air Jordan 1s? 

A shoe stretcher will help widen a pair of Air Jordan 1s. Using one will spare you some initial foot ache while helping the shoe keep its shape as it expands. Shoe stretchers come in wood or plastic and often will be equipped with bunion plugs should you require customizing.

For help stretching out new sneakers, check out my guide here.

Air Jordan 1: Men Vs. Women’s

Air Jordan 1s, in both men’s and women’s design, fit true to size. However, if you are a woman shopping in the men’s department, go down 1.5 in size. Men, the reverse is true for you. 

How Does Air Jordan 1 Compare To Other Nike Shoes In Fit? 

Nike sizes their shoes a bit smaller or bigger, depending on the model. Thus, if you have worn other Nikes, especially in the Jordan range, you can use that info to help judge if your wide foot will fit the 1s.

Air Jordan 1 Vs. Air Force 1

Air Jordans run about a half size smaller than Air Force 1. The latter is one of the roomiest of the Nike line. If your wide foot only just fits an Air Force 1 at your regular size, then you will need to go up half a size for Air Jordan 1s. However, if you had to go down a size in Air Force 1, resist doing that with the Air Jordan 1.

For more on Air Force 1 sizing, read my guide here.

Air Jordan 1 Vs. Air Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 is one of the widest and roomiest of the Jordan line. Like Air Force 1, most people have to go down half a size to make them fit. So, if you had to reduce your size for the Jordan 6, stay at your regular size for the 1.

Air Jordan 1 Vs. Air Jordan 7 Retro

Air Jordan 7 Retro is true to size as the Air Jordan 1. However, the 1 is narrower. The 7s are so wide most people with narrow feet can’t wear them (only so many layers of socks people are willing to put on). Thus, if you can only just squeeze into the 7, you may want to track down some 1s and try them on before committing money.

Air Jordan 1 Vs. Nike Dunk

Air Jordan 1 has a narrower toe box than Nike Dunk. But both shoes are true to size. So, if you find your toes pinched in the Nike Dunk, you might struggle with the Air Jordan 1 and should consider going up a half size.


It is a pity Nike doesn’t offer their hottest looks in customizable wide width options. This is because most people with wide feet can wear their true size in Nike sneakers. But if you have extremely wide feet and really want to wear Air Jordan 1s, consider going up half a size to make sure you have extra room.

It’s always best to try on sneakers in store, to get an idea of how they will work for you.

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