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Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small? (Photos & Size Chart)

Hey Dude shoes have grown in popularity over the years due to their versatility, style, and more specifically comfort, but how accurate are the sizes? If you’ve not had the chance to try on a pair in a store, it’s normal to wonder if Hey Dudes run big or small when shopping online.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small

Slip on Hey Dude shoes run true to size. Although Hey Dudes manufacture shoes to industry standards, they do not come in half sizes, meaning that some models will run too big or too small for customers who are in-between sizes.

It should also be noted the stretchy materials used by Hey Dude may make their shoes feel a little roomier, giving the false impression that they fit a little big. Read on for my experience with this, plus a video of how my Hey Dudes fit.

If you are an in-between size, here’s what Hey Dude themselves recommend you do:

“IN BETWEEN SIZES? For tight fit, go one size down. For loose fit, go one size up.”
– Hey Dude Size Guide (source)

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My Experience

In my personal experience, as a long term fan and customer of the Hey Dude brand, I find their slip on shoes run true to size for me. For reference I am a UK women’s size 6 (US size 8, EU size 39). I do have very slightly wide feet and I find there is plenty of room in the toe box.

Here’s how my Wally Sox look on me:

How my Hey Dude Wally Sox look on me.

As you can see in the above image mine fit me perfectly. There’s no gaping around the shoe collar or any bunching in the toe box.

I can fit one finger down inside the shoe collar whilst wearing them, which shows the flexibility of the material, without there being enough space for the design to slip off or feel too loose, as pictured:

A photo showing how the padded Hey Dude shoe collar fits.

If you have very narrow feet Hey Dudes may feel a little loose, so I would advise trying a size down. For those with regular feet or wide feet get your true size.

I highly suggest checking out the official Hey Dude sizing guide, as well as following my foot measuring guide included in this article, to help to get your sizing right first time and avoid the hassle of returns!

Here is a video of me demonstrating the fit of my Hey Dudes:

A video of me showing the sizing of my Hey Dudes.

It would be remiss to focus purely on size without evaluating the style and design of the shoe itself. What if the toe box feels great but the heel runs too tight?

Read on for a detailed design breakdown, so you can get all the answers for your individual needs.

Are Hey Dudes True To Size?

Since Hey Dude’s inception in 2008 in Italy, the company’s goal has been to design shoes that are the perfect combination of comfort and style. The designers set out to create a shoe that resembles a slipper that you can use for casual outings and daily routines, without compromising on comfort or practicality.

Slip-on shoes in general are not true-to-size when compared to athletic footwear. Most slip-on shoes have a looser feel than athletic brands like Nike & Converse, as they serve a different purpose. However, Hey Dudes are a rare exception; they do fit true to size. This is great news for us fans of the brand!

Do Hey Dudes Run Big
An image showing the fit of Hey Dudes from the side and the top down.

Easy sizing is rare, so Hey Dude do an excellent job here. This is one of the reasons I am comfortable shopping for Hey Dudes online; no issues with the sizing and no returns.

It should be noted however with Hey Dudes, the shoe sizes may feel different than other brands that strictly follow the ‘Brannock’ sizing system. This is because the Hey Dude shoes are made with nice stretchy material and have a roomy fit, making them ideal for those with wide feet.

If you are worried about the stretchy fabric loosening over time, you may want to consider sizing down. For me this isn’t an issue as I like the feel of a roomy fit, but it’s important to remember materials like canvas and chambray-blend uppers will eventually stretch out a little.

Moreover, the different models Hey Dude manufactures also have different designs and materials, meaning they may feel slightly different in their fit.

Although Hey Dudes manufacture accurate size shoes, the design and materials used slightly alters the general measurements. The Hey Dude boots for example won’t feel as stretchy and roomy as the slip on shoes, as they are a sturdier design with less give, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Compared To Other Brands?

Depending on the specific size and the model, some Hey Dudes can feel a little big in the female category compared to popular accurate sizing systems like those used by Nike. In some cases, like for the Wendys, the overall measurements are the same as the Nike measurements, however as Hey Dudes lack consistency in the fabrics used in their designs, the stretchy fabrics can make them feel as though they run larger than popular true-to-size manufacturers.

Here’s a photo of me comparing the size of my Hey Dude Wally Sox and my Nike Air Force 1s, as an example:

Do Hey Dudes Run Big
An image comparing the sizing of my Hey Dudes and Air Force 1s.

As you can see in the above image my Air Force 1s are made with a much stiffer fabric than my Hey Dudes, which does make them feel a little tighter on the feet. As the Hey Dudes have that stretch feeling, and I can understand how people may mistake this for them running a little big, when this isn’t the case when you look at the measurements.

When comparing the shoes to companies with a strict true-to-size system and more rigid fabrics, you’ll find that most of the sizes in the female category feel a little larger than expected. Still, compared to other slip-on shoes, you’ll find Hey Dudes feel much more true to size.

Hey Dude Sizing vs Nike Sizing

Where size is concerned, most people compare their measurements to Nike for the simple reason that Nike follows the Brannock principle (also known as the true-to-size system). I always compare new shoes to my Nike AF1s and Air Jordans as a rule. But Hey Dude do not manufacture or design sports leisure, so it’s not exactly a like-for-like.

For example, although popular models like Nike’s Air Jordan are mostly used as a fashion statement nowadays, the original design and template were created for athletic purposes. This required the shoes to be adjustable, hardy, and, most importantly, perfect in size to avoid injury and improve movement.

Hey Dudes do not require this precision as they are fashion shoes, and have instead allocated their time and resources to improving the comfort of their shoes for average daily routines. 

Of course, this is no excuse for failing to be true-to-size, nor is this an admission that Hey Dudes are not true-to-size as some of the shoes have similar size measurements to Nike, as well as being precisely accurate with the measurements they state in their own size guide.

However, during the manufacturing process, fewer resources are allocated to create perfect sizes as the focus is to improve the benefits Hey Dudes are known for; looks and comfort.

Most recourses are allocated to improve the overall feel of the shoe, instead of ensuring the fabrics used won’t disturb the ‘true-to-size feel’, by feeling roomy and stretchy.

What Factors Inhibits Hey Dudes From Feeling True To Size?

Hey Dude focuses on catering to a different gap in the market, meaning that the aspects that make them attractive and popular also affect their general size (i.e. stretchy fabric). Various design factors are implemented that differ from athletic shoe designs (like those favored by Nike), like the following:

  • The easy-on action makes it possible to slip on the shoes easily and quickly but requires the shoe to be looser than laced ones. Although slip-on shoes are designed to provide a snug fit, the measurements are altered to favor the slip-on action.
  • The removable insole makes it possible to replace the insole for a more suitable solution if required, but that also affects the general size of the shoe as a ‘bigger’ space is needed to allow for more appropriate insoles (usually medical).
  • The flex-and-fold technology quality makes it possible to manipulate and bend the whole shoe to decrease its size for easier packing and transportation. In order to make the shoe more ‘foldable,’ accurate measurements were sacrificed to allow for a more general size that can be easily manipulated.
  • In various cases, the materials of some models don’t allow for a firm grip but a comfortable snug fit that wears out over time, resulting in a looser fit. The thickness and layers of the materials can also affect the overall measurements of the shoe.

Unfortunately, the best of both worlds is not possible yet, as the qualities that make Hey Dude so popular inhibit them from manufacturing the in-between sizes that are part of the true-to-size process and scale. 

The Brannock System

The true-to-size system is also commonly known as the ‘Brannock’ system, named after the inventor, but there have been some doubts about the effectiveness of the system. Many manufacturers and owners have described the true-to-size system as inadequate as it only evaluates two qualities; length & width. 

Although length and width are by far the most important qualities to evaluate the average size for both men and women, it’s not the most effective system as it generalizes feet size that traditionally vary in numerous ways.

Don’t let me be misunderstood; the true-to-size method is not ineffective and, for the most part, it is ideal for average-sized feet, but it fails to cater to common variables that are present in millions of people; for example:

  • The difference in height from their toes to the specific location of their arch (as this also varies) affects the general size, as the length of the shoe might be accurate, but the feet feel squashed in the middle. 
  • The difference in toe and heel width also affects how comfortable you’ll be in a pair of shoes, as a shoe that’s long enough won’t be satisfactory if your toes cramp together in the ‘appropriate size’ shoe. 

As a result, the true-to-size system is a vital starting point, but it’s not the alpha and the omega where effectiveness and ‘purpose’ is concerned. Hey Dudes differ in their measurements compared to ‘true-to-size’ shoes like Nike, but only because they cater to the variables their largest client base has.

For example, Hey Dudes will be slightly wider and higher than sports apparel because most customers favor comfort and snugness above improved movement and tightness. Therefore, in the case of Hey Dude not being feeling true-to-size in the same ways as a brand like Nike, is not a sign of inadequate design but an alteration to improve to purpose and function of the shoe. 

The Brannock System and Hey Dudes

Due to the hundreds of variables concerning the customer’s feet, many manufacturers have used the Brannock system as a template and altered the measurements based on the shoe’s intended use. 

For example, sport apparel manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok will have a tighter grip on the shoes as it’s meant for stabilizing and improving movement. On the other hand, hiking shoes like Merrel & La Sportiva are slightly bigger and wider to make privation for the thicker socks as it’s preferred by customers who are experienced, hikers.

Although it’s not ideal for manufacturers to have inconsistencies in their models, sacrificing traditional Brannock sizes to improve the overall feel of the shoes is a method many companies are implementing, including Hey Dude.

Many customers feel the quality is degraded if the shoes are not true-to-size, but the truth is that most people’s feet are not the same, meaning that true-to-size measurements have a different effect and feel for various customers. 

Many customers will find satisfaction in the sizes of Hey Dudes, even if there are slight deviations from other popular brands, because the overall design and purpose are in perfect harmony with the sizes.

Hey Dude Size Chart

To correctly measure your feel from heel to toe, follow these steps:

  1. Step onto a piece of paper.
  2. Take a pencil and mark the back of your heel and the tip of your longest toe.
  3. Step off the paper and use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance in between the two marks. Write down your foot measurement in inches.
An image showing how to measure your feet, according to the above steps.

Once you have your measurement use the below chart to find your correct Hey Dude size.

Heel To Toe MeasurementMen (US)Woman (US)
8 3/8”x4
8 5/8”x5
9 3/8”57
9 5/8”68
10 3/8”810
10 5/8”911
11 3/8”11x
11 5/8”12x
12 3/8”14x
12 5/8”15x
13 5/8”50x
Hey Dude Sizing Chart

The chart shows that Hey Dude has a simple size system with two standard increased length measurements.

Although the size increase is consistent, it skips a lot of the in-between increments of inches that are critical for most customers, as those slight divisions are the difference between a good fit and a perfect fit. 

However, as previously mentioned, those slight increases are vital to customers who require increased athletic performance which is not necessarily the clientele of Hey Dude.

Many companies, like Hey Dude, don’t have wider or narrower shoe sizing options for sale, because manufacturing those additional options requires a lot of capital and high customer demand. Most importantly, those additional options are more popular among customers who need improved athletic movement. 

Due to the slip-on action and removable sole, Hey Dudes tend to be a bit wider than the standard sizing, but the designs offer a snug fit making the slight increases unnoticeable.

Unfortunately, the slip-on action will cause the material to stretch over time, and there are no laces to adjust the grip meaning Hey Dudes will also feel wider as they get worn out.

How Does Hey Dude Sizing Compare To Athletic Brands?

When it comes to ideal sizing, Nike is at the forefront with True-to-size measurements with designs that benefit their overall purpose. Although it’s not ideal to compare athletic shoes with Hey Dude, most consumers know how their feet measurements compare to Nike due to its immense popularity, variety of models, and accuracy. 

Therefore, comparing Hey Dude & Nike will give most customers an idea of what to expect. Bearing that in mind, the following is a comparison of length measurements from sizes 9 to 12:

For men, they are:

US shoe sizesNike measurement in inchesHey Dude, measurement in inches
910.310 5/8”
1110.911 3/8”
1211.311 5/8”

For women, they are:

US shoe sizesNike measurement in inchesHey Dude, measurement in inches
1010.210 3/8”
1110.510 5/8”

Even though the measurements of Hey Dude indicate that it is larger than Nike, when comparing them to each other side by side, you can see that Nike is larger with a longer toe box. 

However, the women’s measurements of Hey Dude indicate that it is larger, and customers have mentioned that it also feels larger compared to Nike, meaning the women’s sizes are truer than the men’s. 

Unfortunately, that inconsistency is why customers mention that Hey Dude is not true-to-size, as the measurement varies too often especially compared to consistently popular brands like Nike. 

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